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What we're about

Event Services Australia (ESA) is dedicated to providing professional, enthusiastic and reliable staff to events, festivals and venues across Australia.
Whether it be in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney or anywhere else in Australia, no matter how big or small your event is we have the right staff for you. With thousands of staff registered with ESA we can provide your event with staff with various qualifications and experience in all states of Australia.
With experienced workforce planners on our staff; we can work with event promoters to identify previous trends in staffing attendance, cancellations and no shows. With the analytical data we can then develop comprehensive rosters for your event needs. Or if you are running a new event and not sure what staffing you require; we have a collection of historical data from other events for us to provide advice about your rostering requirements.

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We make it happen

Diverse workforce

We have over 2,000 staff across Australia ensuring we can meet your requirements no matter where the event (and we're always looking for more quality team members to work with us).

Save you money

Using our extensive industry experience, workforce planners and custom rostering software we ensure you get not only the right staff but the right number for your event!


We invest in technology to ensure efficiency and that you only get the best staff at your event. An example is our in-house developed staff registration and management system

Customer service

Ensuring we service your events unique needs is at the heart of what we do! We offer a 24-hour hotline for our clients and staff and our sales and operations teams are some of the friendliest people you'll meet!

We guarantee timely payment and a good time when on-shift at some awesome events!


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