Those thinks he's funny.

Lance has started making mistakes.

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It's obvious that you're wrong.

He got into the habit of smoking soon after he got a job in the company.

You must help me save her.


I want a piece of chocolate cake.

What is done out of love always takes place beyond good and evil.

The forensic technician found gunshot residue on the victim's hand.

He stopped a moment to kick a rock.

The book is in the room.


I'd appreciate any help you can give me.

Tandy likes skiing, too.

Go tell Dory how you feel.

I'm glad to see you're finally happy.

I get the feeling you still have an axe to grind. If you've got something to say come on out and say it.


I think I'll be able to do it.

Debbie will get it figured out.

Good technicians are in short supply in the developing countries.

Kiki changed direction.

To start with, I want to thank you all.


Can you tell me where I can find a guest house?

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Have you got used to eating Japanese food yet?

Once I had the chance to visit Paris.

I want you to hold this while I open the door.

Nils tries harder.

He grieved over his failures.

How is everyone doing today?

I don't have all the symptoms.

Something must be done about it in no time.

I am going to my room, where I can study.

Claire usually goes to school by bus.

Alexis had nothing to do with any of that.

I've got sore eyes.

Morton and Ruth clung to each other.


This racist and colonialist ideology is in no way superior to the despicable system of apartheid.

I wanted to become a doctor.

Hey, wait a minute, are you thinking what I'm thinking?


He wondered why his wife left him.

It is hard to adapt this story for children.

Tait didn't show up for his midnight shift.

Now that we're alone, let's have fun.

We're supposed to try to solve our problems by ourselves.


If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.

When was the last time you killed a mouse?

When the heater in the barn fails, milk-flavoured ice cubes this entails.

I've decided to fire Marsha.

Only 29% of boys, but 71% of girls said that they had never played a collaborative online computer game.


She is busy learning English.

Would you like me to do something about it?

Do you have doubts?


I didn't even know Audrey had left.


Who's going to believe us?

What's the craziest thing you've done lately?

I don't know whether the story is true or not.

The octopus wrapped itself around its prey.

I'd still like to know what happened here last Monday.

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Tigger is old enough to travel by himself.

You must be starving to death.

We'd better get a move on or we'll be late.

The price of eggs is going up.

Dale helped Charley with her science project.

Grammatically there is nothing wrong with this sentence, but I think it would never actually be used.

Your parents are expecting your call.

The tycoon endowed each son with a million dollars.

They know what's going on.


You must have been working too hard.

Put your masks on.

I think they really enjoyed themselves.

After a few weeks the postman was first to taste.

I invited my friend to dinner.


These horses are his.

My life is ruined.

I know Cyrus is in great shape.

They should never play foul.

Everybody's got something to hide.

I do not like the rich.

I go anywhere I want.

You did a favor for me when you said this.

Hillary might be able to do it this time.

Surely you don't believe that.

I promise that I'll read this book.

It's possible that he came here when he was young.

Changing the system is difficult, not to mention the interpersonal relationships.

Please get plenty of sleep the day before donating blood.

We should become unique, mature individuals.

Sassan never wrote me back.

His honor was corroded by greed.

It's been ten years since we last met.

What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.


I just want to go back.


I used to serve food at the soup kitchen around the corner.

Jacques wrote a sentence about death.

Do snakes bother you?


You're too young to worry about cellulite.

I'll do everything I can to help.

Perhaps you would like me to give you the key to my apartment where I keep my money, too?

I live in a hovel.

Pravin isn't listening anymore.

I am a busy person.

How much is this ring?


Each type of music means something.

Let's be magnanimous toward our rivals.

SCOTT Inc.'s stocks are blue chip stocks.


I hope we can make a deal today.


I don't understand why you believe that she's right.

John is my younger brother.

I don't like to run.

Lonhyn has some homework to do.

I will go to buy the meat for the stew.

You are so intelligent.

Martin will be proud of you.

Jeanette's expectations were too high.

Can I ask her something?

I gave Franklin a sedative.

Let's go for a walk.

2012 was the second most extreme year on record for the nation.

This is an impossible task.


The hawk caught a mouse.

How are we going to help them?

Bill runs faster than Bob.

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What did you get from me?


When I got home, I noticed that my wallet was missing.

A dream... I was trying to explain to St. Peter, and was doing it in the German tongue, because I didn't want to be too explicit.

My Internet connection isn't fast enough.


How did you make this soup?

Long, long ago an old couple lived in a village, and, as they had no children to love and care for, they gave all their affection to a little dog.

Antonella promised never to do that again.


Excuse me, I have a request.

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I shook hands with them.


You haven't changed and you never will.

Never halloo till you are out of the woods.

The girl's voice became weaker and weaker.


Randy thought it would be best if Hirofumi stayed with John.


If you think about, everyone is already a statistic.


You're in trouble now.

Let me at least buy you dinner.

The meal was disgusting.


The poor are not those who have little but rather those who need much.


My son has a black beard.

There is one big difference.

My father is a great traveler.

I don't understand how she did that. That was a miracle.

It's amazing how Robert was able to do that with just one hand.

I have a meeting with Fritz.

It's fifty kilometers to Paris.

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I'm going to live forever.

Blair saved Jon a seat.

Whether Shakespeare wrote this poem or not will probably remain a mystery.

The bronze statue was broken into pieces.

I'm fed up with Jeannie's silly antics.

You'll find it difficult to meet her requirements.

I'll say it one more time.


Do both Reiner and Jwahar live with you?

No one else knows what he's talking about.

I was astonished.

I could really get used to this.

He did what he promised to do for me.

Is there a pharmacy nearby?

Julia is the one who told us what to do.

I walk my dog along the river every morning.

Weekdays Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


The team will be ready.

I ate bhel.

I work with your friend.