If for some reason I don't make it, go alone.

Why worry about it?

The doctor will be back before long.

When will the new magazine come out?

You can call a cat a small tiger, and a tiger a big cat.

You needed money, didn't you?

You can tell me.

JavaScript is a programming language.

I haven't called her yet.

The grandmother gives candies to her grandchildren.


She is very fond of gossip.


I thought about all the stories my father had told me.

Some Jews are accustomed to reading the book of Esther on Purim.

Normality is boring.

We are very drunk.

If you do that, you're going to subject yourself to ridicule.

That hasn't been my experience.

That is a very good thing.


Gradually the interest rate will increase.

I don't think I've seen you here before.

I didn't know you were so good at French.


Connie isn't my father.

What's he doing out there? Invite him inside!

Who could complain about that?

Wade died for his country.

They love art.


Cats are afraid of water.


His work is a synthesis of several ideas.

There are a few books in the bag.

If you don't do that, you will be a dead man.

That's what I'm looking for.

He didn't take the bait.

You always astonish me with your unexpected arrivals.

Your login attempt was not successful. Please try again.

I will teach you how to skate next Sunday.

The people protested against the low altitude flight training.


I don't remember talking to Mikey.


I can't wait to tell Jennie about this.


Is there something wrong?


At first, I mistook him for your brother.

He beat his children.

How's the weather in Boston?


I could have sworn I saw somebody.


You will be able to buy this only there.

She has a special way of making bread.

I used to hate Boston.

I can use all the help I can get.

The attack killed several hundred people.

I asked Herman if he was cold, but he shook his head.

There's something else over there.

Your composition is the best yet.

Bobby was put in jail.

He's tall, famous, and rich.

I could really make that happen.

I'm not married to Dennis anymore.

Shai is very cunning.

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Save us.

Catherine had to be here.

Your own father doesn't trust you.

Stewart didn't say who he was planning to meet.

The chicken was delicious.

The sooner you leave, the better.

Everyone liked her because she was very kind.


I'm not sure why I did that.

Tell me what makes you so depressed.

We want to get back there as soon as we can.


Hitoshi has a lot of sex appeal.

There was little furniture in the room.

Julian doesn't seem very impressed.


You can have your secret as long as I have your heart.

There never was a good war nor a bad peace.

Mom is always right.


Shahid filled the pitcher with water.


Acid acts on metals.

Eddy works in a pasta factory.

I had no sooner reached the station than the train started.

When do I get there?

This dog minds well.


I traveled to Boston.

A mile is equal to about 1600 meters.

We're done for the night.

They must be more patient.

I'm not just going to give it to you.

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He bought new gloves.

Blaine said that I talked to much.

Did you push it?

I hoped you could hurl some lumens into the gloom.

Dana is the tallest boy in our group.

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This is a difficult math problem.


Operation Yoav was a military operation carried out by Israel in its war for independence.

Let me take you to a Japanese restaurant.

I often run into her at the supermarket.


There is a metro in Kazan.

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But I don't think the pool is open this weekend.


Monica wasn't home.

She's been under lock and key for the past 24 hours.

It's still too cold to wear shorts.


We add new examples to Tatoeba.

I'd decided to throw that away.

He who wishes for peace, prepares for war.

We'll do it just like before.

Emma has to do that right away.

There's a soccer match tomorrow.

We want a solution.


She meant no harm.

What's the main purpose of this plan?

Warren didn't kiss me.

Please come in and make yourself at home.

Everything worked out nicely.

He won't let anybody sit in his armchair.

That's my final offer.

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I didn't want to cry in front of him.


Lindsay is a certified public accountant.

The worker is carrying sand with a shovel.

Wood floats.


Am I in love?

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He was willing to work for others.

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He got hurt in the accident at work.

The dove stands for peace.

It's so hard to decide.

Her daughter is not the same since she saw a ghost.

Valentin wasted no time.


I arranged a meeting on the train station with her at five o'clock

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All you have to do to take a picture is push this button.

I'd really rather not talk about this now.

Seenu hated his mother.

The policemen shot at the car's tires.

We tried to eliminate all danger beforehand.


Bill might know a little French.


Sofia is a coward. He ran from the battle.

She isn't what you think.

We'll assist in any way we can.

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I thought I'd take Dion out for dinner.

Can't you see Daryl is here to help us?

I tried to get them to tell me.

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Alastair gave me some good advice.


You burned the paper.

Why wouldn't Bernie call me?

I'm feeling good.

We all have to die.

Kamiya is probably stuck in traffic.


France is separated from Italy by the Alps.


What do you have for breakfast?

Earnie might have left his umbrella in Old's car.

Are you still afraid of spiders?

Police officers throw tear gas at protesters outside congress.

Their central concern was to have a big car.

His health is changing for the better.

Those plans seem much alike to me.

Thanks a lot, teacher!

While Francesca was running in the park yesterday, she fell and she broke her arm. Yesterday evening her friends phoned her.

Man is a social animal.

Are you sure you want me to help you with your homework?

I like "The Appassionata", played by Arthur Rubinstein.

No one has been murdered.

Tell me who discovered air.

Greenpeace is fighting an uphill battle to save the environment.