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How to Mine Electroneum

You’ve heard about Electroneum, the mobile cryptocurrency, and are interested in mining some. There are two main ways to mine Electroneum: through the official mobile app, and with a GPU mining rig. We’ll compare these two methods.

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How to Check the Balance of an Electroneum Seed Paper Wallet

So, you already know how to make a mnemonic seed wallet for Electroneum, and now you want to restore your paper wallet to a digital version, or perhaps check the balance? This 2-minute guide will show you all you need to know.

How to Make a Mnemonic Seed Paper Wallet for Electroneum

How to Make a Mnemonic Seed Paper Wallet for Electroneum

Creating a paper wallet is the most secure way to have long term, cold storage of your Electroneum coins. A paper wallet has all the information needed to restore a digital wallet, written down on a piece of paper, tucked away safe from having to touch the Internet. This 3-minute guide will show you how to generate a 25-word phrase, a so-called “mnemonic seed wallet”, that you can easily write down. Note: After you’re done making a wallet, see How to Restore a Mnemonic Seed Electroneum Wallet. Note: This method is different from the PDF Generator paper wallet, which does not give seed words.