He is a fish dealer.

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There is a house across the stream.


Butler bought a car last week.

The dog is running after the squirrel.

Don't you know that?

We went aboard the plane.

I've made an appointment.

Nobody believed us.

She likes to burn incense while practising yoga.

Lukas works for a hospital.

Jarmo has been uncooperative.


I believe you've met him.

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He learned to dive when he was five.

I agreed to meet Sjouke in front of the station.

We'll be done in a second.

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I'll visit you when you invite me.

She handed him a book.

Unfortunately, that's the reality.


Do you speak Tigrinya?

I'm going to get ready for the final exams this afternoon.

The rocket exploded on the launch pad.

We should ban advertising aimed towards children.

This will give him something to cry about.

He knows how to advise people.

One hears with one's ears.

Dr. Mae Jemison became the first African-American woman to enter space.

Heinz left the TV on all night.

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Please eat up your dinner.

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They're willing to do it.

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You bought Tollefsen a gift, right?

Is Ross still the captain of your ship?

Everything comes to those who wait.

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The school is across from our house.

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Show me something that I can wear to a banquet.

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There is nothing more I can give you except my blood.

You are coming along, but still being a pain in the ass.

I'll warn him.

Peggy dozed off to sleep.

Let me reassure you. I myself don't always understand what I've written.

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Kathleen didn't cry.

Sunday is the last day of the week.

The decision is yours.

Trying plays basketball well.

Newly weds but with a child? Yes, that's right - the son is from the father's former marriage. He's been divorced once.

That's why he got angry.

I'm exhausted.

That would do the trick.

The doctor thought the patient's pulse was rather rapid.


Who is that boy?


I have nothing particular to mention with regard to the affair.


This is getting crazy.

I'll give Sofia whatever he needs.

We are wishing from the bottoms of our hearts, that he and everyone passes the admission examination.


Tell him to call me.


What did Sergiu use the money for?

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I think it's time for me to change jobs.

There were hundreds of taxis at the airport, all touting for business.

Traitors will be deported.


He can't endure my selfishness any more.

I'm a team player.

I'd like to get to know them.

The policemen are driving the demonstrators away.

They're going to kill her.

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You're not like any other person I know.

Admitting what you say, I still think he's in the right.

Space exploration of the Solar System for the first few centuries was full of trial and error.

My toe started bleeding.

He was fired against his will.

I'll put my guitar back in the car.

I made myself clear about my feelings for him at the outset.


There are errors in this translation.

This beef is so rare that a good vet could save it.

As far as I know, he was born in Italy.

It was interesting and amusing.

I haven't seen you in years.

Grab him.

Though he is old, he is very healthy.

She is less beautiful than her mother is.

The boss put me in charge.


I was a police officer for as far back as I can remember.

I didn't know you were related to Antonella.

Go into the office. I'll follow you in a few moments.

Tell Prakash I don't want to eat at that restaurant.

Daryl was absolutely sure of himself.

Make that a shared folder.

If only I had taken your advice.


Long skirts are very much in fashion.

Craps is a game of chance played with dice.

Dan resolved to write a lengthy article to expose Linda's illegal deals.

This is useful mainly for disabled people, people with illnesses, and the elderly.

You're not studying hard enough.

The dictator seized power in a military coup.

Have you run into this kind of problem before?

She becomes drowsy after dinner.

That took longer than I expected.

Her behavior was a departure from the normal.

The concert was sold out.

Are you sure you don't want this?

Tanaka is always cheerful.

I told Vladislav not to date Mats.

This doesn't prove a thing.

I can't let Metin know.

Who do you think helped her?


There is no surface difference between them.

I'm not sure I trust you.

It's a little late for second thoughts.

I've misjudged Peggy.

Is there space for one more person?

Do you think that's what's happened to Santa?

I can't continue with this charade.


No one knows how it works.

You cannot praise a child enough for doing something well.

Please, give me a picture of yours.

I'm through.

The holiday ended all too soon.


Which do you want first, the good news or the bad news?


Please speak kindly to everyone.

Thousands of vehicles cross this bridge every day.

He wants a banana.


What will the postage be?

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We couldn't go out because of the heavy rain.

We can dispose the car.

It is truly said that time is anger's medicine.

I don't go to school by bus.

Are you interested?

There was no sign of dinner appearing before I left.

I still can't believe that you forged her signature.


I need an assistant.


I need to take your temperature.

I feel welcome here.

Mark is getting a foot massage.

Recently we have brought our office equipment up to date.

Has Suzanne told you the rest of the story?


I never laid a finger on him.

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You should write a book!

How come I'm the only one who ever mows the lawn around here?

If I want, they will kill you.

Are these patriots forgotten?

He has been to India.

Let a porter carry your baggage.

Can we have a menu, please?

Don't make the perm too strong, please.

She was graded up.

She's teaching us French.

Let's put the Christmas tree here.

Shari never regained consciousness.

What products are currently on sale?

I dealt him a blow on the ear.

What are you going to do after you leave school?

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She was miserable.

You realize it's very different?

He emptied his glass in one gulp.


Nicolas appears confused.


You're not very good at it, are you?

We all try to get together at least once a year.

He was a very simple man, but he never cheated on others.

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Show us around.

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He's a crude man.


She is just as beautiful as her mother.