Would you like your ears to show?

He made me go.

He made me eat it.

That is why he wasn't present at the meeting.

Dad instructed me to stay silent.

We were really scared.

Yvonne is looking at me.

Can't you see who it is?

No, I don't regret anything.

I wish I could stop thinking about Knute.

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I did the job to the best of my ability.

Chet has been gone for three months.

Who made the delivery?

Do you want to try?

My mother is the only one who sews clothes in our family.

Audrey is too proud to ask others for help.

I did it again.

I went to sleep with a handkerchief over my face.

Please, tell me.

My daughter will come of age this year.

I don't see you as a teacher.

I must be there before 7:00.

I think Joseph is discontented.

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Manufacturers of weapons should contribute to a fund, from which help organisations can extract for their activities in countries where is war.

He wanted to help her friends.

Do you think I'm abrasive?


Melinda wanted to be just like his dad.

Why are people scared of Izzy?

I've never seen anything like that.

I assumed Elias was working with you guys.

"Why didn't you sleep?" "I didn't sleep because I wasn't sleepy."


Glen and Malcolm walked around the sand dunes.


What do you want from them?


You hate them, right?

I don't want to go near her.

I figured I could trust her.

The train stopped because of the storm.

What if I told you I really want to be a teacher?


I'd like to have my picture taken, please.


Tell her I'm in a meeting.


Had he been there, he would have told you to mind your manners.

"How did you go to the park?" "By bus."

I have to put a stamp on the envelope.

Start at once, and you will catch up with him.

I know his address, but it's a secret.

He looked around uneasily.

I should tell him to try it.

We had to start for America at short notice.

Jeffie was standing outside the window, listening to Kenn and John talking.

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I saw him twice today.


The police were at Vassos's door with a search warrant.

What do you think they are?

Part has been fighting with Tobias.

We have lots of important things to do.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I don't feel that good.

Would you like that instead?

You have to audition to join the choir.

Please keep your eye on my child.

What did he really mean by that?

I wonder if dinner is ready.

Adding comments makes the code easier to read.

Kimmo told us the reason why he didn't want to go.

He is honesty itself.

This noise is driving me crazy.


We congratulated her on her engagement.

Exams are right after summer vacation.

Where there is Jeevan, there is Asha.

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Vidhyanath hated Boston.

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It is a good camera.

Give Norma everything we've got.

The Giants were well on the way to defeat.

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Why are you wearing my dress?

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A single hopper-style rail car contains an amount of metallurgical coal sufficient to smelt the steel used to manufacture three hundred automobiles.


Can I have a word with you in private?


A DNA test proved he was innocent.

I am no match for you at tennis.

He runs a shoe shop.

Philip is more handsome than you are.

He was doubtful at first but soon came to embrace my advice.


Price isn't an issue.

She bent forward.

Don't you have an interesting face?

You've got cancer.

Nathan is the right man for the job.

He's a master of provocation.

I don't want to go to work.

I'm very uncomfortable with this.

We are forty three in all.

Please, wash your hands.

Did you love her?

I can't afford to buy an expensive car.

Marvin robbed many other houses in the neighborhood.

Ethan is quite conceited, isn't he?

That sounds like a plan.

Doctor, I have memory problems.

It's nothing serious.

They've done it before.

I'm not a scientist.

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Michael shut herself up in the room, with all the windows closed.


We'll look after them.

Is this your room?

Is this diamond real?

Three children are playing in the park.

Imported cars are in strong demand.


I'd like to have Troy over for dinner.

He wrote a lot of books on China.

Dale didn't shoot to kill.


Did Vishal tell you why?

I met Ken yesterday.

It is too early to get up.

I'm really not as bad as you think I am.

What do you want to do tomorrow?

I'm going to tell you why in just a few moments.

Both Malloy and Kusum were screaming.


What on earth was all that about?

You're joking, right?

I think about that every day.


I like to cut trees with an ax.


I like this mammal.

Will Donald Trump be the next president of the United States?

Do you mind if I have a look?


He doesn't come any more, the one smoking said.

Jeany and Franklin look relieved.

We're reasonable people.

Adlai and Jill are planning to get married.

The boss considered firing Will, but decided against it.

Stu doesn't know who Ozan wants to give the bottle of wine to.

Do you think Bryce really knows what happened?

One of Einstein's ideas is that objects cause the space around them to curve. He thought that large objects, like the Sun, curve the space around them more than small objects do. Objects moving through space follow the curvature.

Just the same!

If a high hill stood between A and B, it was important to decide whether the line should climb over it, pierce it with a tunnel, or make a detour to avoid it.

Clayton sat under the tree, reading an old book from the nineteenth century.


I don't have anything except for ten books.

Sean Connery started balding at the age of 21.

Next time, I'm coming, too.

I want him to be arrested.

Don't make me stay.


Lonhyn has been dreaming.

Her success made her the target of jealousy.

It takes a wise man to discover a wise man.

You drank alcohol again? I told you not to!

Gilles wanted Gilles to spend more time with their children.

Philippe won't listen to her friend's advice.

Don't worry. We have plenty of water and food.


Teriann is on night duty tonight.


Their culture values obedience to those in positions of authority.

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I want to play football.

He usually comes here on Tuesdays.

We haven't done too badly.

I tried to stop him, but he left me behind.

Give me a chance.

I was a fool to trust her.

Allen doesn't sound happy about that.

The government imposed a new tax on cigarettes.

The traffic rules are not often obeyed.

I'm not the jealous type.

Would you just leave me alone?

The first stage is complete.

Old must be homesick.

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If he were here, he would know what to do.

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I still haven't gotten over what happened to me.


Liza is probably just jealous.


That was kind of rude.