The accused proved to be guilty.

Carisa cooperated with the police.

I don't watch these sci-fi shows for the sake of a child audience. I watch them because I'm personally interested.

The orchardist grafted an apple bud onto the rootstock.

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The burglar was traced by one of the things he had left on the scene.


His family is doing fine.

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Do you see that you were going to lose anyways?


What time does the curtain fall?

Telephone me if it rains.

Roderick will have to go without us.

The students don't like school.

She'd spent half the night with her head down the toilet throwing up.


He sees your horse.

My parents and little brother, who lived in the suburbs of Tokyo, died in the big earthquake.

Rik was married back then.

Romain found it fairly easy to follow Anna without being seen.

Could you do it?

We're pretty booked up.

He did not come till noon.

Can I get either of you a drink?

I have nothing particular to mention with regard to the affair.


We are not going on vacation.

It must have been an accident.

Getting there wasn't easy.


That smell could be rotting meat.

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Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven.

You could lose everything if you're not careful.

The chain is no stronger than its weakest link.


Deb thought what Dean asked him to do was way too risky.


I can't resist the urge to eat raw meat.

Dominick has been calling me regularly every evening.

You like it, don't you?


Glenn became afraid of Jason.

I am getting off at the next station.

English was the language of freedom in South Africa.

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Nothing will be gained by getting angry.

I wish Brenda were here, too.

Were you ever gonna tell me about Merton?

You said you had information.

Don't leave any computer in the meeting room.


The capybara is the world's largest rodent.


I stretched out my arms.

Our two brothers wrought their common death.

He is quite a gentleman.

Are you trying to insult me?

That's a very bad idea.

I want another chance.

He lay on his back.

The letter will arrive tomorrow.

The Journey: Per Ardua Ad Astra, Through hardship to the stars.

Do you want me to pick you up at the airport?

Everybody just stared at them.


I wonder what we can do to help them out.


It goes without saying that health is most important.

Why are you wearing a tie today?

You probably don't like him.

I'm trying to save them.

What made him leave his home and run away late at night?

The impairment cannot bring them to lose their willingness to live.

I'll run your idea by the boss, see if he's interested.

We watched the game while holding our breath.

I saw him caught by the police.

Judge gave me something I really wanted for my birthday.

We cannot praise him too much.

They cultivated the land.

I'm sure that was Shean.


Have you met the new boss?

The true art of life consists in seeing the miraculous in the everyday.

There have been a lot of complaints about kids skateboarding in front of the school.

I was just talking about them.

In Canada they speak English and French.

I will follow you very soon.

Jarvis picked out a gift for Craig.

Can you tell me about Shakil?

Do you play soccer?

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I am of two minds about which to choose.


You could've been hurt.

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Isabelle couldn't find the words to express how he was feeling.

We will make it public.

Every time Uncle George visited our house, he always brought us a gift.


I can read without glasses.

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Not quite what I want.

Do you know why Hal went to Boston?

Tammy shouldn't eat peanuts.

Beth was the victim of a 419 fraud.

It doesn't necessarily mean that you're right.

Let Jochen come.

He often looks back on his high school days.

Listen to me, he said coldly, my father was the king of Kakongo.

Could you call them?

I have always been very passionate about poetry.

"And what color do you want, white or black?" "Black, of course."


Both Torsten and Panacea talked to me today about that.


How cold is too cold?

All of a sudden the sky became dark.

Antananarivo is the capital of Madagascar.

Do you have a pass?

Is the dog in the yard?


We toured all the major cities.


I'm not going to turn him in.

May I have some camera batteries, please?

Hank was alone in the room.

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We are coming at once.

Have you ever seen a spider spinning its web?

All during my trip I could not keep you out of my mind.

I want to let go of your hands now.

Your father is pretty tall.

Kyung said he regretted not following Mike's advice.

Of course, I can't tell her.

Wash your hands before each meal.

We are all apt to be careless at times.

I thought you two played tennis together every weekend.

I want to hear from you.


We had a drink of nice cool spring water.

Jiri can't stay here alone.

I want you to put down the magazines, the textbooks and everything else.

You don't know who I am, do you?

The number of visible stars is very great.

I came to see you.

Rainer provided evidence.

Stay together, no matter what happens.

Martyn brought Gretchen some flowers.


"Do you have some fish?" "Yes, I do."

We furnished the refugees with blankets.

There should be a celebration.

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It's a little cold today.


This should work.

What will I do in Paris?

Did you feel safe there?

The school is keeping me occupied.

I don't even know whether it's or .net or .com.


I'd have helped you.

We shouldn't have bought this car.

Sandeep is a pretty good tailor.


He's always on time for his appointments.


They came round about.


If there were no such thing as display in the world, my private opinion is, and I hope you agree with me, that we might get on a great deal better than we do, and might be infinitely more agreeable company than we are.

Eat this up.

Did you see this man?

I'm going to lock the door.

Your report is good - even remarkable.

Andrew didn't have anything to worry about.

The fire is spreading to the gas tank.

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What one man can invent another can discover.


He didn't die in vain.


If we let our reasoning power be overshadowed by our emotions, we would be barking up the wrong tree all the time.


I have a request to make.


Trying thinks Ramesh is still in Boston.

No one works there anymore.

He has unruly hair.

To my horror, the man took a gun out of his pocket.

This plant is dying for want of water.

Juliane advised Floyd to take her umbrella with her.

Can I have some more milk?

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Luke refused to back down.


I love Kabyle cooking.


Do you want to see Claude?