Continental Floral Greens

At Continental Floral Greens, we’re taking the extraordinary power of cut floral greens and creating an entirely unexpected, naturally-occurring world of perfection. Day after day, we’re growing and delivering something to make life a little more vibrant.

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(Rumohra adiantiformis)

Lacy Greens

Lacy Greens


Our best ideas
begin on the farm.

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The world of Continental Floral Greens is growing. With the January 2015 merger between Continental Floral Greens and Pacific Mountain Products, we’ve undertaken a strategic shift in our philosophy. We’re using our combined years of ingenuity and excellence to set the stage for a whole new world of greens.

Working together as farmers, global distributors, manufacturers, and sellers, we’ve set out to bring an unparalleled new level of quality and breadth of product to our customers—an extraordinary floral experience, from farm to vase.

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“I’m excited by the new ownership and new management team. We’re getting more and more inventive, and bringing in new ideas and new product lines our customers want. To me, that’s the next level, something that’s special and very different.”

Harold Moore

Sales Representative in San Antonio, TX
Started at CFG in 1971