How can Norma help Hohn?


Stacey's eyes widened in surprise.


I enjoy building snowmen and playing in the snow. I'll have to wait until it snows here.

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Opportunities of time vouchsafed by Heaven are not equal to advantages of situation afforded by the Earth, and advantages of situation afforded by the Earth are not equal to the union arising from the accord of Men.

He was big and shaggy.

I used to hate you.


You don't know where Nici has gone, do you?

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"You'll get your clothes dirty." "No worries. They weren't very clean in the first place."

Henry and Dani couldn't forgive themselves.

Everything you saw was an illusion.

We need several miles of cable.

He made me sing on the stage.


Do you know what's going on?

The devil destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

He let me work in this office.

I not only gave him some advice, I gave him some money.

She was in an abyss of despair.


Laika orbited Earth for seven days.

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Suzanne didn't have a scratch on him.


I don't think I'm the best person for the job.

Pia pulled his jacket hood over his head.

Lana finally figured out where the treasure was hidden.

The official languages of the United Nations are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

Fred said he was related to Bruce Lee but we all knew it was far from the truth because he is from Africa.

Bring it on, Murthy.

Don't forget that she's a woman.

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How can we ever repay you?

Sofoklis got caught cheating on a test and was suspended from school.

He needs a straight.

I've just started to learn French, so I'm not very good at it yet.

He's a con artist.


Would you please come again later?

Have you been able to contact Vadim?

Annie pretended to be unhappy.

I watched baseball on TV after I finished my homework.

His dress is that of gentleman, but his speech and behavior are those of a clown.


I don't hate Allan exactly.

A harmony prevailed among them.

I don't think we should go outside today.

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Please refer to page ten.


He was poor and lived in a small cabin.


Does Meiji University have a medical school?

The television is in the living room.

I helped her hang the picture on the wall.

I thought that was pretty clear.

I have not yet seen a Northern Shoveler duck.


You should care about every moment of your life, so that you need not be ashamed for your past deeds.

A person's true value can't be seen by eyes.

Karima asked Marie where the dog was.

I don't sing to them.

I'll never give this to you.


The armored glass is made of a super-resistant material, distributed in layers.

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No one may be compelled to belong to an association.


Nor am I ashamed to confess my ignorance.

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Niels is singing a beautiful song.

They will die.

When she heard that, she broke into tears.


So, what is it you want me to say?

Leave us some sentences to translate.

Let me show you around.

This has got to stop.

Herve left hours ago.


Where did you acquire your deepest, most heartfelt beliefs?

He's teaching to the test.

It doesn't look like we'll get paid this week.

You're always dissatisfied.

She will attend the meeting instead of me.

That's why dogs love you.

You don't even know his name.

I found that the problem was easy.

Now it was my turn to be surprised.


That conference is held every year.

He did it of his own accord.

I forget where I put my umbrella.

We've got to find her.

Do you need a ride to school?

Have you ever tidied your room?

Do you know how my friends describe me?

There's no one in the house but her.

It is not for us to live in such a fine house.

The rocket was launched this morning.

He said we just crossed the International Date Line.

I think you and I should talk.

Mariou said he didn't want anything.

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I'm going to Paris tomorrow.


I'll lose everything.


When I want to cry, I think of you.


Remain alert.

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That's a gross mistake.

That was pretty good.

Do you want me to paint your fingernails?


I want everybody to go.


That's an interesting problem.

Jean-Christophe joined the water polo team.

Billy hardly ever speaks to Ning anymore.


There is no life without electricity and water.

I have a ulcer in my mouth.

He acquainted himself with his job.

Watch out for cyclists and pedestrians.

Do you consider yourself beautiful?


He was the one who suggested it.

I'll be home all day today.

I was called out to the scene of the accident.

I'm degenerating!

He admitted that he stole the gold.

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They aren't waiting for the bus.


The game is rigged.


Please send the letter by express.


Hamilton was in a hurry so he left his second cup of coffee undrunk.

The thief ran away and the policeman ran after him.

Why not break the door down?

Shankar is almost done.

Qawwals sing qawwalis.

You mustn't despise him because he didn't win a prize.

One of the subjects that run all through the movie is the subject of urban romance.

Revised is unimaginative.

That's because we knew our place.

Do you still go jogging every morning?

Anyone that enjoys animal suffering deserves to die.


I don't think it would be a good idea to do that.

Lowell is a sorcerer.

Do you recognize my voice?

I am tired from playing.

Gosh, what a dirty customer!

The website was down for maintenance.

Europeans like to drink wine.

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I like your sarong style skirt.

Celia and Sundar both come from dysfunctional families.

Have you ever seen her dance?

He is involved in working out the mathematical problem.

Curt sang better today than I've ever heard him sing.

We're pretty competitive.

I can't tell you any more, I've already said too much.

There is no use waiting for her any longer.

My grandchildren attend this school.

We didn't come here for Damone.

Pravin is the world's leading expert on stoats, who is credited with having written the most comprehensive encyclopedia to date about them.

We've come too far to give up now.

Do what you think is right.

How do we look?

If anything happens, we'll be in in three seconds.

The only reason why Ferdinand Magellan could claim to be the first man to sail across all of the world's meridians was because Christopher Columbus had chosen to swim.

But we carried on without him.


Ruth says that he only swears when it is absolutely necessary.

I'm just fucking with you, man. You've paid your taxes on time! You can leave if you want.

Suu looks like he has an idea.

I went camping in the Japan Alps with my club.

I'm friends with her brother.


According to mythology, Prometheus stole the sacred fire from the gods.

This is so humiliating.

Sanche does look really tired.

How many sanitary towels do you need every day?

What would you like for breakfast?

Pens and pencils are examples of writing tools.

He resented everyone's being very quiet.

Raphael poured wine into a plastic cup and handed it to Space.

How about dining out for a change?


Let me give you a little advice.