Am I handsome?

Is eating fish as healthy now as it used to be?

You're as beautiful as ever.

It will be difficult for him to get up so early.

Can someone explain it to me in detail?


I'm sure that he'll come to the party.


I am looking for room with twin beds.


Experiments are carried out in a laboratory.

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Take a look at the books I bought.


You'd better look at it.

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You must talk to them.

Raif heard the front door slam.

I could use a little sympathy.

Jeffery overheard us.

Christofer took a taxi to the station.


But at that time they had revolted.

The musical instruments and parts are completely professional quality! And yet the prices are lower than anywhere!

I like cracking sunflower seeds.

The failure resulted from his idleness.

Lorenzo knew that he should study French every day if he really wanted to learn it.

I'll be right in here.

There are also high-quality Bordeaux wines which everybody can treat themselves to.

Many would jump at the chance to live in New York.

My nationality is Polish.

The store is open from nine to six.

This is a flag.

I thought he was stupid.

I got up at six-thirty this morning.

He pushed the car downhill.

Moran disappeared into his office.

Jeannie loves nature.

Jim has learned to like Japanese dishes.

People with no humour are like meadows without flowers.

What David did was wrong.


I didn't do anything with him.

How long should I take this medicine?

If the sale price is good, Kelly said he might buy two pairs of shoes.

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Robin recognized Beckie's handwriting.


Let's go somewhere tonight.

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Clarissa should have known better than to kiss Damone in public.

I am acting for my father.

Does Tanya still work here?

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With her extravagant tastes, she was incapable of making ends meet.

No one can be forced to give evidence against himself in court.

Once upon a time, there lived a poor man and a rich woman.

He's a traitor.

Robert Smith is the singer of the group The Cure.

"Can I use your dictionary?" "Of course. Here you go."

It can not be true.


Listen to me, Sergei.

I can't express myself in French very well.

Gregor stood in front of the microphone.

Why did you start studying French?

Now that we've bought new furniture for the room, why not throw away this old, worn-out furniture?


Why should I trust you now?

I would always go swimming in the sea when I was little.

Edith is a prisoner.


No one but Ben handed back the report.


The priest who speaks French will be here next week.

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Just give me an answer.


Sadly, many Japanese people died.

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Bad weather prevented me from doing the sights of Nara.

Paul talks a lot.

It was unlocked.


John, are you and Bryan brothers?

You don't want to know what happened to her.

We have something for them.


Lucy accepted to marry a rich young man called Cecil.

I still have to try.

It's too large a hazard to venture there.

Did you see what happened yesterday?

I told you that I wasn't ready.

"Let me alone," she said angrily.

Tiefenthal likes the smell of popcorn popping.

You've done good.

I want you to light the candle.

Approximately one thousand tons of flour are exported every year.

I am a slave to drink.


Why don't we let Alain do the talking.


The software company collapsed during the recession.

Where did all that self-confidence come from?

He is an indispensable member for the staff.

One year ago we were here.

What is your friend's name?


Shall I give you something to read?


How well do you know Sanford?


Douglas purchased all her clothing from a magazine because she lived too far from the shops.

What else have you lied to me about?

We should have some interests outside our job.

Cheer him up when you see him.

We can do without those.

That place is worth visiting twice.

The age of chivalry is gone.

Elric doesn't look like a professor.

Ask Cecilia, who speaks English well.

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Why don't you try to get up earlier tomorrow?

Naren doesn't have much free time.

This firm ranks second in the oil trade.

When Skip saw Susumu naked, she started laughing.

Is this the key you are looking for?

The young boy got sticky fingers when he walked into stores.

Is it true that you're Svante's sister?


The Sphinx howled with rage.

I was crying when he released her.

The penny eventually dropped!

I've been here my whole life.

Without our mistakes we are nothing.

If he doesn't accept the job, someone else will.

He kept me waiting.

That's just the problem.

Don't work yourself too hard.


Buy me a turtle, Mom, please buy me a turtle!

Thuan said that it might be true.

I've never done this.

Winter storms have increased in frequency and intensity since the 1950s, and their tracks have shifted northward over the United States.

She herself helped him because no one else would.

I am familiar with this computer.

I always have time for you.


My train leaves at six o'clock and arrives there at ten o'clock.

Where did you get these?

Let this be an example to you.

He succeeded in life.

I'm very upset.

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Natural food is not always good for our digestion.

We request this address.

Tomas didn't seem to notice that Jisheng was there.

I don't want to go there. He doesn't want to go either.

Shane picked up his stuff and put it in his briefcase.

Joe almost passed out.

We have some rose bushes in front of our house.


It's very confusing.

I'm hurrying to learn how to cook.

Ro cut his sister a piece of cake.


He despises people of a lower social class.


God never forgets even a small kindness.

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I sure wish I could do that.


Manavendra was patient.

Why did you turn down his request for a pay raise?

It only took us fifteen minutes to complete the job.

I've already eaten my lunch.

We're all unemployed.

You just have to trust me.

The princess gave her lover a sabre covered with gold.

I try to leave room for dessert.

Bryce was left alone.

My English is at intermediate level.

I did not order this car.

You didn't see anything, did you?

You said the magic word.

This looks like a close-range gunshot wound.

What did you mean in that email you just sent?

Darrell looked sad and lonely.

This is the picture I took of Emmett's house.

She wouldn't hurt a fly.

This is easy!

This can cause liver damage.

Keep your money in a safe place.

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They won't let her escape.

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I think you've done enough.

You'd be amazed how many times I've told Judith not to do that.

The boys who commit suicide every now and then are just holograms?