Laura is very particular about her clothes.

I want to know what you're going to do about it.

It's harder than you think.

These are questions worth discussing.


I had a girlfriend when I was in the fifth grade.

Are you coming in?

Can you help us find him?

The question is how to say no without making Horst angry.

I'm going to be a father.

It's almost summer.

What I think doesn't matter.


I'm going to be waiting in front of the station.


Lester treated Jelske badly.

When will you return home?

I have no interest in putting my money into your dreams.

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Don't you want to talk to him?

Kate and Sumitro met with John.

I don't believe such things exist.

She was greedy for love.

I tried writing a novel.

Hello, how are you doing?

Let's skin the snake.

You have to learn the basics first.

Does it bug you?

Don't make me do this the hard way.

Everybody knows that.


Imogen of the Internet is translating the works of Shakespeare into her own secret language, which completely consists of animated GIFs from the 90s.


This picture is from three years ago.


The sect members looked adoringly at their guru, and hung on every word that came out of his mouth.


I'm lost. Could you direct me to the station?

I know you're afraid of heights.

King would never leave Srinivas.

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He had a classic education.


Nichael regrets firing off an angry email to his boss, and wishes he'd slept on what was bothering him for a while.

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Olivier asked for some help.

This pen has a very fine point.

Do you have any Japanese beer?

Tony confessed to murdering Bradley.

Don't pat me on the head like I'm still a child!

"How are we gonna find the princess with the power going out?" "Maybe there's a switch in one of the rooms. Remind me to check!"

Day by day, the Allies pushed the Germans back.

Credit cards are useful but dangerous.

We went on board a ship.

You don't need one now.

We saw a lake far below.

Her air of innocence is apparent, not real.

Youtube is the source of fame of brand new stupid singers like Justin Bieber

The goods arrived yesterday.

To love our neighbors is our duty.

Does the smoke bother you?

I got the news from a reliable source.

Benjamin Harrison's campaign was well-organized.

I want my 20 dollars back.

I am honored to be in the timeless city of Cairo, and to be hosted by two remarkable institutions. For over a thousand years, Al-Azhar has stood as a beacon of Islamic learning, and for over a century, Cairo University has been a source of Egypt's advancement.

We do not have a pan.

Woody, do you have a moment?

Watch me and tell me what I'm doing wrong.

He was scared you would shoot him.

She had lunch.


Kit looks a lot like his older brother.

Laurianne got up and headed toward the backdoor.

Wasting time at the library is fun.

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What an oddball he is!

Josip has helped me out a lot.

Britain is the European Unions's second-largest economy after Germany.

A truck was standing in the middle of the road.

Mr. Mitchel demanded that I pay the rest of the money by the end of the week.

This plane flies between Osaka and Hakodate.

Her political career has ended.

"I've been busy." "Busy doing what?"

Kolkka isn't trustworthy.

I'm not leaving until I get paid.

Tomorrow, you are going to paint the fence.

I sing of arms and the man, who first from the mouth of Troy, exiled by fate, came to Italy and the Lavinian shore.

I still don't want to do it.


Many stars were shining in the heavens.

When was the last time that you used this?

I feel bad today.

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The island is sinking.

I haven't seen you in forever.

The plan will be carried out in the near future.

I don't want to talk to you ever again.

The teacher gave us a copy of the syllabus in the first class.


His words sound reasonable.

She believes her boyfriend is not guilty.

You had better make a reservation in advance.

I forgot my umbrella and got drenched in the rain.

He is unable to concentrate on his academic work.


In general, Susie is a nice student.

I must organize my thoughts.

"Juma will pay school fees. How about Hamisi?" "No, he will not pay them."

Most of the patients in our hospital have no family nearby. They are often left to fend for themselves.

The world changes a lot.

The old man, in a voice that seldom rose above the howling of the wind upon the barren waste, was singing them a Christmas song.

Anybody who shows up late has to chug!

The passengers load their suitcases and luggage into the trunk.

I'd like to thank you for helping us.

Pria said that he loved me.

You just need some fresh air.

You must pay attention to what your teacher says.

Now, hang on a second.

How did you find the time to do this?

Carl said he would've come to the party if he'd been invited.

There is an eel in the water.

I haven't finished speaking yet.

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Our company makes use of the Internet.

It's not a luxury.

The room was warm.


Harry wouldn't accept my apology.


They weren't strong enough to help us.


You'll never be young again.


Ah, those Russians!

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Insects are very nutritious and a good source of protein.

If anything's going to happen, it should happen soon.

I'll still call Boston home.

Rajendra and Delbert just got married last year.

Do you think that Pilar lied to me?


Tips are not accepted.

Graham showed Tanya my picture.

If so, you would be off the hook.


Are you gonna pay for it?


I teach Spanish very well.

At first, I thought he was your brother.

A bird is known by its song and a man by his way of talking.

Linder and Romain aren't hungry.

Too much exercise does more harm than good.


She couldn't accept that her husband died.


If we had been in Venice a month prior, we could have taken part in the carnival.

Just don't go.

I hate myself sometimes.


He's in a rough spot.

Dan decided to go ahead with his plan.

Does that sound convincing?

I knew you weren't just a pretty face.

He knew he could not win.

Shel has been reading a book all afternoon.

She gave birth to a daughter yesterday.

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Please listen to reason.


Joubert told Konstantinos that he thought a hippopotamus could run at a speed of about 30 kilometers per hour.

He died on the day his son arrived.

Is there anything at all that I can do for you?

What am I gonna do with his letter?

It's more dangerous than I thought.

They said something terrible had happened to Lukas.

This book is very heavy.

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Technology has improved since then.

Clearly, we have different priorities.

Were you a friend of Sri's?

Please write to me as soon as you can.

Harris should've told us about that earlier.

Do you have one a little smaller?

That should have never happened.

Brandon sat still.

She returned from a trip.

I know what that's worth.

We just want to find Mysore.

Who wants to see me?

We ruined it.

Penny has talked about running for governor.

Lock the dog in the kitchen.

He enjoys considerable standing among his peers.

Don't answer me back.

They'll wait.

Lois is in the bathroom.

Be careful not to underestimate the problem.

It's the height of luxury.

Vadim says, that he doesn't remember that at all.

I've got to go out.