Don't tell her I told you.


Dan will never die.


Does she have any merit?

Sentient beings include humans and animals.

I have something personal to tell you after the dinner.

She was tricked into doing it.

I think I've found the answer.


You are very insensitive.

Where did I put the hammer?

Lewis's hands are dirty.

The heavy snow stopped the train from running on time.

Am I going to have a false tooth or a crown?

Do you have any other ideas?

We met a writer.

I want you to know you have nothing to worry about.

She came round to watching TV.

How long will this take?

I'm going to get myself something to eat.

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This old house is haunted.

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I took to drinking when I was eighteen.

Thierry played an old Irish song on his new French horn.

I'm not sure if I'll go to Boston.

The bomb has been placed and armed.

This is the heaviest snowfall in thirty years in Tokyo.

Does this path lead to the train station?

Aren't you tired of doing that?


White tigers are not albinos. If they were, they would have no stripes whatsoever.

You'll get into trouble.

The mafia let him in on their plans to knock off a rival gangster.

What's the colour of the door of her house?

The bus speeds down the long and winding road.


"How can I lose?" answered Satan. "All the umpires are down here in Hell."

I accused him of having stolen the bike.

No gratuity accepted.


I've already made the deal.

You look younger than Fred.

When are you planning to do that?

It looked as if we were on the eve of a revolution.

There's a little pond in the garden.

Unlock it.

It is no longer customary.

A small, but vocal minority, disrupted the meeting.

Are you ready for tonight?

Francisco is pushing thirty.

I bought a poster at the Arab World Institute in Paris and I had it framed.

I wasn't very efficient.

Do you want to figure out your purpose in life? Live your passion!

We're supposed to stay under the radar.

Yes, that's our manager.

You live near here, don't you?

We received an immediate answer to our letter.

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He who behaves like a worm can't complain of getting stepped on.

I like to think so.

Nobody wanted to buy land in my country.

He doesn't want me to go, but I mean to.

He's not afraid of anyone.

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The chair is made of wood.

Did you really bring everything we'll need for the trip?

I made a mistake while looking.

They say she's dead.

We ate all the candies we found in her room.

I feel so stupid.

Don't hold back on my account.

Make an offer.

Jean-Christophe is a very thoughtful person.


My client wants to plead guilty.

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Your story is boring.

Kuldip picked up the knife and saw blood on it.

I just want to have a good time.

Hang your clothes out to dry!

Carisa thinks Stewart is interested in John.

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Tal couldn't control his son.

I don't understand how you can say that.

I'll go with you.

Do you prefer Belgian or German beer?

I won't put up with this any longer.

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What's all that supposed to mean?

Did he undertake the mission?

I say what I think.


Who ordered you to do this?

Jussi's daughter pretended not to know him when he came to pick her up from school in his battered old car.

Reiner always gets up at six-thirty.


Did you do your tasks?


Do you know what Joe wants?

I can finally tell the Jackson twins apart.

I have plenty of time to do that.


Do you want to live in Mumbai?

Everyone stayed standing.

Keith spilled some wine on his shirt.


I don't want you anywhere near my daughter.

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Didn't you used to be a teacher?

I don't want to hurt him.

The dampness of the weather is bad for my health.


Adrian likes teasing Mah.

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Leila speaks Japanese fluently.

I knew it would make you happy.

Why do you act so strangely?


Jochen has been roughed up.

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He has turned 180 degrees around.

My ex-boyfriend is obsessed with me.

You're always so sure about yourself.

I'm sorry for what I have done.

Let's get this done, so we can go home.

We treat all visitors alike.

Let him know where I am.

The great swans swam round the new-comer, and stroked his neck with their beaks, as a welcome.

Don't tell me you care.

I came earlier than him.

The Pacific is very wide.

"You are the person," said the King, "and you have passed sentence on yourself; and even so it shall be done to you."

There was a moment of confusion.

Six divided by two equals three.

What do you think Mann told Ilya?

Christofer bumped his head on the roof of the car.

They brawled.

If I want to go, I'll let you know.

I know I should've helped Benjamin, but I didn't have the time.

Marsha thought it was OK.

He knows how to draw animals.

I have to prepare my presentation.

Dan was known to have high-powered weapons.

They are almost human.

It's time for a coffee break.

Miss Kanda can swim well.

Gilles likes sports.


I've done everything you've asked.

I was at home then.

I lost track of the time.

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Kerri wore fake glasses.


There were almost no cars in the parking lot.

You're still wearing the ring Bradley gave you.

Tell Sehyo to give Kristi this.

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The sickness has weakened your organism.


Optimists capsize easily.

You should come soon.

I'm having problems with e-mail right now.

My parents are going to love you.

I've got this under control.

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What can I get rid of?

Avocados are the fruit of the avocado tree.

They don't go to school at the weekend.


Do you think it's impossible to finish this by five o'clock?


He has big feet.

Choose a song and transcribe the lyrics.

His fairy tales made Hans Christian Andersen, the most famous Dane in the world, an icon of world literature.


Some of the dogs are alive.

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Aren't you glad you're rich?

I couldn't help overhearing.

It helps.

Why don't you try to get up earlier tomorrow?

Do you want Hartmann to stay?

Why can't we do both.

Po got his first car when he was eighteen.


Make sure you have reserved a room at the hotel.


Wait just a minute, please.

What's Jingbai doing in his room?

Annie was liked by everybody.

I used to interpret dreams.

Every dumbass with a camera thinks he is a photographer.

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Your short hair suits you.


Walking along the street, I found a wallet.