I have to do right by him.

Help yourself to the cookies, Johann.

You should keep in mind what I told you.

I'm not bossy!

The policeman must say, "It's the law."

It's a Spanish book.

The year 1905 is an important year in the history of physics. It is the year Einstein changed the face of physics with his theories of special relativity, mass-energy equivalence and the photoelectric effect.

What will life be like in 2014?

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It's possible that the airplane won't be able to fly due to the storm.

Do keep practicing!

Russian is a Slavic language.

I hope to be a journalist.

When it got dark, the party organizer said: "Time to go".

He is intent on advertising himself.

I still get paid, right?

Whose handbag is this?

We asked her to let us stay.

It's a fair cop.

I don't learn.

"It looked like you weren't having much fun." "Actually, I had a great time."

Ray was only too happy to help.


It was a terrific experience.

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Everyone is going to call me a liar.

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You can't let this situation get you down.

Chris says we can't talk to Ro.

Guido eats less than Sonny.


Seventeen men on the dead man's chest, yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!


You should perform regular maintenance on your car.


Did you go and see her?

Sanjeev immigrated to Australia when he was thirty.

Kelvin came up with a better idea.


I didn't realize you were here.


Dylan may have seen you come in.

We're depressed.

Maybe today you can give us a couple of tips about how to use the dictionaries.


Mr Mitsue dropped in on me yesterday.

I think it's going to be fun.

Gregory picked up a magazine and started flipping through its pages.

That has already happened.

Has anyone found them yet?

I wish Rolf would smile more often.

I happen to prefer champagne to ditchwater, but there is no reason to suppose that the cosmos does.

Her eyes are laughing.

The wife murderer claimed that the scratch marks on his face were the result of his cutting himself while shaving.

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Werner held up a finger.


I'd like to stay here until Fritz gets back.

Their efforts to curtail spending didn't quite succeed.

Francois didn't want to put on weight.

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You're doing just fine.

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Daniel is going to be punished for what he did.

We've got a few problems of our own.

The vampire shapeshifted into a giant bat.

Intelligent design means to keep things simple.

Carlos doesn't seem to be aware of all the problems he's causing.


You can come, but don't tell anybody else.

I knew her better than you did.

Do you know who we are?

I waited for the curtain to rise with my heart beating in excitement.

She ignored the warning.

What is permitted to Jove is not permitted to an ox.

Do you need a king?

Don't walk on my lawn!

Shirley doesn't like looking in the mirror.

Tharen has a cool job.

The exact meanining of the word is implied from the context.

He's a fantastic person.

I'll eat anything.

They seem surprised.

I'm done. What's the next step?

The professor smiled a little.

To make a tart, you need eggs, butter and sugar.

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What was that groan for?

I won't let him die.

How early do you go to bed?

Kemal knew I was coming.

This tooth has to have a filling.

Timing would be critical.

When she heard the news, she broke down crying.

There are more girls than boys in this school.

Turn left at the first light.

There's something here Kimmo should see.

Both Ken and Meg are my friends.

I need information.

There were long desks lined up, several pipe chairs, and stuck on the bulletin board were a calendar and several printouts.


Wake Lorien up.

He sat at the head of the table.

He came early, as he had been asked to do.

Do you still talk to them?

Heinz didn't disappoint me.

How long did it take you to build your house?

Albert Einstein once said: "Esperanto is the best solution to the idea of an international language".

She's within her rights.

Why don't you join us for dinner tonight?

Anthony is holding a baby in his arms.

Suzanne did that against his will.

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I'm in love with you and I want to marry you.

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He tried to overcome his scruples.

Video sites like YouTube are chock-full of clickbait titles such as "FATHER MARRIES DAUGHTER!?" or "MOST TERRIFYING GAME EVER!?".

We'd better wait.

This is not sure.

That's all Jeanne has to say.

When Jitendra got home, there was an envelope taped to his front door.

Shamim told me to meet him in front of the theater.

We have a warrant for your arrest.

I want a few empty glasses.


He approached the station.


You are always finding fault with me.


Polly now lives with his mom.


I'm sick and tired of being the one who always washes the dishes.

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The difference between you and me is that I'm actually interested in trying to do the right thing.

The airliner didn't have a cockpit voice recorder.

I had a bad night.

We're leaving in thirty minutes.

She left home ten minutes ago.

In 1543, the Polish monk Nicolaus Copernicus suggested that the Sun was at the center of the universe.

Gods may do what cattle may not.

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I've never seen such a beautiful sunset.

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I am paying the phone bill.

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Are we supposed to help them?

Julianto did exactly the same thing I did.

Nobody cares about my situation.

I was entranced.

Why don't you give me the knife?

I am sure that Bob will pass the examination.

I wanted to thank you.

This is a prerequisite for participating in the competition.

She grabbed his hand.


Oh boy, there I go again.

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I hope Huashi doesn't think I'm afraid to fight.

I know what a lucky boy I am.

When is the pep rally?

What is the price of peace?

I'm trying to decide what to do next.

That seems completely fair to me.

You're not the only one.

We rented a truck to move our furniture.

In my city there is a special bus, called BLQ, which leaves from the airport and stops near my house.

Russell bought this camera for a reasonable price.

The hotel has a homey atmosphere.


Rather than cutting down on cigarettes, sir, why don't you just give them up?

In late August, they set off on a long journey for breeding.

Anne isn't very attractive.

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Love your parents as dearly as your parents love you.

85% of foreign investors working in Kazakhstan consider it the most attractive market in the CIS.

It's a risk we're prepared to take.


They say that she quit her job.

The name of the addressee on the stamped envelope was illegible.

He's out of position.

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Were there any glasses on the table?

Floyd was elected in 2010.

I was preparing to finish my report when my boss asked me to explain all of the project's details again.


But it lets us get into the church.

Hiroyuki didn't start to write songs until he was thirty.

Sheila's the laziest of her schoolmates.

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Richard was arguing with one of the sailors about something.

I'm really mad at them.

Are you going to tell me the truth?

Shari deserves to win.

It is two miles from here to the park.


The authors state quite categorically that the female members of only a small number of species also sing.

I've been after them for a long time.

I know you're not an idiot.

But then do you really want to die here?

I love that chair.