Interval Runner V1.3 has been Released!

New Features!

Interval Runner versions available on the Apple Store!

Interval Runner is a pair of mobile phone Apps 1)Basic and 2)Multi that have seven routines, each routine useful in different running situations. Both Apps allow the user to customize a workout with settings, like Run and Walk times, and during the workout they provide audio voice instructions(like "Start to Run" or "Start to Walk") as well as time, distance and speed periodic announcements. Interval Runner uses GPS to keep a "breadcrumb trail" allowing the runner to analyse their workout using a table or map. And the runner can post the map to social media. Interval Runner saves on your phone a history of previous workout and can save one entire workout for analysis at later time.

Tired of Annoying Ads? Interval Runner has no Ads and is not attached to a web site -- just uses you and your phone!

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The new Interval Runner has many workout routines -- one for each running situation!

Interval Runner Basic

A general purpose Run/Walk routine suitable for workouts

Basic Details

Interval Runner Fartlek

A timed Fartlek routine best suited for preparing for a 5K Race

Fartlek Details

Interval Runner Mile

A routine that will measure your one mile time


Interval Runner Long Training

A routine for use when training for a long distance Race like a Marathon/Half/ or 10 Miler

Long Training Details

Interval Runner Breakdown

A routine for 600 meter Breakdown workouts

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Interval Runner Race

An Run/Walk routine for use in a Race.

Race Details

Interval Runner Progression

A distance based thirds routine for practicing for a strong finish


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