That wasn't very nice of you.

Guy likes to shop at Macy's.


Please remind me of the time of the meeting.

I met Kitty on Friday the 13th.

Shankar might be there.

Sperm bank regulations restrict a given donor to making sperm donations at only one facility and restrict the number of children that each donor can "father".

My mother told me to clean the room.

That was a close one.

I believe in the guardian angels.

Rich left, leaving Patricio alone with John.

I always wanted to go to Boston.

Put the pliers in the tool box.

How many times are you going to ask me that?

This is impossible for me.

Ken appears to be a friendly person.

Now my life will be better!

In the park birds are singing all around.

The chair is made of wood.

I'm really looking forward to this.

I ate five avocados.

That's not good enough for me.

I guess we're finished.

Who am I addressing?


For that reason, he lost his job.


Tandy managed to get on the school basketball team.


There's a secret path on the left.

The shards of thought were scattered on the ground.

Dariimaa rarily drew birds and animals.

Deirdre lost 10 kilograms but put it back on again within 12 months.

Eddy didn't do any of the work he was supposed to do.

Fill it with regular, please.

I've always wanted to play the trombone.

What's the connection?

How do you read and write?


How long do you plan on staying here?

Which city is the nearest to Barcelona?

I can be persuaded.

I'm going to arrange these flowers.

What would you like to do tomorrow?

We were both thirsty.

I'm not used to driving in this kind of traffic.

Stop always putting yourself last.

Luke doesn't have to talk about it if he doesn't want to.


We will lose weight.


Horses are easily spooked.

Nathan and Timothy are dating.

That George will come is certain.

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It's been five years since my father died.

I'll write my address down for you.

We didn't choose Samuel.

Are they taking care of you?

Every student knows the school song.


The soldier was blinded by a flashbang grenade.

Did you come across anyone you know on your way here?

I need to go to Boston.


Oliver went for a bike ride.

I need to rest now.

When we were younger, there was nothing that we couldn't do.

Rathnakumar wondered why soybean prices were dropping.

The school is five kilometers from my home.


The person my boss has a grudge against is me.

To me, love is being able to restrain one's own feelings and take others into consideration.

I felt the terror of my neighbors after the earthquake.

What people are coming to the party?

Colonel Yuri A. Gagarin was born on a collective farm in a region west of Moscow, Russia on March 9, 1934.

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She makes her mother happy.

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We all have families.


I can't take his behaviour.

Where is the bus stop for the museum?

I'm pretty normal, really.

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Johnnie will have to go there.

Sanity was here for a while.

I'm going to my friend's place.

I'm not in a position to answer that question.

Russell never saw any wolves, but he could hear them.


Sally sells seashells by the seashore.

I believe you all know me.

If you park this way, I will not be able to get out of the car.

Steven trusts his doctors.

No wonder he was arrested.


It's long and hard.


No one saw that.

You're ruining everything.

Let me know when you need me.

I'm not afraid of you anymore.

They formed themselves in groups of five.

It's nothing personal.

Casey is precise.

Even though Joanne translated the letter for Pantelis, she didn't bother to read his translation.

I want you to get off my back.


Margaret and Van came up with a possible solution to their problem.

Some things are personal.

She's missed the boat.


My grandkids live in Boston.

I will buy a new umbrella.

We're located in Boston.

I wasn't expecting it from you!

Nobody wanted to say something about my country.

The manager ordered all the rooms to be swept clean as soon as possible.

The banks on each side of the river were very pretty. There were beautiful flowers, old trees, sloping fields, in which cows and sheep were grazing, but not a man to be seen.


I don't know if Molly is still alive or not.

Go at once, or you will be late for school.

They fine you in Singapore if you throw trash in the streets.

How much do you want?

Be merciful.

No, I'm tired.

Is it too early to call Nelken?

The price hasn't changed in years.

Come with me. There's something I want to show you.

The roads were empty.

The various modes of worship which prevailed in the Roman world were all considered by the people as equally true; by the philosopher as equally false; and by the magistrate as equally useful. And thus toleration produced not only mutual indulgence, but even religious concord.

In her misery, Liza looked to her husband for help.

We will investigate the problem and deal with it as we see fit.

Not everyone was impressed.

They consider themselves our equals.

Why don't you go somewhere?

How do you say "lung"?

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Takeuchi tried to break up the fight between Marcel and John.

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I find her very impressive.


What do you intend to do from now on? Do you have an objective?


I would do the same for what you did for me, but unfortunately I find myself in a difficult and disastrous situation.

I'm your roommate.

We'll find Eli.

Where is his family?

We have forty-four guests.

Who says sentences have to be serious?

Sal had never seen the man before in his life.

There were three coffee mugs on the table.

A beaver needs to fell hundreds of trees to dam a river.

Nhan seldom does what he says he's going to do.

I said that I did not love him nor would I ever love him.


He wants to live closer to nature.

I am sure that more flags were burned as a result of Congress passing that law than had ever been burned before.

Australia is smaller than South America.


Sandy brought us gifts.

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Did you ever date Sumitro?


She met many boys in the chatroom.

Kristi said he saw a shark the other day when he was swimming.

I thought Gregg was your friend.


Mehrdad was the very last to arrive.


Why won't you tell me where we're going?

I am a lover of liberty. I will not and I cannot serve a party.

I stumbled across this problem when I was working on something else.

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I used to write songs all the time.


Let's husk the coconut.

Give her any help you can.

I'm the one with the car.


Take this, honey.

Sedat is a good tennis player.

I'm supposed to track someone down.

I believe I'm in the right.

His state of health has been bad now for several years.


The weather was good at harvest.

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Please fill this bucket with water.

Hunter is out now.

The dog growled at the strange man.


They're all tourists.


I don't care why you're late.

It's been three years since my father died.

Lee didn't wear a suit.

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It was in London that I last saw her.