Greater NYC Area

Architecting Solutions in the Cloud

We help provide architectural solutions and IT consultations for your business using existing cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. 

Amazon Web Services Expertise

We specialize in architecting solutions for businesses using the AWS Clould Platform such as a Simple WordPress site to highly scalable and fault tolerant architectures.

Cross-Platform Automation

Our Team is specialized in automating simple tasks as well as complex and diverse workflows across different platforms such as AWS and Microsoft Platforms.

Internet Of Things

At ZagObi, we see IoT being used alot in the future. Some customized setups are the magic mirror and Alexa connected devices such as smart TV’s, light bulbs, and much more!

A few things we’ve done!

With more businesses deciding to use the cloud, we make it smooth and as simple as possible to migrate your businesses processes and workflows to t