I found a lot of viruses on my aunt's computer.


Instead, they detect sounds through their tongues and feel vibrations through sense organs in the skull.


Himawan and I are about the same weight.

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Gee, unbelievable!

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Thanks for the explanation.

Do you want to try again?

Deirdre found her.


Greece is not alone!

I am taking her out to dinner tonight.

You tried to kill me.

Have you ever been to Disneyland?

I haven't always had friends like Mosur.

Could you not do that here?

How do you account for the fact?


Lol, what?


It is my firm intention to do this.

It's hard to understand.

Tuna isn't very good at concealing the way he really feels.


I've got something on the stove.


Come and help us.

Don't laugh at my failure.

I have some homework to finish.


How bad is the need?

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His words convey nothing at all to me.

Part of why corn syrup is in everything is because massive corn monocultures have created a surplus that agriculture companies are scrambling to get rid of.

Sonny is traveling alone.

We tried to get them to come.

I've got to be very careful, Alexander.

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Sherman will not be amused.

I have a terrible headache.

You just have to trust each other.


A businessman is working out some figures with a calculator.

He appears to be wealthy, with the numerous houses he has.

I used to do that, but I don't do it anymore.

Why didn't you tell me that earlier?

Are you sure we're allowed to swim here?


Why are you nervous?

Dan was arrested for stealing a phone at the supermarket.

Can I pay online?

The motorway was closed due to a major accident.

It looks like a shopping bag.


My sister is cooking in the kitchen.


Raman wondered what Elias was thinking.

Erwin watched Micah throwing rocks into the water.

His account of the accident agrees with yours.

I'm loyal.

Look at the picture which he painted.

I think everybody already knows that.

Carolyn is a skillful carpenter.

Her statement was false.

The end of the war in Europe was now in sight.

The rain is teeming down.

I'm a mere tourist.


There are subtle differences between the two pictures.

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Indra became interested in music because his neighbor was quite a musician.

They should let you see her.

That's what I asked for.


Noam was trying to tell Jorge something important, but she wasn't listening.

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Can she come to the meeting tomorrow?

This can't possibly go wrong.

Les promised to call Mann.


What causes loneliness?

Take a picture with your phone.

We discussed gun control in social studies class.

Is there a school bus?

You look like an actress.


Why did you ask us for help if you didn't really want our help?

The fruit went bad.

Don't be a dog.

My aunt looks young.

The two competitors are dead even.

Is your watch correct?

Ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the national anthem of the Russian Federation performed by the Sretensky Monastery Choir.

I am his junior by three years.

Everybody makes mistakes, don't they?

He cried off at the last moment.

I want to buy some dark glasses.

I took the wheels off of my bicycle.

I'm going to win this.

I was getting ahead of myself.

Anita heard something outside.

Every second, the Sun converts 4 million tons of its material into heat and light through the process of nuclear fusion.

Simon doesn't like cheese very much.

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The storm prevented our plane from taking off.

We believed her.

Your dress is unsuitable for the occasion.

People dress colorfully in that culture.

I heard him screaming.


I just got to the station. I'll be waiting for you at the library.

I doubt that Lisa really did that.

She feigned an illness.


Our teacher gives out a lot of homework.

Don't worry about him.

We're in love with each other.

There is a biscuit underneath the table.

Her folks cannot help worrying about her wound.


Do you sell any guidebooks written in French?

This is a long pencil.

I really need to talk to him.

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One of my friends wants to move in with me.

The earthquake caused the fire.

Razvan just left.

Mrs. Paule is my math professor.

What happened to the dog?

This is the town where I was born.

I think country life is superior to city life in some respects.

I must go to the office.

Does she speak English, French or German?


You're on the wrong ship.

I knew you would suspect me.

All the members but me have faith in what he says.


If rain fails, neither yearly festivals, nor daily worship will be offered in this world, to the celestials


A new affair is agitating the police administration.

How far is it from New York to London?

Drinking plenty of water will help you stay hydrated.

Ian didn't expect the test to be easy.

Mason could've had a long life.

You're the one who gave us all this.

I knew you wouldn't like Sanity.

Poor sight is a handicap to an athlete.

I cannot help admiring his appetite.


Reid sensed that things might be getting dangerous.


Tricia's problems aren't over.


The actress murdered her lines.


I'd really love to meet Saify.

To tell the truth, I never did like Wendy.

I was nicely framed.

Intensive communication between teacher and student is the key to effective teaching.

Why don't you invite him over?

Marla never worried about where his next meal was going to come from.

When did you get here?

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I thank you in advance for your kind cooperation and remain at your disposal for any information if necessary.

It took us a long time to get to Boston.

He's easily controlled.


Every win fails eventually.

Graeme took the pan off the stove.

The King invited not only us but also a lot of other people.

We were proactive.

It can not be true.

Ben asked for a beer.

How many calories are there in that sandwich?

You knew him better than I did.

This pencil is not gray.

There are a lot of snakes in this forest.

But if I have committed a crime, every circumstance of the case is changed.

Go pick her up.

At what time will you be leaving?

She decided to go shopping by herself.

Do you want to hear the truth about this matter?


The teacher distributed the question papers.


Heya! Where ya goin'?

I left my pen in the dorm, i'm just nipping back to get it.

I just spent an hour talking to Marlena.

Has my software been updated?

We have everything we need now.


If it had not been for your advice, I could not have succeeded.


I don't know who to give this to.


That, however, tells you just about as much as you would know about water if you were told that it was wet.