Do you go to school?

It'll make sense later.

Why should I pay you to put my car in my garage?

I'm sorry, I have to respond to the messages.


We certainly wouldn't want that to happen, would we?

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There is one possibility.

Time comes.

Where's the train station?

I feel very angry.

I've never seen them cry.


By whom was the window broken?

This is certainly a glorious day.

I was surprised to see you yesterday.

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My food is cheap.


I can't go through with this.

Matthew and Ken argued all afternoon.

Vincent is shirtless.

It's contagious.

She tried to conceal her grief at the party.

Pat was out till midnight last night.

Do you believe you can mock me and get away with it?

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Mankind will succeed in making peaceful use of atomic energy.

I need Sumitro's address.

"That's impossible!" said Reason. "That's insane!" noted Experience. "That's pointless!" cut Pride. "Take a try..." whispered Dream. "Fuck it all" replied Laziness.

I like funny guys.

Leo kicked Hsuan repeatedly.

Now it's personal.

Hector's uncommonly brash and outspoken today. He's usually deathly quiet.

Barbara will follow my advice.

Darci was unsure what Moe would be like and he wondered whether she would get along with his friends.

This hen does not lay eggs at all these days.

He cannot swim.

Shyam swung the bat and hit a home run.

Are we doing anything wrong?

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Daren will probably be convicted and executed.

Why are you hiding from me?

Dorothy often stays out late.

Four hundred million people speak English as their first language.

Subra is quite professional.

This story will do for a novel.

New York is called the Big Apple.


It never occurred to him that she would get angry.

I'll mention it to Connie.

I cannot understand what you say.

Bobbie and Seth had really good seats at the concert last night.

When I heard it, I was dumbfounded.

Christofer agreed to go to Boston with Sal.

Someone threatened to kill that politician.

Blayne was trapped for ten days by a terrible blizzard.

The balloon deflated quickly.

My neighbor called the fire department.

Do you want to trade jobs?

I'll run your idea by the boss, see if he's interested.

I don't understand a word of what Alex is saying.

Prices have been rising steadily.

Who holds the purse, rules the house.

I was quite hungry

If looks could kill, I'd be dead by now.

Pontus will help Alejandro.

Are you saying Ima is a thief?

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It's pretty warm today.

I thought you were going to call in sick.

I'll call the police.

Let's get it done.

He is a man of strong will.

Something is wrong with my watch.

Pat knew why Neal didn't want him at her party.


Do you want me to carry that for you?

This room doesn't get much sunshine.

I don't think we're welcome here.

What the dickens?

How old were you when you got married?

I've got him in my office.

The game will be played rain or shine.


Do you know who sings that song?


The document clearly spells out the correct procedure for dealing with complaints.

I'm not sure I want Sam working for us.

I hope you're not too uncomfortable.

Do you still love Conrad?

Why don't you write Charlene?


Pontus likes jazz.

He has a faculty for making friends.

He is average height, is white, has brown hair and brown eyes.


Indra started giggling.

You need a plan.

I don't know how to help Tanaka.

Joy was mingled with sorrow.

He hasn't called.


I love hanging out with you.

Tahsin should be home soon.

Shahid saw Stephe walking towards her car.

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I like such a passionate picture as Gogh painted.


We bargained that we should go on a five-day week.

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The steam has fogged my glasses.

Tatoeba is currently unavailable. We are sorry for the inconvenience. You can check our blog or Twitter for more information.

"He probably wants to eat some shaved ice," he said.

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I wish I'd bought a different color shirt.


Her face was wet with tears.

I told her the bank was closed.

Nothing is as beloved as what one does in vain.


Some people can't do this.

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I want no other happiness but to live and die beside you.

Space is waiting for Rafael out front.

We have less than two hours until the deadline.

Tell me everything that you can think about it.

It's gone out of style.

That better change quickly.

He goes to university.


Let there be an end to wars and weaponry.


You're making this too easy.

When are you going to leave for London?

The main reason to vote out IMHO is not immigration or the economy, although these are important, but the dangerous lack of democracy in the EU set-up. It's designed to give the illusion of being democratic, with elections and an elected parliament, but in actual fact it's not really democratic at all.

I got undressed.

Milner isn't happy about it.

He wiggled his toes.

It was very cold last night, so we didn't go outside, but stayed indoors.

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We see what we expect to see.


There are very rare animals in Australia.


None of them had any formal science training.

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I couldn't even see one meter in front of me!

Merat was burned at the stake.

His house is full of convenience.

Mom and Dad gave me a bicycle.

That was a really good call.

I am annoyed by your egotism.

Mwa can do it better than me.

Vick is a professional photographer.

This isn't my bag.

May I move to the other side now?

Would you please stop that?

Miriamne is going to be home any minute now.

I wake up 6:00 o'clock, but I get up 7:00 o'clock.


Are you telling me the truth?


This is a challenge.

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Text me when you get back home.

The disagreement with him and with his strategy are at the heart of the matter.

Is Bradford feeling better today?

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Can I give you a bit of advice?


Iceland has one of the smallest Muslim communities in the world.


It's nice of him to bring such gifts.

This tree is too young to bear fruit.

I didn't cry.

Generally speaking, Morris is right.

I want to go to bed early tonight.

Behave like a man.

Do you have tuna fish?

My parents threw me out of the house when I was 16.

There are many apples in the box. Some are red and others are yellow.

Let's try doing this together.

He hasn't paid Ahmet yet.

She has a tattoo of a lizard on her thigh.

Children are happy, and animals, and women, but we humans are not.


Marguerite and I went to a party last night.


Gregge was here for three hours.

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The laborer was layed off for 3 weeks.


What's Pilar doing in Clark's office?

Sofoklis stopped playing the piano as soon as we walked into the room.

Kemal has no self-esteem.

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We were supposed to go together.


Carlos made a wisecrack.