Travis says that he doesn't remember having made such a promise.

Germany no longer had to fight an enemy on two fronts.

They're armed with knives.

Mr. Takahashi agreed to go with you.


They spend a lot of time on the phone.

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Albert asked everyone to take their shoes off.


I'm not a bot.


Are you going to call her?

We're real excited about that.

I play football.

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Carelessness can lead to a serious accident.


I don't want this to happen again.

I'm glad to see you're doing better.

Some people followed her.


This is the house Ninja grew up in.

The picture of beauty beyond description.

I don't think I can do that just now.


I think it might be raining.

I don't think anyone noticed what you did.

We pushed ahead despite the obstacles.

They had a good hunt.

"Well?" the impatient shopkeeper asked, once Dima had ended the call. "Is everything all set now?"


Don't kid around.

We weren't able to determine her whereabouts.

If there is ever another war, we will all die.

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I almost called her.

Takeshi is always bossed around by his sisters.

Express yourself as clearly as you can.

Get out of my way.

Why do you worry so much?


He's a hero.


Could you tell me what to put here?


I was feeling sick.

Dean's main problem is he has no sense of humour.

We thought the meeting was going to be short, but it actually went on for almost three hours.

Where's your brother?

You'll see.


I ate while you were at the supermarket.

The driver stopped the bus.

Most signs are written in English.

Who has captured his heart?

We would move to a bigger house if we had more money.

I looked around and noticed that mine was the only car on the road.

The priest tried to improve the people's morals.

Is it true that Tanya lived in Boston for three years?

Wendell didn't go in right away.

My eyes are red.

You're capable.

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I'm sympathetic.


My arms are tired.


When you make the first one fall, all the others must fall right down to the last one.

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Your watch is ten minutes slow.

Most people will refuse to admit they've made a mistake.

Her boyfriend was not supportive.

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No one is amused.

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Reading this philosophy book is making me depressed.


Matti regrets not having asked Trying out when he had the chance, and now she's going out with his best friend.

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I'll be ready to go in ten minutes.


It's so expensive!

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We will divide the large area of family land equally between our children.

Did you see Pia go aboard?

O that I had never left Skyros.

It's crowded today.

I gasped with surprise at the horrible picture of the starving people.


They sang one after another.

I'll never go camping with Varda again.

I would rather go out.


Hunter plays tuba in the school band.

I can't afford to buy a used car, much less a new car.

Cindie pushed the shopping cart for his mother.

Socorrito wouldn't agree with this.

Leave while you can.

Elizabeth gathered his stuff and left.

Kimberly was especially good at that.


Let's wait and see what Hector actually does.

Joni was unable to control his emotions and burst into tears.

I forgot you went to high school with Dominick.

It was Sergiu that bought this skirt yesterday.

Did Joshua purchase it?

Our guest is waiting for us downstairs.

Daryl's youngest son wants to be a veterinarian.

Please accept our apologies for the trouble this matter has caused you.

Are you sure you're okay?


You're egotistical.

The employees also share the same idea.

Kamel dropped the ball.

I am speaking in Finnish. It's the only language Marika knows.

Do you trust my judgment?


She has fallen in love with me.


Turn the corner and you will see the stadium.


No, but I like going to baseball.

Have you already been to place ...?

Were you at the beach all summer?


Do you realise what you're asking me to do?

She did warn Noam.

Jussi certainly hasn't told Trevor yet.

Gypsy had his picture taken by Phill.

Do you think I'm being unreasonable?


Why don't you go over there and talk to Karl?

He asked for a picture.

Marcos left Naresh alone.

Now wait a minute.

She prayed for her son's return.

My hands are tight.

She tied up the package with string.

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They didn't think any of my suggestions were any good.

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Are we alone in the universe?


Why don't we go together?


The boy I helped is Tony.

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I am coming.

He had been working in the factory for three years when the accident occurred.

Above all, logic requires precise definitions.

That was magnificent.

If I'd paid attention, I would've known what to do.

It has started to rain.

The children are learning to tell the time.


He is not so much a politician as a merchant.

The quickest way through a hairpin turn is drifting.

The verdict is a tribute to their fairness.

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I hope you can avoid making all the stupid mistakes that I made.


Stacy is quite considerate.

My eyes are bloodshot.

He did not win his party's nomination.

How many onions?

Their conversation being in Chinese, I was not able to understand them at all.


Irvin has a Ph.D.


She reconciled with her friend.

To be honest, my duties here are very ill defined, or rather not defined at all, but only adumbrated.

She read his letter again and again.

It did not come off.

Kyung decided that he wanted to live in Boston.

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My brother has never climbed Fuji mountain.


We discussed the problem.

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All the films are boring.


Does Ernst have cable?

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He refused to say more about that.


Because he believes in the importance of people's own dignity, he advocates suicide.

Nobody's accusing you of a crime.

There's a pea in my right nostril.

Where do you write?

We were very hungry.

The test result isn't what I expected.

We all have changed.

Close the window before you leave.

I wish I had ridden my bicycle here.


Beverly moved to a smaller house.

Jacobson resumed walking.

We're all Canadians.

It's only four minutes from here by train.

He seems very pleasant.