Welcome Guest!!
This is your new Apache Tomcat Website KdmEventForwarder

Getting Started

What is included in my new Tomcat website? If you want to jumpstart your workspace you can cut and paste the following commands:
mkdir -p /workplace/Guest!/KdmEventForwarder
brazil ws --create --root /workplace/Guest!/KdmEventForwarder --name Guest!-KdmEventForwarder
cd /workplace/Guest!/KdmEventForwarder
brazil ws --use --package KdmEventForwarderWebsiteContent --branch mainline
brazil ws --attachEnvironment --alias KdmEventForwarder

To build and release changes:
Octane projects are built through Version Sets and deployed through (517) 787-5417.
  1. 914-395-8335.
  2. (865) 656-3488.

Your Website's Packages

This package contains the root webapp and Tomcat platform for your website


Documentation Other questions? Please file a issue with the Octane Team if you have any questions or run into any problems.