Momentum beats gradient descent

Harness AI to superpower your business.

Momentum AI

Momentum AI believes that companies with momentum in artificial intelligence will dominate the marketplace of tomorrow.

With the help of machine learning we give your company the edge you need to succeed.

We teach organizations how to use artificial neural networks to improve human intelligence.

The Hack for Sweden Award

The team behind Momentum-AI won Hack for Sweden with our AI solution for matching job seakers with the ideal job.

" Momentum AI found a way to solve a big social problem and a big challenge and they did it by finding a way to quicker find the right job. They used innovative technology like machine learning and they did it with a unique combination of personality testing plus company culture.

The service let's you walk through a proven scientific method for understanding the personal traits by asking 20 question and by combining Arbetsförmedlingen APIs (ontology and real-time job api) we collect information about matching words used to describe certain job categories to get a personality score of a job to be match with. This is futher analysed to get the top matching jobs for the person at hand. Eric Leijonmarck Birger Moëll Viktor Qvarfordt Anton Osika

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AI gives you the power to become the leader of tomorrow.

Gain Momentum
The founders
Co-founder and Head of Applied AI

Anton Osika is a technical physicist working as a machine learning engineer. He is an expert in building scalable AI-solutions. His focus in the project will be working on expanding the machine learning solutions.

Anton Osika
Viktor Qvarfordt
Co-founder and Head of AI Research

Viktor Qvarfordt is a mathematician working analysing financial data using AI tools and building web applications. His role in the project will be on translating mathematical research in machine learning to AI solutions and working as a full stack developer improving our web application.

Co-founder and Head of Data Science

Eric Leijonmark is a technical physicist working as a data scientist. His role in the project will be to be chief data scientist and handle building a data pipeline and drawing insights from the data processes by the application.

Eric Leijonmark
Birger Moëll
Co-founder and Head of Applied Neuroscience

Birger Moëll is a licensed clinical psychologist working as a machine learning engineer and building native applications for iOS and Android. His focus in the project will be on psychometric analysis of scientifically validated psychological tests, integrating those insights into the AI-model and working as a full stack developer.

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