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Electric Geoffrey plays his guitar

Electric Geoffrey was born by the sea and makes moody, danceable indie synthpop that invokes humid visions of the ocean at night and a past you can't quite recall.

Haunting vocals cry out over summery hot guitars and piercingly visual synthesizers that evoke a sometimes elating, sometimes heartbreaking sense of nostalgia. His lyrics, catchy and rhythmic, lay bare the past and future and explore the role of memories and the constant reincarnation of the self.

Underlying the entire affair are dark, velvety bass lines playing in the pocket with funky house and hip-hop influenced beats.

His live show is a world of his own creation, a singular spectacle that features glam-rock inspired outfits and a unique custom light show that serves as a striking visual extension of the music itself.

“In Search of Lost Time“ Album Cover
In Search of Lost Time (2012)
In Search of Lost Time
  • 01. Lonely Soul
    Memories throw up their glances high and dry
    Like blinding sun in the early afternoon

    Past lives held my hand in some midnight land
    Sweet words to love by, but fit to leave to die
    In the cold shadow of rain we held through all those hollow years
    Cornered too long, the mind fractures and fails
    The decay of atoms, to be swept away

    A woman you knew through all those hairy years
    Still lets you down and waits around till evening comes
    While I sit and reduce myself to eventuality
    Oh but, you never did a thing like that, did you?
    All such knowledge leaves us feeling disengaged
    Are we so deaf in the heart these days?

    You are some kind of lonely soul, you don't want to be down
    We are two kinds of motion, oh, and I am changing too

    I want to be just a little bit sane tonight
    I'll let you in, just this one time
  • 02. Additionist
    When I woke to write some new epic of my plight,
    dirty ambition only moved my useless words to light
    Well I know they say to store up what you got, but I
    won't have no sloppy victory march happening tonight

    I can't say I never got no dust on my shoes,
    and I can't say I never got no joy from my blues
    I spread my words around, then act when they lose
    These clumsy times: they ain't no kind of muse

    I tried to make friends
    With this ghost that pretends
    To leave my thoughts alone
    And I sleep with haunted dreams
    Of a seaside girl tied to machines at night
    Tangled wire blues no muse can inspire

    Now her shadow shape is all my company
    But those evasive eyes don't turn to me
    Her dying days are hers and hers alone, oh
    And what pen could write them away?
    And what words could change things these days?

    Well I just wanna forget about all that now
    Maybe just have some fun

    I will have no delay
    If there's a taste in revelation I
    Want it to come my way

    I was born under two
    Separate signs
    That's supposed to mean something but
    I just never took the time
    Never have, never will, no

    Yeah, I saw God once
    But I did it for fun
    You know it cost me sixty dollars man
    That's just how it's done these days
  • 03. Still Intact
  • 04. Settler's Song
  • 05. Casino Death
    Ancient lives, your years so wise, they conspire to let me go
    All that time, a fine line, from a child to a sage
    One night, sent me right, from your bed to that cage
    Born in palms, lost at sea, a love that came but would not be

    I sat thinking about all the lives we could have led, touching with
    Such savage love but feeling only fleeting in a neon way
    Oh but, what use to adjectify the sea-salt summer sky? when
    You'll climb back up to your banyan dream and fully deny the day

    Sattva love don't get us thrills, in a dive bar crowd and a town that kills
    By the oceanside, we've lived too long, but that's all past us now
    Oh, and what a world we dreamed in the stolen acts of night
    Summer should have burnt us both alive
  • 06. Old Home
  • 07. Rhombus
  • 08. Strange Stars
    You hiked the front lines all summer long
    Skipping the heat in a mountainside town
    Once in our stucco cell I had a vision of
    All your past lives in your ancient mother's eyes

    Sitting on my rooftop just before dawn
    Wishing to dissolve both distance and time
    Cuz I know we're always close
    When we both rise to the same sun every day

    If I held you by the light of the dawning glow
    Under strange stars in patterns we do not know
    Past the rock walls and those waterfalls
    Then when the day is breaking
    Are you gonna be near to me?

    I've been lonely too, on an empty white bed
    I would have given anything just to have a friend
    We moved together for a little while, florid and futile

    Don't you feel bound by what you carry on?
    Prisons in him and them and things that are so far gone
    Sweeping waves smile, then oscillate past
    Did you really think your heaven could last?

    If I told you by the light of the lava flow
    Of our fates told by stars you long to know
    From your little town you are forced back again
    And in the daylight all I'm craving is my friend
  • 09. Self-Assemblage
Guitars, Amps & Effects
  • Fender Stratocaster
  • Fender Jazz Bass
  • Peavey VTM 60
  • Line 6 Spider IV
  • Boss DS-1
  • Boss DD-7
  • Behringer CS400
  • Wah Pedal
MIDI Controllers
  • M-Audio KeyRig 25
  • M-Audio Oxygen 49
  • M-Audio Venom
  • Akai MPD24
Studio Equipment & Software
  • Apple MacBook
  • Focusrite Saffire Pro 24
  • ATH-M50 Headphones
  • Logic Pro 9
  • Reason 4
  • Ableton Live 8
  • AKG C3000
  • Audio-Technica M4000S
  • DMXIS Lighting Controller
  • Chauvet DMX-4