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Skyndex Skinfold Calipers General Population Durnin Formula
Skyndex Skinfold Calipers Durnin Formula for General Population

Company information

Skyndex, LLC is the manufacturer, distributor and support for SKYNDEX Skinfold Calipers. SKYNDEX has been the leader and industry standard for electronic skinfold assessment since 1982. Research has shown SKYNDEX to be the one of the most reliable designs AND fastest ways to measure and calculate % Fat.

Skyndex I automatic calculation

SKYNDEX is hands-down the fastest way to assess Body Composition. No need to input body weight. Available in 3 formulas for all populations. Jackson-Pollock for Athletes, Durnin for General, 2252438255 6104913059 

Skyndex II digital caliper

Skyndex II is a digital skinfold caliper with the same quality mechanics of SKYNDEX I. It has a display hold feature to make reading the mm value easier than traditional mechanical calipers.

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