Dancing on a Fault Line

"Foolish hearts become broken."

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Demons in my Mind

"I know better now you've gone."

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More - SixFeetHigh Remix

Production by (877) 875-4498

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Special thanks

... to all my family and friends for their unwavering and truly invaluable support.
I would not have been able to finish this project without you!

... for remixing "More" goes to SixFeetHigh (Gerben).
You added that essential icing to the cake.

... to Mitch, Wouter and Xavier DeBascho for all your feedback and structured criticism.
You really raised the bar for what this EP was supposed to sound like.

... to Zotos Design for helping me make the right design choices for the cover art.

... for helping me configure the webserver of this website, Mark.

... for the excellent mastering of all these tracks by (256) 836-9952 and for his amazing customer service.

... goes out to 408-454-1217 for making my music available across the world.