The secretary is tired of typing.

I think I can find my way.

Being objective means not telling everybody whose side you are on.

Please nail the windows shut.

Then he told Jackson to get started.


Stay there a while.


I'd known Kim for years.

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Smart shopping requires careful planning.

Hein found us.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

My dog is scared of the booming of New Year's Eve's fireworks and the poor thing has been hiding under the sofa for several hours already.

Novo scared the birds away.

I always forget that I already logged in.

Shirley found them, didn't he?

Srivatsan sat on a bench reading a book.

It was very hard for me to find your flat.


Julianto doesn't know what to order.


The school bus could not run.

The Jacksons have invited us over for dinner tonight.

She gave me a snippet of information which is top secret.


Teresa couldn't stand it.

That's a big fish.

Did you say something?

I will be glad to help you.

Just apologize to him.

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Would you like some more orange juice?

He who loves danger, shall perish in it.

What? What is it? What's the matter?

GPS allows you to determine your location using satellites.

Tor put his seatbelt back on.

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The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed.

By the time he finds out, it will be too late.

Can somebody open up a window, please?


I can't ignore them.

I must contact him.

Come on, make a move!


Did you threaten her?

I thought you wanted to call your wife.

The little girl is peeing.


This is as good as it gets, kids.


The past 6 months have made me a very happy girl.


That is the highest mountain in the world.

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The mammal is dead.

Let's play by ourselves.

Novo tested the bath's temperature with his toe.


He went away to Tokyo.

You may rest assured; I have no ulterior motive in making this donation.

Eugene should be here any second.


That guy's amazing.


The prince was lost in the woods.

Horses can sense fear.

Nguyen bent down to pet his dog.


I wasn't overly tired.

If it had not been for your help, I would have lost the game.

I want to tell them.


We don't need to go any further.

Do you consider that your language is endangered?

Miek said he wouldn't mind waiting for us.

Why is that your nickname?

He parted from her with a kiss.

He is Li Ying.

Ulysses Grant was a hero.


His way of thinking is sound.

Sometimes I really hate my dogs.

Why are you running away?

The song is well known to everybody.

That story of his sounds very unlikely.

Why did I never make a movie during my numerous journeys?

Who's calling at this hour?

The child is always begging for something.

If the life and death of Socrates was the life and death of a wise man, then the life and death of Jesus is the life and death of a God.

Kent and Takeuchi are playing Monopoly.

At first, I didn't believe her.

I love living in this marvellous town.

Isn't Ninja supposed to be here by now?


Did anyone come in my absence?

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Everyone in the room checked their watches at the same time.


I started to become impatient.

He never makes a show of his learning.

I feel exhausted today.

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Grace probably wouldn't have done that if Bradford had been there.

This little grouping of chairs looks like a horse.

The period is missing at the end of the sentence.

Food and utensils are stored in kitchen cabinets.

Someone saved my life.


As long as it doesn't get cold, it's okay.

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Please do not leave your luggage unattended.

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Soon after she became a lawyer, she wouldn't even give her old friends the time of day.

I visited my friend Takeuchi yesterday.

I will leave the experiment to you.

Mind your own business.

I like to help my friends.

He worked in a big city hospital.

He had no thought of becoming a teacher.


I regret to say this.

His theory is widely accepted as valid.

I'll give him half of my share.

Ernie never goes to Boston.

The magazines were dog-eared.


In the future we may need to take another look at the way decisions such as this are actually implemented.

Please show me something with short sleeves.

I don't know if I can do that or not.


In my childhood, I believed in Santa Claus.

How do you feel about your decision?

He learns Chinese too.

Maria hid her face in her hands.

The shopping arcade was covered with lots of paper decorations.

When he saw that there was nothing more to see, he took his bike and rode home.

Stop talking and start working!

That's such a cool idea.

I have to take them home now.

Don't throw the soup away, the grandfather will eat it up!

I would like you to come with me.

There is no hurry about returning the book to me.

If you want a lawyer and can't afford one, one will be appointed to you.

That didn't bother Francisco at all.

Justin pulled the arrow out of Jun's leg.

Dave couldn't resist touching it.

I saw that tonight.

The British Empire and the French Republic, linked together in their cause and in their need, will defend to the death their native soil, aiding each other like good comrades to the utmost of their strength.

Apprenticeship is a system where you eat, sleep and live with your master and are taught various martial arts know-how and secrets.

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I'm fully recovered.

He took the newspaper away from George.

Lunch is ready.

We quarrel a lot, but we always manage to patch things up.

It is forty years since I began studying Japanese.


Who can speak both Chinese and Japanese?

he resumed his work after medical leave

Let's go somewhere tonight.

The telephone was silent.

Christmas is soon, right?


Liber usually only eats two meals a day.


He ran faster than his brother did.

Generally speaking, the climate of Japan is mild.

How do we stop them?

My uncle lives in Madrid, the capital of Spain.

They don't have enough money to buy everything they need.

"What can I do?" "Chop those carrots. And try not to cut off your fingers."

Memories came flooding back when Stephe found some photos from his childhood in an old box in the attic.


I'm the insane one.

I think we are really doing well.

Promise me you will stay with Aunt Jeannie.


The town was deluged with tourists in summer.


Our company is going to be left behind too if we don't create an environment in which we can get instant Internet access.


I still have things stored in Darci's garage.

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I feel very cold.

The cat sleeps next to the couch.

Sorry that I forgot. I'm completely out of it today.

Bryce will eat onions if they've been cooked, but he doesn't eat raw onions.

You should go now.


Hume wrote something on the back of the letter.

Sandip brushed the dirt off his jeans.

Dan suffered a severe head injury.

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Huey has been lying through his teeth, hasn't he?


He has no interest in art whatsoever.

It's been pretty bad around here since it happened.

Maurice has complete faith in his boss.