I found this at the risk of my life.

I suddenly remembered that I couldn't afford so many books.

Carlo has a black belt in karate.

I ate breakfast in my pajamas.

For your own safety, never ride in a car with a drunk driver.

The accident wasn't his fault.

We crouched down beside them.

Old taught his children how to play chess.

I saw him at the restaurant.

Johnathan is older than Briggs.

What time does it open and close?

Don't look at us.

Spudboy doesn't live with us anymore.

Even though Jack was tired, he was looking well.

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We drained the pond and filled it with fresh water.


Would it OK if I go over to Donna's house to play?


I don't agree.

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How many people are in the house?

I hope that you will like it.

This song is beautiful when you sing it.

Why is dad in the kitchen?

Lucy met Avery.

What books have you read in English?

Butler is a promising young musician.

Glen ought to have arrived by now.

She is dead.

This is unexpected.

It was not until I read the book that I knew about it.

You're one of the only people who knows where Rick is.

Jack wondered where he might have put his passport.


Keep the fire alive.


Maybe I could talk to him.

King size beds are really big.

When was the last time you grilled meat?

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Vic should be along any minute.

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He tried to take hold of the sheep.

No one's going to tell Alex anything.

Do you know that sushi restaurant called Tatoeba in Shibuya?


I told Dad about it.

"Thick description" is a term coined by Clifford Geertz.

Did Spike tell you he would be going out today?

He stopped to make speeches in cities along the way.

We have to set the scene for negotiations.

I think it's time for me to take a break.

I work at a bar.


True friendship is priceless.

I swear, I'm having way too much fun.

The sun is much bigger than Jupiter.

She serves as the club treasurer.

She married a hotshot lawyer from New York.

I'm not sure if this is correct.

They named the ship Queen Darin after the Queen.

Do you see the white house?

We'll have to deal with it.

I added your name to the list.

I saw him leave.


I suspect that you won't like it.

The doctor told you to stay in bed until your fever goes down, didn't he?

This law applies to everybody.

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I suppose I was too busy.

He gave a sigh of relief.

Europe is not a country.


He'll be back by five o'clock.

We're all adults here.

My mother was busy cooking the dinner.

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Juliet seems to be organized.

Do you have any kind of an alibi?

The cat ran away into the room.

I'm getting older and tired.

Positron Emission Tomography uses a radioactive tracer to visualize metabolic activity within the human body.

Flowers and trees need clean air and fresh water.

Gunter heard Kristin recite the poem.

Some birds can break the sound barrier.

All he would do is sit around and wait for winter vacation to come.

In order to buy a foreign car, he worked very hard.

The Brown twins, both of whom got recently married, held a party.

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The tunnel could collapse, killing anybody inside it.


Lori was their hero.

How would you take care of this problem?

I'll bring my sister when I come next time.

You can't leave me here.

He comes here without fail on Sunday.

Bjorne used to work for us.

We have a cat and a dog.

It's very important to them.

My mother loves music.

I want to read as many English books as possible this year.

The cause of death was not accidental.


Wise is the man who speaks little.

Don't talk to me. Just give me paper.

The police seem to know exactly where we are.

He usually comes here on Tuesdays.

You are the fastest.

The company offered me a generous package.

Did that uncle of his often visit America?

We were shocked by what Bret did.

Be careful with him. He's a Don Juan.

Beat it.

I'll check back with you in a few hours.


It would be stupid to go on my own.

Would you tell Jamie we're back?

Is this supposed to be a currant bun? You almost need to cycle from one currant to another, so few are there.


Pedro told me that he would come again.

Haa! (The) tears are so funny!

Vistlik looks very pleased.


You're embarrassing!

I have the feeling that I understand.

Are you thinking about getting a job?

I think we can get everything we need.

There was looting.


Your face looks pale. Are you OK? Maybe it would be better if you went to the hospital, don't you think?

Have you ever broken a bone?

Bernie was Grant's only son.


I dropped Rabin off at daycare.

Someone stole my belongings.

Organic food is healthier.

Rik seemed taken aback.

I'm a little out of practice.


Guys have feelings, too.

I think you don't trust me.

The book was better than the movie.


Does anybody want anything else?

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Taiwan was hit by a powerful earthquake.

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I would like to try this dress on.

Who became the new director?

I started dating her.


What's your speciality?


I wish!

Bobbie didn't want to eat and Leslie couldn't persuade him to.

"Are these your books?" "No, they're not my books."

My eyes are itchy.

He had an accident and broke his leg.


Apart from the cost, the dress doesn't suit me.


No part of the pig is wasted.

Wolf felt quite alone.

Have emails replaced letters in today's world?


You must realize that I can't help you.

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He wants to be part of the English society.


She did not agree to the proposal.

I don't know whether to cry or to laugh.

Brad let the cat out of the bag when he accidentally told his mother about the surprise party being planned for her.


Is there another way out of here?

I had a quarrel with him about trifles.

Accepting money as a politician is sometimes a gray area.

He's a reliable man.

You always try to get what you want.


I'm just trying to uncover the truth.

Did Sekar do that?

You will need a key.


What made you so sure?

Will you please help me?

Just tell Darren what's in your heart.


Today, many people receive higher education.


A car, an airplane, and a computer are all machines.

I can't wait until tomorrow.

Ralph is extremely fussy.

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It's your decision, Srinivas.

We saw an ad in the newspaper for a house that costs R$125,000.00.

The teacher pointed out the pupil's mistakes.

The cost of the painting is very high.

Louie agreed to meet Siping at a local restaurant.