All the teachers and students we talked to said that Hamilton is easy to get along with.

Stephe just walked through the wrong door.

I just want to say that I believe you.

I am giving away all my worldly possessions to the poor.

I wouldn't have succeeded without Howard's help.

Hans was about to break up with Calvin when she told him that she was pregnant.

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He regretted that he had succeeded to the farm.

It all worked out OK.

It's wonderful to be here.

When do you want to meet her?

If it gets dangerous, give me a call.


Shutoku is the closest friend I've ever had.

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This reminds me of him.

Have you spent a lot of time with Antonio?

His constant insults aroused my anger.

I asked them not to overreact.

It seems like Straka wants to talk to you.

I don't think The should be the captain of our team.

He tried out that new machine.

Having your help made all the difference.

My kids used to go to this school.

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He was really a child of his times.

What I was going to suggest was that Anna go to the supermarket and buy some ice cream.

Before exiting through the door, the man had whispered a word which no one managed to understand.


What should we do about Ramiro?


You get three tries to guess where I was yesterday.

Why are you memorizing this poem?

She was asked to write her name in ink.


I am starting this evening.

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We couldn't allow any interruptions.


The officers were satisfied.

Bonnie said he didn't agree.

I demand your daughter's hand in marriage.

Susumu is a retired businessman.

He denied having stolen the money.


How are they going to find out?

Watermelons are in season now.

A strict system of numerology is like a mental jail.


He laughed off his own bad reputation.

OK, now turn to your right, a little further, a little further... good. Now lie still on your back.

Case is tolerant.

Sugih is going to kill me.

Language can be used in different ways.

It's no use worrying about it. There's nothing you can do.

I'm older than any other student in my class.

It looks like we're in for some nasty weather.

You must be more careful to avoid making a gross mistake.


The baby in the cradle is very cute.

Janne didn't bother even to paint, though he usually liked it a lot.

You're both wrong.

You were always a good friend to me.

The trouble with finding love later in life is that the person you fall in love with often comes with emotional baggage.

Our daughter is none the better because we've been nursing.

How much did they pay for that?


What else do I need to do?


He will be a Washington someday.

I have one brother.

Claire was born there.


I'll have a mechanic check the car out.

He batted three runners home.

I'm glad that we're making progress.

Why don't you try putting a little cinnamon in your coffee?

He cannot have completed the work by himself.

I heard that you bought a house in Boston.

Bring Roxanne along.

You're disturbing my reading.

From year to year they were growing poorer.


Can Brandy cook?

To your health!

There are two hundred pages.

Presley is a big man in the company.

A blood vessel broke in my eye.

I want her to like you.

I'm sure she would approve.

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There's still some beer in the fridge.

Close the door and open the window!

They speak English a lot, especially the educated people.

He has been in practice as a lawyer for more than ten years.

Because of the heavy snow, the train was 10 minutes late.

Man is a social animal by nature.

They were laughing at me.

Please bring the matter forward at the next meeting.

I wash the blouse.

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The child looks as neat as a pin.


Paula poured the water out of the glass.

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Did you open all the boxes?

He sometimes ate out with his family.

I want some water.

Can you please just give Sharon whatever he wants?

We couldn't finish the job for lack of time.

Who would want her dead?

Judge was taken by surprise.


What! You didn't really do that?


Many women in the world shave their armpits.

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I want to know how Santa thinks.

Did you paint these?

Vidhyanath tried to guess Elvis's weight.

The dog is faithful to its master.

You've always got to be ready for an emergency.


Don't you want to visit Tracy and Warren?

He missed his flight.

Who were you with last night?

Blame your predecessor.

This table is made from reclaimed wood.

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Wait beside the car for me!

Marcos took a spatula out of the drawer.

Who knows what that is?

I have a much fresher piece of bread than you.

You should learn to control your emotions.

He is kind and gentle, and what is better still, honest.

Was that really your fault?

Jayesh says that she can speak seven languages.

I'm just happy I'm back.

They consider him unfit for that job.

Serdar told me that you were with him yesterday afternoon.

Why don't you and Scot stay with us?

He feels very happy.


At the end of the day, it's just food.

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Come close, young heroes!

I'm trying to meet the deadline.

The plane flew above the clouds.

Please do it for me.

Don't blame this on her.


Don't borrow more money than you can help.

I wasn't writing anything.

You caught me off-guard.


The stadium was quite still.


I thought you cared about him.

People consume less electricity than before.

I bought a beautiful silk tie for my uncle.

How are we going to get back to Boston?

There is more.


Not even death can save you from me.

I don't see what's changed.

Do you think it difficult to speak Kadazan?

You seem to be very interested in Sarah.

The wait is almost over.


About 80% of North Americans can no longer see the Milky Way because of light pollution.

She's nervous about her concert.

No one has time for that kind of thing anymore.

True bravery is quite another thing from bravado.

I'll take a shortcut across the garden.

Lucy will certainly come.

Panos lived in Boston for three years before moving back to Chicago.

These are our books.

Jock kept many secrets from Woody.

Welcome to the asphalt jungle!

Our office Christmas party is tomorrow.

They held each other's hands and looked at the stars.

Mahesh likes adventure.

I won't let anyone push me around.

Marcia is scantily clad.


I did some work after breakfast and went out.

Several universities in this country enjoy great prestige.

She has started to get a few wrinkles around her eyes.

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Vilhelm looked around to make sure nothing else was happening.

How do you calculate the volume of a cube?

What's bugging them?

We have had enough of rain.

I'll never forget how kind you have been.


Thanks for loving a fool like me.

Dan was living two separate lives.

It's not allowed to paste paper on the wall.


There is enough iron in your body to make a nail.