Charleen hit the nail on the head when he said our team lacks enthusiasm and motivation.

The outside walls of the auditorium are terribly stained. It is, in part, due to acid rain.

Amir admitted his guilt.

My mother cut my hair too short.


It's not funny anymore.

It happened last October.

He cried, "Look out."

All you need is to get a driver's license.

Kevin got there before I did.

There must be some way of traversing the river.

He has writing talent.

We must be ready for anything.

If you are hoping in what may happen without committed action, then stop. You're just dwelling in wishful thinking.


The birds in the cage are singing merrily.

Shawn asked Sedat to be attentive during meetings.

The girl is a nurse.

What's this supposed to mean?

I bet Isaac was very happy.

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You have to go talk to them.

For her, work and family were synonymous.

I'll go on QQ immediately.

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Janice learned a lot from Ami.

We spent a great holiday in Sweden.

Sho hit rock bottom.


Did you see where Bradford went?

She is addicted to alcohol.

That doesn't sound like enough.

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I still don't know how to do this.

It's not even a little bit cheap, it's extremely expensive!

Can you imagine a blue Ferrari?

Juergen and Dan have finally decided to get married.

Everything's all right now.

I told Florian not to go out after dark.

Does the name Sabrina Jackson mean anything to you?

I did not know where to go.

Type this letter for me.

You're a right little rascal!

In special forces, torture is a taboo.

Wolfgang said something mean about me.

Neither side is without blame.


I'm going to give them a bath.


It seems safe enough.

Did he have Parkinson's disease?

What made you ask that question?

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Remorse is impotence, impotence which sins again. Repentance alone is powerful; it ends all.

You know how you get when you don't get enough sleep.

You are not a child any more.

The play is a satire on the political world.

Are you going to tell Nick what I did?

I concede the point, but not the argument.

I listened to a nine-minute Viennese waltz.

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Lucy came to see me three days ago.


The blameless man walked out of the courtroom feeling a great weight lift off his shoulders, a triumphant smile on his lips.

I'll hit Rogue if I have to.

Are you really willing to help me paint my house?

Short hair looks better on her.

Even though you came to the movie theater to see the movie, you fell asleep. That's terrible.


It depends on the size of the chair.


His book is riddled with shoddy research.

I don't know how he sleeps at night.

Gregg thought I knew Raanan.


Stay here for as long as the food supply holds out.

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She has a strong wish to work as an interpreter.

He sat there with his legs closed.

What place on Earth coulde be better than the place your people came from?

Why don't you quit what you're doing and come out for a walk?

Who would care?

In Canada we sleep in a bed, not on the floor.

I want us to tell the truth to each other.

He must be stupid not to see such a thing.

My wife talked me into buying a new car.


Two specialists are quite enough.

We expect that to happen.

How many strokes does the kanji for "michi" have?

I have several silver coins.

Our teacher is always cool.


Dalton ordered a doughnut sandwich.

Why did you let this happen?

Who spread those rumors?

I have to find Brad now.

I'm going to need a lift.


It was easy for us to find Jane.

You have not seen him.

What we did was necessary.

The most beautiful heritage my ancestors had left me is an impeccable name, respected by all.

My mom bought this shirt for me.

I gave the poor boy what little money I had with me.

I remember that I once received an autograph letter from Santa Claus, full of good counsels.

I'm off to the gym.

She is an excellent scholar, and is recognized everywhere as such.


A biodiversity sanctuary in Brazil called The Pantanal is threatened by deforestation.

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This book is both interesting and instructive.

I took one.

International rescue teams are at the ready to fly to Japan.

I will come back as soon as straight.

I've broken my arm, so I have to wear a bandage for the whole week.

We're different.

What'll I tell her?


Remember to post the letter on your way to school.

He did me a great wrong.

There was little water in the well.

It was a mistake to keep that matter secret.

I met them.


He is clever, but on the other hand he often makes careless mistakes.

Ping's room was very small.

If I cut badly, than I cut badly!

That's only a small part of the problem.

He looks innocent, but don't leave your glasses unattended in his presence.

I'm just not feeling up to it right now.

That's a huge trophy.

President Jackson left a few minutes later.

When I told her I'd never seen such a homely girl, she accused me of sexual harassment.

I've seen that movie before.

I don't need your protection.

Both leaders should be brought together to bring down the curtain on generations of feuding between the two clans.

The sail won't open fully.

Niels is going to need one.

I shouldn't wonder if they came after all.

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Why don't you tell me the way you think it happened?

Just stay focused.

Everybody seeks happiness.

"I've got mono." "Did you kiss someone?"

There appears to have been an accident.

How much do you have invested?

They are on the air now.


You should come with us.

Do you know what happened with him?

The relationship between Yoshiko and Tokio was far more intimate than the average student-teacher dynamic.


I think that Delbert is crazy.


I've heard that story before.

He has a lot of foreign stamps.

"I don't understand Christmas, " said Charlie Brown.

I'll explain what happened.

Hey, can you help me? Oh, nevermind! Looks like you are busy.

She was able to cook herself dinner, after a fashion.

This method is of wide application.

You all right?

That's what's causing your hives.

Don't underestimate my power.

Birth control is cheaper than pregnancy.

His mother was a singer.

There are dark nights in the city of Sochi.

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Men are children their whole life.

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We had hoped some students would come, but there was no one in the classroom.


The police can't question Bradford until his lawyer gets here.


Apples are scarce this year.

I want to hear it from you.

The whale is well known to be the largest mammal.

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When we got married, our parents had already passed away.


I knocked him down by $20.

They dismissed what The was saying.

Countless stars twinkled in the night sky.

He showed me round the park.

Once in a while, she is late for school.

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Everybody, just go home.

Did you want to meet with them?

Some things just don't matter.


Someone needs to tell Beckie what happened.


It was very quiet.

Jacobson just sat there, looking at his reflection in the window.

Laurence managed to finish his homework quickly.


He has a good reputation as a doctor in the town.

He was almost petrified with terror.

Don't drink to excess.