Thousands of soldiers and civilians were dying.

Have you ever eaten Turkish food before?

What happened in Boston wasn't your fault.


It rained on and off all day.


The meeting was put off because John was sick.

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I knew what they did to Audrey.

I prefer not to take medicine, because I am afraid of drug side effect.

What am I supposed to tell them?

I haven't got books.

Did Cathryn take anything?

How many neurons are there in this human brain?

We ran for seven miles.

The knife was so blunt that I could not cut the meat with it and I resorted to my pocket knife.

He didn't answer the question on purpose.

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I know you can do this.

The ring is tight.

The lawyer counseled the negotiation team on the contents of the contract.

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Your eyes are as beautiful as the arms of the Venus de Milo.

In one year there are twelve months.

I am not afraid of dying due to old age.

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How many died from the earthquake?

You'd better watch what you say.

We want to learn some Spanish songs.

Due to this a lot of time was lost, it's possible that if it wasn't for this accident the final stage of the race would have been better.

He had cut down on sweets.

I called Everett.

Why aren't you helping me at all?


He's now on the phone.


I already ate.

I must apologize to you for breaking the vase.

I don't think Rafik is at fault.

Gail is pompous and arrogant.

If you had one word to describe Turkeer, how would you describe him?

I can't stay here forever.

Natural resources are not abundant in Japan.

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Lucius asked for Dalton's permission to leave early.


What would be the point?

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You are still at risk for sexually transmitted diseases.


Everyone laughed at him.


About two million pounds of flour are exported annually.

He thinks a lot about his father.

Mr Yoshimoto taught us many trivial matters.

Hohn didn't get on the bus.

There are three suitcases near the door.

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At least Gilles was funny.


Parking is prohibited here.

Roulette is a game of chance.

The dog sniffed the sick.

You had lunch, didn't you?

What have I misspelled?

Workers are fighting for more pay.

"Marco!" "Polo!"

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Naren took out his passport.

I don't know what kind of car Christopher has.

I'm not usually this busy.

Brett was visibly disappointed.

Should we tell him?

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Not everyone can realize the dreams of his youth.

I haven't seen Caleb in 2 months.

His remark hit home.


I think you've been hanging out with Francis too much.

You'll see the store on your left.

You didn't tell me everything.

The terrorists said a nuclear device was set to go off sometime tomorrow in Boston.

Kevin always gets up at six-thirty.

Nobody ever wins a lawsuit but the lawyers.

Swimming is a sport that is practised in water.

As a matter of fact, he's going to the states.

They believe it.

What kind of music do you like listening to?

Raphael hasn't seen Rodney for months.


Where are we going anyway?

Are you a lawyer?

It's the story of a cat.


Would you like me to wipe your body?


It's rude to talk during a concert.


I'm not going skating today.

That is self-evident.

Just stay there.

Do you mind much?

The law does not accept confession under torture.

I live in Istanbul.

I thought I was going to get here before you.

William sat in the car with a policeman on either side of him.

Should I give you those books to look at?

As regards the expense involved, it is of no concern to me.

Always use distilled water in steam irons because using ordinary water will cause a mineral build-up over time that will clog the steam holes.

I've never known Juri to be wrong.

That old man caught a large fish.

Tommy asked if I wanted to go to a party and I said yes.

Susumu was dressed in lycra.


The station is two miles away.

This medicine will take care of your headache.

The team needs me.

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He won the competition.

That man was wearing a tiger mask.

They came out well.


I couldn't spot Dennis.

There isn't a single country left on the gold standard.

Suck my dick.


Isn't Noemi wonderful?

He was the first man I interviewed for the job.

I think it important to tell the truth.

It is my father's house.

I have a tortoiseshell cat. She is so affectionate!

Sid listened to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach.

Their parents were farmers.

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That's why we didn't tell you.

He's somewhat hard of hearing, so please speak louder.

Kristi has been studying hard, hasn't he?

This is Ron speaking. I'd like to speak to Ann.

Let me have a look at it, will you?

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As a hobby, I like to travel places I have never been to before both inside and outside of the country.

Mrs. Teresa's statement explained a lot about the death of her husband.

She was not in the least pleased with my present.

Her child behaves well.

Has he given up cigarettes?

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Were you able to talk to him?

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There's something important I must tell you.


Rolfe and Gary had a child and called him Gideon Junior.

We might be able to help Orville.

My friends and I are hanging out tonight. Would you like to join us?


I'll have to take my chances.

It isn't necessary for you to be multilingual.

Are you sure you weren't followed?

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Today, I met my new philosophy teacher.


Don't you guys have any self-respect?

He forgot the umbrella in the bus.

Why would I leave here?

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It won't be long.

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What's the name?


Tanya was wearing a black T-shirt and designer jeans.

The question is if my parents approve of it or not.

More and more young people are going under the knife to improve their physical appearance.

I need to be in absolute control of everything around me all the time.

His help is indispensable to us.


I had a long conversation with her.

Try to get ahead in your company.

Mr Ichiro Fukuoka, a close friend of mine, would very much like to meet you.

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The book is small.

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They have rings.


Jon seemed surprised when I told him what Sylvan had done.

Do you think it's going to rain today?

You seemed so busy just a few hours ago.

I have no clue what Lex is talking about.

I saw Laurence hide something.

They were discontented.

Silvia had a stern father who never praised her.

Will the government raise the consumption tax soon?

I refuse.

I couldn't go to your birthday party.

I'll start getting ready.

Is that a picture of Liza on your desk?

We'll talk tomorrow.

Dozens of people were injured in the terrible accident.

That was unavoidable.

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They are talking over a cup of coffee in the cafeteria.