The trap is made of strong chains.

Is he in favor of the plan?


I told you not to talk to them.

A stupid boy called me.

Graeme is almost as tall as I am.

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Pantelis couldn't tell the difference.

In Japan there are a lot of beautiful cities. Kyoto and Nara, for example.

Beth sounds upset.

He robbed me of my bag.

He speaks Chinese.


I love all Native Americans from the Arctic region to Tierra del Fuego.

I'll be looking forward to it.

We have an epidemic.

He declared that they had been friends for 30 years.

I remember when we used to never eat vegetables that we didn't grow ourselves.

So this seemed pretty important to me.

I want you to die.

I'm not like that.

I'm the last sane man in the world.

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He comes back from Sydney today.

Vassos had no choice except to accept the consequences.

I was disappointed by the news.

We're safe now.

How much of winning an election is down to looks?

Are you texting Herb?

They have a king-sized bed.

Did that really happen to him?

I could not afford to buy a bicycle, much less a car.

Belief in God is not inherently evil.

He has a habit of looking down on coloured people.

I can make it look real.

She has ten children.


I can't do this now.

Avery kept the window closed.

It's unbelievable.

Jaime is somewhat pessimistic.

He's just crying wolf again.


I don't see them much.


Please tell me where to put this.

I retire in four years time.

Dorian takes trumpet lessons every Monday.

Pascal walked into the living room, still buttoning his shirt.

He is not the man he was before he married.

I bet you're hungry.

He thinks that gays are funny people.

I'm sorry for your not having come with us.

I wanted you to know.

He hesitated to take part in the reunion.

As he didn't know what to say, he remained silent.


Do you like fruit salad?

I'm really glad you called me.

Jarvis got her pregnant.

Giovanni bought Chuck's Bar and Grill, but he didn't rename it.

"Am I a coward or a tactician?" "Tactician." "Tactician, surely."

I'd like some input.

If she'd just come!

You should be worried, too.

Yes, I thought so.

They looked at us, as much as to say, "Poor creature."

Many housewives complain about high prices.

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Are you telling the truth?

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I'm not going to lose.

Everything I accomplished came from hard work. All bad things that happen to me are due to bad luck. All things you accomplish come from good luck. All bad things that happen to you are due to your lack of work ethic.

That's our problem.

I thought I knew him, but I didn't.

Why don't you stay a while?

Kristi remembered to grab his eyeglass case, but he forgot to check that his eyeglasses were inside.

I have no more desire to eat sweets.

Has Dwayne changed his mind?

I understand how angry Ronni must feel.

It's not crowded at all today. This is the least crowded time of all.

Do you like tortellini?

They are as quick as a leopard.

He is not such a fool but he can understand it.

He had no luck in finding work.

Tell him we're on our way.

"Did you watch TV last week?" "No, I didn't."

Sumitro went over the problem very carefully.


Let's take a rest in the garden instead of indoors.

Thomas was named after his father.

Which train will you arrive on?

I was starting to think Harold would sleep all day.

The sushi at this shop tastes good.


It looks like cherry blossom-viewing season is at an end. You can see the petals fluttering down.


This doesn't seem normal to me.

Lea often plays baseball with other boys in his neighborhood.

I think we should go to Boston next summer.

May I be of help in any way?

The team is ready for the match.

What are some good French movies?

I'm not sure whether Teri can speak French or not.

We usually eat before seven.

How are we going to do it?


The job would be difficult.


Get him out of there.

Let's check Marian's background.

Pratapwant missed Harmon.


Just as the female ant after coition loses her wings, which then become superfluous, nay, dangerous for breeding purposes, so for the most part does a woman lose her beauty after giving birth to one or two children; and probably for the same reasons.

Alan is perfectly capable of taking care of himself.

He ditched the car in an alley and took off running.


Do you find her attractive?

You're intelligent.

Sandra ended up not coming.

Every rare thing is expensive, besides a cheap horse is rare, therefore a cheap horse is expensive.

I have nowhere to stay.

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Jamie might be able to be here by 2:30.


Yes, one day, I would like to.

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I'll do anything.

I think it's time for me to consult a lawyer.

When Arlene was a kid, the only book in the house was a Bible.

His latest works are on display at the city hall. They are fabulous beyond description.

A traffic accident took place this morning.

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Don't let people make you crazy about money, hair and clothes.

Do you really want me to start?

How do you say "I love you" in French?


Were you crying?

I had my wallet stolen on my way to the office.

The Queen has gone to a lot of trouble for the Duchess.

I usually work from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., but today I worked until 10:00 p.m.

It's been a long time since I've written anything.

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Some people think that hang gliding is a dangerous sport.

I think that the romantic myth is one of the most pernicious of our times.

Are people born intelligent or stupid, or is intelligence the result of how you live?

Who's coming to dinner?

It took us a long time to agree on where to pitch the tent.

Yuri Gagarin flew only one space mission.

That's all I'm thinking about.


We have no more rice.


When we are no longer children we are already dead.

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He knows all manner of animals.

We didn't have much fun.

Kevyn still doesn't know where he's going to go next summer.

At the foot of the palm tree there grows a palm seedling.

Manuel is very active.

He believed the Earth round.

He exaggerated his experience.

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Would you like to go out and get something to drink?

The baby's growth is normal for his age.

Other than you, I don't have any friends.

I'm a new student.

Today's a bit warmer than usual.


The end of the task is not yet in mind.

Klaudia and Rafik are more or less the same weight.

Hirofumi awoke in a hospital room.

What do you mean when you say ruched?

Can you please let me know the most suitable person in INF Co., Ltd?

I'm sorry, but you're not allowed to enter.

How does Andy fit into this?

The question is not what education is for so much as how you go about it.

Did something happen today?

He was brought up to be a doctor.

I can lend you one if you want.

I was appointed chairperson.

I wish I had had the chance to learn French in high school.

You will see a red house over there.

You used to look up to your father.


The store where we used to buy those started charging outrageous prices, so we had to find another store.

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The book is expensive.

You're lucky I took you away from there.

I lost my only chance to appear on television.

No one understands how I feel.

I've been to Boston countless times.

Clyde shed tears.

Did you really just say that?

All the members of our club, excluding me, are men.

Have you already eaten supper?

She shrugged her shoulders.

You need not go there.

Playing the violin requires much practice.

She gave me a big hug.