Through what way could they understand each other? -They could understand each other through a common language.

He leapt out of bed.


He married my sister.


Is he breathing?


Japanese women marry at 26 on average. It is no mystery that the birthrate is declining.

The books are covered in dust.

He was a great statesman in life.

I am going to my room, where I can study.

Later he wrote to the president.

I'm not Uyghur. I'm Russian.

I was told that I should stay away from Gunter.

I don't know whether Stanislaw is hungry or not.

"You're making this up." "No, I'm not."

Every situation requires individual analysis.

Randal never wanted to study French.

There's a call for you. It's Tammy.

It's the best book that I've ever read.

Call me at six-thirty, please.

If I wait, what's the possibility I can get a seat?


Ernest was vindicated.

I envy him his luck.

A menacing thunderstorm has appeared on radar.


Here is Claudia.

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Only a true artist would agree to sing for his supper because he knows it would taste better that way.


That's not how the world works.

You aren't safe walking alone around here.

She knows her limitations.

I would take this dress before that one.

Why is Miek in such high spirits today?

Pilar didn't get very far.

I was at home the night of the fire.

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I was just speculating.

This video is boring.

I feel so lonely sometimes.

Karen told me he checked the oil level.

I had lost a camera in the previous day.


Now is the time to clinch the deal.

I only wish I were part of it.

Every seat in this tube is taken.

I should like to speak to the manager.

His carelessness cost him a broken leg.

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You have to stay here.

They grow oranges in California.

One's got to do what one's got to do.


We have great teachers here.

Is there a student discount?

I'm not going to lie to Knut.


We look forward to receiving your prompt reply.

He said he was a friend, but it cut no ice with me.

Byron is eccentric, isn't he?


There's a lot I still don't know about my job.

In the imperial measurement system, four quarts equals one gallon.

How many of them are there?


During winter I sleep with two blankets.

Geoff looks terrifying.

My house has a small yard.

Losing his balance from a sudden gust of wind, the tightrope walker fell to his death.

Do you know where Lesser Britain is?


Maarten took a magazine out of his briefcase and began reading it.

She has the hands on the window.

Robin is indiscreet.

He eats neither meat nor fish.

Translating this text will be very simple.

I want to see Native Americans in Brazil.

That makes it exciting.


In Tokyo, wild birds are decreasing in number year by year.

Vishal didn't disappoint us.

Mohammad hardly ever complains about anything.

This is a film for men.

Your tracking number is: 111222333.

That's not such a good idea.

Not everything happens only on this world.

Let's talk about them.

It's getting dark.

It's very exciting.

You're just jealous that I have a boyfriend and you don't.


After a certain point, everything became a little more difficult.

Really? My hobby is reading comics.

You're in trouble, aren't you?


Alexander only washes his hair once a week.

I dealt with the problem as I saw fit.

I'm trying as hard as I can.

He is not so much a scholar as a TV personality.

Niall wasn't looking where he was going.

Why does no one believe me when I'm telling the truth?

We're not responsible.

Why would anyone kidnap Sherri?

My door is always open for you, Sandeep. Come to me if you have any problems.

He doesn't own many books.

Einstein enjoyed playing the violin.

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I'm going to avenge my brother.


Trevor and Oskar both said they saw John hit Alice.

Failure teaches success.

How can I return home?

Audrey never fails.

I was bored of sitting between four walls.

No, I won't say anything.

Someone who is misanthropic dislikes people and avoids social situations.

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Come on, we're running late.

We like going to the museum.

He is on board ship.

Elaine probably could've helped.

I've been saving all my time for you.

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Saul didn't have to wait very long.

The road to recovery goes downhill all the way.

Adrian seems to complain about everything Lance does.

I admire your bravery.

I can swim as well as you.


This controller has accelerometers in it so it can send a farewell transmission as your child chucks it out the window.

Everybody turned to look at Presley.

I miss my dad every day.

It's useless talking to them.

We didn't add articles to our blog.

I was even caught up in that same problem.

He is wasting time.

I didn't know you were that kind of a person.

In fact, gorillas have many of the same feelings that people have.

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Afghanistan is a landlocked country.


Time is running short now.

The game was drawn.

She is the love of my life.

My news isn't too important to people who don't want to know.

Ahm, maybe!


Does she have an opinion about this?


Have you wondered why Amos is always late?

What are some of your favorite movies?

Valeria never told me his last name.

You must be really proud.

Ask him when to get together next.

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Instead of eating here, let's go home.


Sundar is very unkind.

Prospectuses must be signed by two sponsor representatives.

Sometimes I really hate my dogs.

We'll be seeing you.

I will have to fire you if you come late so often.

I got your note.

Your phone is ringing, answer it please.

On hearing this, he turned pale.

Novorolsky collects teddy bears, postcards and stamps, old coins, stones and minerals, number plates and hubcaps - in short: almost everything.

He likes to play cards.

It looked like Jean-Pierre was getting ready to leave.

The ladder is standing in the corner.

Herve doesn't earn enough money to support his family.

The desire for love to be mutual does not belong to love but to vanity.

They were wrong.


She's determined to become a secretary.


I made a mess of it.

In tennis jargon, winning a set 6-0 is called a bagel. Winning two sets at love is called a double bagel. Winning three sets at love, only possible in a best-of-five match, is, unsurprisingly, referred to as a triple bagel. Triple bagels are extremely rare in professional tennis.

That's actually perfect.

Kevan informed Amedeo that John had faked his own death.

It's impossible to describe.

I am going to learn to swim over the holiday.

Who asked for your opinion anyway?


How many steps does this staircase have?

Sanctions might work.

Please get in touch with me when you come to Tokyo.

Shyam loved Isabelle and Lucius loved him.

It was a real challenge for us to go down the cliff on a rope.

Do you think it gives me pleasure to see you do that?

I think she is used to walking to and from work every day.

Glen had a stroke.

Are you positive of that report?

Bruce glanced up at the ceiling.

Mwa was just joking.

Women, then, are only children of a larger growth.

Five colonists were killed.

I don't feel like doing anything tonight.

Philip loved your cookies.