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Review Analytics at its best

Datrmine is a Review Analytics and research tool that impacts the way companies use and generate feedback to develop their products closer to its customer needs. We close the gap between costumers and companies by offering on demand information about customer satisfaction, concerns, wishes and needs, generated by customer written reviews from all major websites.

Get all Reviews

We examine all reviews, feedback and comments written by your costumer, professional's and press.

Analyze Reviews

Analyze all these reviews, search for specific keywords, compare it with your competitors and many more...

Increase Performance

Use the information from Datrmine to build products more aligned with costumer and market needs. Lower costs and increase sales with the utilization of Datrmines on demand feedback and insights by accelerating product development.


Keep it simple and get the most

Review Monitoring

All reviews in one place

Review Analytics

All Information in one spot

Keyword Search

Making Reviews more transparent

Competitor Tracking

Know your competitor

Customer Insights

Know what your customers want

Market Analysis

Understanding market needs


There are thousand good reasons for Datrmine, we decided to pick out three.

  • Build products closer to your costumers

    The worst thing a company could do is spending tons of money in production of products and features no one really wants. Datrmine enables you to learn from your costumer and to focus on the things that really matter. Use the information from Datrmine to build your product along costumer needs and increase your sales!

  • Shorter time to market

    Never waste time and money again on establishing and collecting annoying costumers’ surveys to get information about your product or service. Instead use Datrmine to get existing reviews from all mayor sources on demand. Use Datrmine, shorter your feedback slope, improve / produce earlier and therefore shorter time to market!

  • All Reviews in one place

    Get all important Reviews in one place and stop wasting your time and money on searching the Web for every single comment on your product, lean back we got you covered! Even better is the fact that you don’t even have to read a single review because our brilliant Analytical software gives you all important information with one click!

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