Winston closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

I have to fill in for Linda at the store.

There is not much difference between the two.

I told Hirotoshi Griff wanted to borrow his mandolin.

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This spider rarely bites humans.

The pilot controls the roll of the plane by raising one aileron or the other with a control wheel.

Revised is getting ready to go.

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I allowed Oliver to go home.

There is no telling what may happen next.

My grandmother had a stroke.

I've only been in Boston a year.

I love fish.

The mother worried about her children.

I wish I were younger.

Takao and Morton are lost.

I'm looking forward to receiving letters from you.

He thought it over, and decided not to go.

I don't want to burden you with my troubles.

Anderson is insightful.

They wanted to live in peace with the Indians.

Do you need me?

We stayed at a nice hotel.

I don't know if if I don't do it today, I can't do it tommorow.

I can't stop thinking about him.

The weather forecast say it's going to rain tomorrow.

Avery raised his gun.

I want to know why this happened.

Your father hasn't answered my letter yet.

Give him some privacy.

Do you want me to continue?

Quantum physics thus reveals a basic oneness of the universe.

But that's another story entirely.

Someone owes me money.

This medicine has no harmful side effects.

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I can't be unconcerned about your future.

It's great to see you.

We don't have that kind of money.

When he opens a magazine, he will usually read his horoscope first.

Kyung stayed with us for several days in 2013.

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Do you realize how much trouble you've caused?

The sky was completely dark.

I await your arrival.


In the modern age, humans are detached.

I was impressed with Ramneek.

I need some expert advice.

I think Pablo is unkind.

By the time that he tried 966, Dima was beginning to give up hope.

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He thought that he would write something for the newspaper.


Isn't that what really matters?

He won by a small number of popular votes.

I don't pretend to understand women.

It seemed like a good opportunity.

I owe ten dollars to her.


I saw the person I was expecting standing there.


It has been a habit of mine for many years that when I am in my home, apart from mealtimes, I hardly ever leave my desk.

Dominic doesn't seem interested in making friends.

Is this a puzzle?


I was just trying to cheer you up.


She told her children an amusing story.

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We've got to discuss business.

I would have been loved.

Have you fed the dog yet?

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What exactly should I have told Carol?


I enjoyed your company very much.

Tell them I said goodbye.

He went outside for a breath of fresh air.

The water isn't boiling yet.

The drivers began arguing about who was to blame for the accident.

I just want to know how far we're going.

I just got a text from her.

We're hopeless.

School reopens in September.

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This is the truth, I assure you!


I need a place I can study.


Trey climbed up the ladder.

We had a fabulous day on the mountain.

The entire city is overrun by zombies.


This is a stupid game.

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When's this going to stop.


I don't want to hit you, Judy.

I don't know too much about Russia.

Three days passed, four days passed. The wind blew once, it rained twice.


You can't smoke in school.

I don't want to see your faces.

I have a friend to correspond with from time to time.


I have given leave to do what he likes.

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Never again will I make that mistake.


The treaty has been signed.

Ravindran introduced me to Nicolas.

I really opened up a can of worms, didn't I?

How ever did he succeed in making it?

Why is Esperanto the ideal language for communication?

I have an aunt and uncle in Boston.

Everyone must memorize these words.


I've just been punished.

I know what Benjamin was doing.

The main street is filled with girls in kimonos.

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She'll ruin her clothing.

The girl had a large red hat on.

Have you spent a lot of time in Boston?

It's Roxane's idea of a joke.

When you get to Park Street, turn right.

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I didn't know the truth until yesterday.

Ups and downs must be expected; but even in the face of catastrophic loss and sorrow, I like to think that at bottom I can't not be all right: I read the lines as they were written.

There are many different strategies we could try.

Let's hope that Aaron can handle that by himself.

I called in sick this morning.

While reading a book, I fell asleep.

I'm going to London.

I just want to find him.

I've always wanted to say that.

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I wouldn't object if you wanted to go with her.


Gypsy has his notebook out and is ready to write.

It's nice out today, isn't it?

The boat sank with the loss of all on board.

Sumitro is independently wealthy.

He went out in the rain.

He got married in Nicaragua.

As far as I know, he has never made such a mistake.

I've been watching them.

This animal is bigger than that one.

The order is shipping on time even though it was placed at the very last second.

That's certainly nothing to worry about.

What kinds of beers do you have?

Takayuki doesn't want us to go to the police.

Kitty, you are my ditty.

You're not ready yet, are you?

A homeless man sleeping in a skip escaped injury this morning when the skip was lifted onto a truck and its contents crushed.

Rick is a bit eccentric.


Those extreme positions are not compatible.

I was watching the scene holding my breath.

I had some calls to make, too.

This gift is from me.

You are extremely competent.

What are you so afraid of?

They said he was too friendly with conservatives.

Mrs. Jones teaches computer science.

Roland called a taxi.


You should move to Boston.

He works long hours.

Mick isn't harming anybody.

I'll send her a postcard.

You owe me another thirty bucks.

Jelske couldn't see very much.

My uncle has a glass eye and a wooden leg.


I regret spending so much money.

The things he says are entirely inconsequential.

I'll never trust Markus again.

Could you please turn the radio on?

There must be someone behind this affair.

Why would you want to talk to me?

Mohammad is not a very good liar.

Put on your shoes. Let's go out for dinner.

What kind of woman do you think I am?

Do we need a universal language?

The United States and the Soviet Union have put space stations into orbit around the Earth.

He had complete mastery over the necessary mathematics formula.

Not now, then when?

Michael broke the dishes.

Darren was trapped in the cave for three days.

I wonder if Catherine can swim.

Valerie saw something floating in the pool.

He admitted that he had stolen the treasure.

I missed supper.

The teacher is counted as the best dresser in our school.

Did Carole object?

When did you get back home?

I'd like to talk with Tony.