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Next show will be in July at the Loin. Details to follow.

Working on a new Website. This one is pretty busted. Lots of cool work still. Check out my blog postings for pics and ramblings about what I'm up to. Thank you in advance. (Now is'nt that nice?)

I use pencils, spray paint, crayons, ink, gouche, glue sticks, collage, house paint, charcoal, ink pens, graphite, oil sticks, oil paint, acrylic paint, acetone transfer, letraset, zipatone and stuff i find on the street

>>>Check out the feature in apartmenttherapy.com<<<

Oh, I won a Best of the Bay MasterMind award 2006. Now I definitely know you want something.

Please back head if you are interested in a piece , or if you have any questions. Custom work is available...

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Please visit often as the site will be updated with information about upcoming shows, events and new work.


New website underway here

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