God willing!

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It's in the closet.


Hamilton didn't learn from his mistakes.

It's old and clunky.

Ramadoss armed himself with a gun and a knife.

Miss, that dress is splendid, it has a sheer silhouette and is very classy.

The mountain is not valuable because it is high.

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Jean took a pistol out of his shoulder holster, checked it and put it back.


I can see myself in the mirror.


Let us know if we can be of any help.

Jay just wants to show off.

It's Kris who deserves credit.


I know it'll be difficult.


Jacobson is worried for his safety.


Why do you want me to go see Kelly?

I don't think this is such a good idea.

If it wasn't for the doctor's treatment, that patient would be dead.

Teriann tried to kill me.

It was natural that he should win the contest.

Everybody's in position.

Lowell was toying with you.


She slammed the door.

Let's try doing this together.

I can't tell yet.

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He has decided to turn over his business to his son.

Kyle didn't feel like exercising.

That just sounds stupid.

Leave me alone or I'll call the police.

All of you behave similarly.

That is such a lovely sound.

They're locked in.

Phillip made this mistake intentionally.

Melinda couldn't convince Dirk to accept his money.

Your French accent is terrible.

You should be happy.

The eye of God watches over the little ones.

I made twenty blurry shots to have one almost correct!


Sonja has two brothers. One lives in Boston and the other lives in Chicago.

You want to become citizens, don't you?

Carter does things in his own way.


It is important to emphasize that the consequences are not the same.

They were out all night dancing and drinking.

How do we open this door?


I hope I'm in time for the last train.


Smell what's in this bottle.

For a prohibition being accepted with respect, its cause should be logical and clear.

The motive for the murder is not yet known.

Michiel never wins at tic-tac-toe.

I have no plans whatsoever.

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Stephan is quite hardworking.


What kind of questions do you think Rolf will ask?


Seeing me, the baby began to cry.

I hope Wendi's not too mad at me.

You haven't been honest with me, have you?

No one is going to harm you.

There are many others.

Mr Philips, along with some friends and neighbors, is planning a celebration.

I saw the stars; they captivate the eye, and their beauty is beyond comparison.

The road climbed gradually.

I'm learning music.

It was dark, so Rodney had trouble reading the street sign.

Their ship struck a rock.

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Surgery is the best solution.


I saw a little boy running.

I feel bad for that guy.

Hal was afraid he would hurt Susumu's feelings.

That baby is really not cute at all.

Well I never!

The baby fell into the well.

His good manners predispose people to like him.

I'm sober.

I thought Kitty would be happy.

Who is playing the guitar?

Thank you for being concerned about my mental health.

Did you manage to sleep?

Don't talk to me about her.

You should've thought of that before.

Where is the garbage area?


He is engaged upon a new novel.

Vilhelm introduced Miltos to his mother.

We can't leave her alone.

Rajarshi did the same thing.

He hates getting up early in the morning.

A lot of people were waiting for him.

Could you please show me a camera that's cheaper than this one?

He's not "my son," rather, I'm "his father."

In case I am late, please go ahead of me.

Opportunities of time vouchsafed by Heaven are not equal to advantages of situation afforded by the Earth, and advantages of situation afforded by the Earth are not equal to the union arising from the accord of Men.

Mehrdad is prepared to accept the consequences.

Do you have any idea how stupid I feel right now?

She wanted to settle down with him in Arkhangelsk.

To my surprise, since Tatoeba has been back up, nobody has made any corrections to my sentences. Either my English has rapidly improved and I now produce good sentences only, which is way doubtful, or the users have simply decided to leave me alone and let me write whatever comes to my mind.

Brooke told Marguerite to wait.

They looked away from him.

Collagen is a protein that aids the joining of tissues.

There is no need to worry about funds.

Should I cut my hair?


Lar was advised, for medical reasons, to cut back on his workload.

Do you have a blog?

She almost got away with it.

Philip might not go to tonight's party.

Your soup's getting cold.

Just about everybody sat down.

Kinch disagreed with Spy about many things.

You can hear animals yammer in the meadows.

The doctor is working from morning til night.

Mark was always willing to help others.

Everybody please calm down.

Turkeer gave Clayton some good advice.

I will repeat it so you will not forget.

Nhan hasn't written to Andreas in a long time.

He's out of town.

You don't scare easy, do you?

Wolf and Srivatsan were impressed.

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The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.


I'm not sure where Lynn is from.

With his muscular constitution he passes for a judoist.

This tie has a more vibrant color and goes better with this suit.

We've got to get them presents.

Excuse me, can I have a word with you?

Would you care for another cup of coffee?

Julian was arrested last Monday.

Don't you ever make me cry again like that!

If we need any help, I'll let you know.

Korea received an inspection from the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Please write your contact address here.

My doctor told me to give up smoking.

I've been working on this for three years.

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We want to modify the regulations of our school.

I want a girlfriend.

Aren't you too young to smoke?


You can spend the night if you want to.


Dan was arrested pretty more than five times.

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Pandora looked at Tal and grinned.

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He's not adult enough to live alone.

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It's beyond me!


You have only to work away at your homework.

This offer is available for five days.

He believed Donnie would not be able to catch the train tonight.

His name isn't boy. It's John.

Woof, woof, woof!

Their trip was postponed because of the rain.

The train runs between Tokyo and Hakata.

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Can you name one of their songs?

We got here first.

That strategy hasn't worked.

She walks.

I knew that was her.

Next time, you're buying.

There's still a lot to be done.

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You're married now.


Sidney gets up at 5:30 every morning.

We're not responsible.

Actresses were considered similar to prostitutes.

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You can't cancel the meeting.


The jackal is howling.

When are you going to do that?

It makes me feel too badly about you.


He blamed his son for being careless.

Her being fired was a real slap in the face after everything she did for the company.

Japan disproved phony accusations of computer chip dumping.

What time should we be ready?

We should go swimming.