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It's quite possible that Kimmo won't be at the meeting.

Friendship is a ship big enough to carry two in fair weather, but none in foul.

He burst into tears.

We have to take great pains to make our guests feel comfortable.

We'll watch each other and help each other out.


This book is too dear for me.

He robbed me of my new watch.

Don't speak in the middle of a lesson.


Do you see a mountain of gold?

I just can't do that.

I cannot open this box without breaking it.

You should probably go.

Laurie rolled down his window.


He bothered her with questions.

We'll be together soon.

The wall is white within and green without.


I thought you were going to be in Boston tonight.

I don't need them.

Did somebody hit you?

The second part of the lesson is harder than the first one, but the third one is the most difficult.

The princess lives in a great copper castle, surrounded by many walls and towers! No one except the King may go in or out, for it is prophesied that she will marry a common soldier, and the King cannot submit to that.

Who's the next person on your list?

If his mother were to find out that he had been here, it would not please her, not even a little bit.

Will it be hot again tomorrow?

Where did you get this stuff?

Mr. Spencer works in a shop.

We owed him that.

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The school lies in that direction.


We need to wait here.

She practices playing the piano regularly.

Have you talked to Troy personally?

You know more than you think.

Do you know how far it is from the station to city hall?

Mickey spent the afternoon with Laurence.

Jon wanted to find out.

I don't understand what you are talking about.

He is a lovable person.

They're lively dogs.

Is there any room for me?


I feel confused, but I don't know why.

We can talk after dinner.

In all my career as a travel agent, I never visited Africa.

It is war's prize to take all vantages, and ten to one is no impeach of valour.

Why don't you ever help?


I intend to follow my predecessor's policy.


Growing children should not always be handled with kid gloves.

Happy days of childish credulity, when fact and fiction were swallowed alike without a misgiving!

That accounts for her delay.

Don't go home yet.

I hope Debbie survives.

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Incidentally, I know that "rlpowell" is not a Lojban name.

This isn't your place, is it?

We shouldn't overdramatise this drama.


Are you sure we have enough food?

How far is it to the next town?

Daren is seldom late.


Fido, do you want a treat?

You aren't looking.

This is one of the best restaurants in town.

Nothing gave her greater pleasure than to watch her son growing up.

The car is outside.

I really like it when you say my name.

I know I left it somewhere down here in the basement.

I feel really stupid.

Hey, you want to take a walk?

I don't have any money on me.

He doesn't know how to play the guitar.

Did she have Parkinson's disease?

This must be changed.

The objective of Minesweeper is to clear the minefield without detonating the mines.

Eating raw eggs could be bad for you.

I don't know why but ever since we met I never felt that he was a foreigner.

He will scold us no matter what.


There was a seal on the shore.

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The taller of the two men went out first.

Don't feel sorry for me.

I want to know who told you that.

He assigned me a new job.

I regret that I did that.


I'm not going to make it.

In the last typhoon, the wind blew at over 200 kilometers per hour!

Let me congratulate you on your success.

Antea is a pretty woman's name.

I got acquainted with him last year.

Grades are important, but they are not everything.

He was impatient of any delays.

In the Arctic there are no penguins.

Root and Kurt sat at a table close to the entrance.

You need to get some exercise, too.

We baked it together.

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I have no ear for music.


We really should buy a new car, shouldn't we?

Please inform me of any change in his condition.

You played.

Rodger is an ignoramus. He understands absolutely nothing.

All things considered, I think we could say that the meeting was successful and met its objectives.


As soon as she entered the room, I rose to my feet and made a deep bow.

Have you really talked to him?

Look out for the wild dog!

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That sounds like something you would do.

I think I may have found a solution to your little problem.

I don't want you to change your plans.

Are you ready to start?

"How long will the meeting go for?" "Two hours."


Must the woman always play the secondary role?

I'm dying of laughter.

Her father left her the house in his will.

I come here every year.

He still owes me the answer.


I am ashamed.

They're armed with guns.

I'll have to call back.

I've brought you a gift.

You could come with me if you like.


Wilson's solution is similar to Hudson's in that they used the same constants.

Polly has a lot to do.

If I were you, I would do the same.

They debated other parts of the proposal.

How much is a ticket to Segovia?

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I have two three-phase power generators in my cellar.

Case walked backwards, retracing his steps.

He was hired away by a rival company.

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These three years have gone by like three days, just like a dream!

Dory hardly ever talks about himself.

I should not have said that.

I took the liberty of calling him by his first name.

They wrote a lot of nasty gossip about them in the newspaper.

Kate did her homework in the kitchen.

How was your summer?

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I came for her.

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The same is true of all human beings.

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"What," said Al-Sayib. "You think that being on international TV means that you need to strut around in an Armani now?"

She said that her life was so boring. It figures because all she did was watch TV all day.

Arnold isn't mad at you.

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That hasn't yet happened.

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I don't think No would try to do that without our help.


The ground started to shake and the alarm rang.


It brought a tear to my eye.

Nevertheless, I'm extremely proud.

I doubt he is qualified enough to manage such a team!


You'd better come see this.

Is it too much?

I'll text you the address.

I asked her to slowly read off the numbers on the meter.

Many people respect you. Don't let them down.

Who shot him?

Thus we see an old truth confirmed: war is always useless.


Sean glared at Nancy with hatred and disgust.

Who's your favorite announcer on CNN?

Where do you play tennis?

I told them not to do that.

Who's knocking on the door?

Do you have a radio here?

How can we ask for humans to respect nature, the planet and the animals if respect between them does not exist?

Lum has been booked for murder.

I never mentioned it again.


I got an infection and was prescribed antibiotics.

Don't stand in my way. Stay out of my business!

We've got to find him.


The bullet penetrated the partition.

I had been in Tokyo only three days when I received news of my father's death.

I don't want to eat lunch now.

Truth wins out.

I know a few things.