Have you also got a few clean cups?

I'm just trying to be friendly.

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The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.


I was really emotional.

I am wholly responsible for the confusion.

It's still frozen.

I'll be your roommate.

Caution! Wet Paint

It didn't work at all.

Frederic hopped in the backseat.

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How lovely!

He is 60 and still builds sand castles in the shore.

Val was shorter than me when we were kids.

Is that Presley's?

I'm pretty angry right now.

Have you got smaller size?

"Are we going to stay here?" "I don't see why not."

Neither of us were in Boston at that time.

I am not so stupid as to deny its great beauty.

I'm way stronger than I used to be.

I'll take care of you.


Is now a good time to talk?

This is a peach tree. It's very pretty.

What say you?

How many people were aboard that ship?

Learning a new language is like meeting someone for the first time who always claims you are wrong, and worse - has the ability to prove it.

Teriann hasn't been to Australia.

One of them is a killer.


Murder, rape, and torture are atrocities associated with times of war.

He was satisfied with the interview.

A correspondent must soon adjust himself to life abroad.


That makes sense, doesn't it?

She goes to the hospital once a week.

Is Syun living in Boston?

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He was really gung-ho when he started at the gym but after a few months he started slacking off and then stopped coming altogether.

She ordered him not to give orders.

I thought Marie sounded angry.

Can you help me with my homework?

She stared at him with hatred.

I went tanning for 2 months straight every day before graduation and that was as dark as I could get.

You won, fair and square.

I need someone to protect me.

Trust your instincts.

Binge drinking can damage the amygdala.

This book is full of errors.

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He is very stingy with his money.


Donnie wants to eat Italian food for dinner.

Conrad started asking some questions.

That might be fun.

I saw her go inside.

I painted the gate blue.

Are you sure you want to quit?

Russ is an excellent father.

You must swear with your hand on the Bible.

Ragnar seems to be unprejudiced.

It made me very angry.

Many scientists are working in this field.

Tomorrow I'll be at home all day.

Anthony's Canadian.


Let's find out for sure.

There's no stopping her.

She swims, but does not sink.

I'll accompany you to the airport.

You're as pale as a ghost.


I have spots coming out all over my face.

Please help us.

Melinda complains too much.


Trent doesn't mind doing that for you.

I want to get out of here.

I think we should call the police.

Do you have any bait?

As there was no taxi, I had to walk home.

Authentic language varies in time and between places and populations.

The airliner slammed into the ground.

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I want you to tell Willie where you live.

Don't worry. I'll talk to him.

Because of the heavy snow, the railroad traffic has been interrupted.

Tidy up a bit and we'll go to the movies.

I went to a movie with Shahid a few days ago.


I can't speak Kannada.

You're just a girl.

Kathryn helped Doug on the bus, and then got on himself.

This song is very touching.

I am tired from a long walk.

Kathleen couldn't rule out the possibility that Stuart didn't like him.

Do you know who invented gunpowder?

What time do you take a bath?

The problem is that my son doesn't want to go to school.

He doesn't let Kate drink wine.

Jarmo made this same mistake before.

Reid is growing more concerned by the minute.

I need to pay my rent.

You're smaller than him.

My friends were so boozed up that I had to drive them home.


You should show yourself to the doctor.

I cannot mend this carpet. It's too old.

Please have a seat here.

Whatever happens, you must keep calm.

This is my beer.


He almost drowned in the river.

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They restrained him.

Tomas is very sneaky.

Looks like you didn't study much for the test.

A collar may come in many varieties, from button-down to clerical, and Mandarin to Masonic, but it is never a lapel.

He is second to none in English in his class.

Roderick was the only one in the house.

This is the first time I've ever breast-fed my baby.

What are we going to do about that?

She was within an ace of saying "I don't know".


I hear from my friend every year.

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The problem is not this.

Can you imagine how many Lincoln Logs it would take to build an actual shelter?

Roxana rarely comes home so early.


We offer a purely Catholic Dating for Catholic Singles, feature-rich. So is your Catholic Dating.

Is this water drinkable?

Do I have to wear a tie at work?

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I regretted lying to him.


I hope you're not going to disappoint me.

Much of our daily living must consist of routine that requires little or no mental effort.

Rafik looks really worried.


He is actually not the manager.

May I see your invitation please?

Their apprehensions were justified.

You have only to watch what I do.

You're not giving me much choice.


I talk to them more than you do.

Mrs. Brown understands Japanese.

Cynthia expects to finish the report by next week.

Johnnie behaved quite badly.

Did you request a new desk?

This lake abounds in trout.

Can't you see right?

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We're frantic.


We don't yet know the side effects of the drug.

He has ceased from work.

Mohammad was told to put up or shut up.

On that matter, he and I don't agree.

Paul is really sick.

As the orchestra in the space hotel's ballroom played on, dancers from various worlds swayed gaily about.

My room is so cluttered that I'm too embarrassed to invite anyone in.


The least you could do is to answer me.


While visiting Switzerland, he became ill with pneumonia.

My life is not milk and honey.

My wife wants me to do away with this nice old hat.

We're going to need water.

We can't just let them leave.


The girl has a soft heart.

I'm having some problems compiling this software.

What does he plan to do?

Words rarely have only one meaning.

The excessive attention we pay to danger is most often responsible for us to fall into it.

I want to go and see Hazel.

Leora shoots up about $150 of heroin a day.


I thought that was a good thing.


Kate listened to the radio all day.

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You've got to do what Marvin told you to do.

He consulted with some of the staff on the matter.

Mike is at home. His house is very comfortable.

The man must be over sixty, for his hair is gray.

We will visit our siblings.

The boat is to leave for England this evening.

I'm sorry if this distresses you but I can't afford to pay the sum of money you're asking from me.


We all hated them.


Hurry up! There's left only a short time for the start of the match.

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Clem opened the small box and emptied the contents on the table.