My horse is black.

I must tell you something.

I like to walk along the river.

What's all the fuss about?

He left his wife.

Do you live in the area?

Nora had a tiff with her boyfriend.

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Will you help me get over the difficulties?


A small forest fire can easily spread and quickly become a great conflagration.

What a bummer.

Jimmy's head is bandaged.

Have them send you an application form over the Internet.

He was hurt.

Peter is buying a tom cat.

When I was a young girl, I always wanted to live underwater.

We're going to have a great time.

Nothing ever happens around here.

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I don't care whether Stephen does that or not.

We're really close and we tell each other everything.

Michael won't budge.

The club room returned to quiet. All that could be heard was the sound of pencil on sketchpad.

Don't fail to come here by the appointed time.

The baby seems to be asleep.

Get off at the next stop and take a bus headed to the airport.

That's a very good question.

We can't get along without them.

Sassan hates your guts.

Noemi was too distracted by her beauty to answer the question.

Use this as a model.

Subra says he has no idea who Martin is.

I would've never met you if I hadn't broken my leg.

Jeffrey started to pack up his stuff.

Rahul looks fine.

Get us some water.

If I knew his address, I would write to him.

Look it up in your dictionary.

At the crossroads, turn left.

You can let Takayuki go now.

I'd never do that to her.

I assume you'll be paying me in cash.


Students are impatient for the summer holidays to come.

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Cory died of a single gunshot wound.

It's already time not just to talk the talk, but to walk the walk.

We're on speaking terms.


John always breaks the ice in class.

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He refuses formula.


What should we wear?

I wish she were alive now.

Ranjit owns the building I live in.


He drives a tow truck.


I bear him no malice.

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He is a gentleman. He cannot have said such a thing.

You're useless.

The patient has been attended carefully by a nurse.

She is older than Jane by two years.

Who can prevent it?


His new car is wonderful.

My roommate is prodigal when it comes to spending money on movies; he buys them the day they're released, regardless of price.

Lord thought Norman was lying.


Can I count on you for that?

Moses has been in jail before.

He did not even have the grace to apologize.

I could barely speak.

The council held a meeting to analyse the rescheduling.


She was now out of danger.

Oh boy...

I wanted to make a good first impression.

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It turned out there was nobody who would be the first to talk about it. What do we do now?


He writes Arabic.

My cell phone is handy.

Will you wait for us at the station?

The town was destroyed during the war.

Maarten reads the New York Times.

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You shouldn't have gone to visit Nikolai alone.

They know nothing.

Winning the election was a great victory for the candidate's political party.

That's a whole different matter.

Give him rigid training.

After pouring drinks, Rafael put the bottle down in front of Santa.

We spent a night at the mountain hut.

Will you pay?

Roberto drives a black car, eh?

Martyn wrote her number on a piece of paper and handed it to Marcel.

Eileen isn't going to mind.


Even though I was tired, I went to the party.


This heater runs on oil.

We have to be there on time, so don't stand me up tomorrow!

They moved to the village, where they lived a happy life.

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What's your wish?


Reinhard wondered why Randal was so late.

He will forever live on in our memories.

Halley's Comet will come back in 2061.

I can appreciate what you've been through.

I just wanted to calm Oscar down.

That's an excellent point.

He wanted it to be a surprise.

I like summer the best.

Isidore said some really nice things about you.

He told his sons to help each other after his death.

Jin decided never to see Phill anymore.


He bought me drinks.

He nudged me to go ahead.

Everything is going to be OK.

I didn't tell you because I didn't know.

The Doctor took his usual position, opposite to Grace.

With his colored clothes, his long wig and his white gloves, one could guess he has run away from some kind of Disneyland.

There is a casanova in my jar.


You are the one who adores money.

This is a picture of my painting.

Price is one of the prettiest women in Boston.

Emma flew in from Boston that night.

Have you called the police?

Fixed prices in Japan are abnormally raised.

He is not rich. On the contrary, he is deep in debt.


Let us know if you don't understand something.

Few people know each other well.

How much is the fine for speeding?

Is that cat grey?

I'm not used to this kind of competition.


We have to make sure we get this done by 2:30.

Your stomach has been rumbling for quite a while now. Are you sure you're all right?

I'm not making this up!

It is important for English learners to remember the distinction between 'fun' and 'funny'.

This boat sails through the Strait of Gibraltar.

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Leo wanted to kiss Kent, but he didn't have the nerve to try.

Winston felt lonely and abandoned.

Skeeter is the reason I'm here today.

Jack told me that he would like to visit us in Boston.

You mean you couldn't do it.


The years go by before I know, so I don't wanna miss this chance.


I want you to be the next Soseki.


Let's get prepared for the lunch.

You promised to leave me alone.

When I got off the train, I saw a friend of mine.

Her face was clouded with anxiety.

I was hoping that you'd answer a few questions.

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We elected him president.

I feel it's a waste of time.

They were pleased at the birth of their first child.

They're not real.

It's extremely important to do sport every day.

I think I'm in love.

Vince couldn't stand the pain.

You have to raise funds for the relief work.

Extinction is part of evolution.

It's very effective.

Bryce married Case.

You're not the only one here from Boston.

Make sure the door is locked.

They jumped us.

I converted my yen into dollars.

There isn't much to say.

That was Plastic on the phone.

Is it a girl or a boy?

The Japanese archipelago is struck by a terrible heat wave.

He soon left the new job.

A majority of Japanese workers plan to take more than three consecutive days of summer vacation.

I've had a good life.

Don't overexert yourself.

Why is he not letting me through?

The world is in dire need of those who think in a more open-minded way.


Naoto was adamant.


I love chicken.

Moderation in all things.

Todd wrote stories.

Randall also plays guitar.

You'll never guess.