The Convergence of HPC and Cloud

The next revolution in research computing is the transformation to cloud.

StackHPC develops OpenStack capabilities for research computing use cases. Through extensive experience, we understand HPC and cloud. We know the needs and the shortcomings of each paradigm. We work with our clients to develop solutions that address the gaps in cloud for research computing use cases.

StackHPC works actively with the OpenStack community to promote the research computing use case. Our CTO is co-founder and co-chair of the OpenStack Foundation's Scientific Working Group

Latest News: Monasca comes to Kolla

StackHPC and the Kolla community have added support for Monasca in Kolla.

Latest Blog: Kubernetes, HPC and MPI

Convergence of HPC and Cloud will not stop at the infrastructure level. How can applications and users take the greatest advantage from cloud-native technologies to deliver on HPC-native requirements? How can we separate true progress from a blind love of the shiny?

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