Micheal knows many celebrities.

I'm just saying there must be another way to do this.

Bad answers show the way to the right ones.

I don't think what you need has been invented yet.

No one's here.

He tried to use my computer without my finding out about it.

Lonhyn will get over it.

Is this appropriate?

You have many friends.

A large crowd of Americans gathered outside the White House to celebrate the death of a human being in the same manner as they would celebrate winning a football game.


News of her pregnancy took her by surprise.

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I'm allergic to dogs.

Ask me anything.

If anything's going to happen, it should happen soon.

Tobias and Dean seem to be arguing.

There was nothing in the box.

Well, I'm busy, too.

"I heard that Torsten was dying." "Dying? He's alive and well!"

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She has many friends in Hong Kong.

We spent three hours in the open air.

After drinking three bottles of beer, Jochen fell asleep.

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Terry proposed to Rahul in front of the church.

It may be true.

Vincenzo has a lot of black and white pictures of his grandparents.

It was very hard for me to find your apartment.

We have bigger problems that need to be taken care of right away.


To help you all get to know each other, we've created some games to break the ice!


He wants to make fun of me.

He seems to be in trouble.

She decorated her room with bright color.

She talks about you all the time.

Where do you plan to spend the summer?

I have a new e-mail address.

I think of the woman as a journalist.

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That's up to them, not me.

I was wondering if I could borrow your newspaper.

Mitchell rarely reads magazines.


Murray has three kids now.


It's not Christmas.

May I talk to them?

He's a cat lover.

The shop sells different products.

I actually think it is a very good idea.

On July 20, 1969 Commander Armstrong and fellow astronaut Edwin Aldrin successfully touched down on the lunar surface.

There is snow on the mountains.

You can go anyplace you like.

As soon as I speak Dutch well, I will chat with Flemish women.


Tatoeba: Don't wander by here on Friday nights, kids.

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No wonder we associate bats with dark places.

Is it true that Stagger committed suicide?

The darker the mane of a lion is, the more attractive for females it is.

You have to stay away from him.

Dave wants me to move to Boston.

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The water bottle is in the fridge.

Ping is cooperating.

Get off my back!

Let me eat in peace, please.

I need more paper for my drawings.

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Both Johnnie and Bernie were killed.

Don't worry, I'll translate that for you.

This bread is fresh from the oven.

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It was effective.

I carried on reading the book.

It is common for students to go to school without eating breakfast.

She has to take a remedial course in English.

There is a mistake in her composition.

He was the only one in the room.

That may be a concern.

A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse.

Mr. Tanaka is one of our friends.


He put the ring on Tharen's finger.

They went to Germany, France and England.

Milner bought a camera on eBay.


The only one who isn't going is you.

Our teacher seemed surprised.

Gilles is proud of his past.

The very thought is abhorrent to me.

Would you mind if I ask a question?

This is one of my favorite songs.

Please don't come in.


Can you fix my car?

He has a big future in baseball.

The company abandoned that project.


I just find it hard to believe that Socorrito really believes that.


Vincent left on time.

You shouldn't have doubted me.

The conversation at table is lively and interesting.

Wayne and Nanda walked down the stairs together.

Kathy is tactless.

Using French to speak of philosophy will make me go crazy.

How do you explain that?


The dogs help herd the cattle.

I don't need to go to college.

He suddenly appeared in front of me.

I've come to speak with you.

The mystery remains unsolved.


You bet I'm angry.

Bryce doesn't have a cellphone.

What kind of briefcase do you want me to buy for you?


Romain would like to go on the picnic, too. We should invite him.

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Don't blame me for your mistakes.

Mario examined the objects on the table.

Skip wants us to go to church.

I'll go when I'm ready.

Do you want to go grab some lunch?

I cannot possibly do it.

Kusum is Greek.

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Please read this book.

They're going to have a problem, I think.

I found it on the street.

I set the alarm to 7.

His very rough summary does not do justice to the original text and its intellectual sophistication.

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Claude thought that Srivatsan wanted him to kiss her, but he wasn't sure, so he didn't.

He protested against the new plan.

Not everybody graduates.

Ranjit put the books on a table.

A guard's been killed.


This may come in handy.

It's hard to blame him.

Tell Frederic I don't want to eat at that restaurant.

Have you already read this book?

I can't think of a single reason.

Life is like that.

Chris has an unlisted phone number.


What the heart thinks, the mouth speaks.

As anticipated, there have been some problems.

Nothing's good enough for me.


On inquiry, I learned that she was out.

He loves to eat.

He's taking a shower.

For the time being, I will wait for the result of the survey.

You never learn, do you?


She's not a doctor.


What are some of Australia's major exports?

I had not waited long before she turned up.

She was aching from head to foot.


Rainer jumped out the window.


We can't ask Sanjay to do that.

No, I don't regret anything.

The thieves made off with the jewels.

He lay down in a comfortable position.

This book comes in two volumes.


Hello, Meg, how are things?

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You are an idiot to go out in this weather.


Why don't you tell him?

Who is Jordan's girlfriend?

He was surprised at the sight of blood.

How's married life treating you?

I'm an alcoholic. I'm a drug addict. I'm homosexual. I'm a genius.

I have been to Rome.

Arrangements have already been made.

I went there the day before yesterday.

She is engaged to a rich man.

Use this!

Look, what we have to worry about is what we're going to do about Sandy.

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This book deals with facts.


Carolyn knows that what he did was a mistake.

What an idiot I was to lend her money.

Could you tell me where I can get a bus?


I'm Uri's replacement.

Today is your daughter's birthday.

Does this seem fair?