No, I don't sing.

We must take this matter into account as a whole.


Does Saul already know about this?


He understood your feelings and thoughts even without words.

You'll pay for what you did to me.

Farouk played Reveille on his bugle every morning.

I'm unable to do that.

If you want to pick on somebody, pick on me.

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Character is what makes the difference.

I kid you not.

It was not until five years later that I heard of his marriage.

What really happened?

He has a good position in the bank.

There were some burned-out structures along the road.

This dress shrank, and what's more it faded.

I predicted this would happen.

Yesterday I hung out with Tony.

He couldn't believe her story.

I've managed to persuade Josh to donate some money.


I am this kid's companion.


Health coexists with temperance.

You won't survive.

I'm supposed to track someone down.

Where can I catch the bus to the Tokyo station?

Shai told Franklin that she shouldn't include her phone number in her profile.


Marcel complained that he couldn't find a job.

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I planned a party for him.

How did you find my house?

What time do you take a bath in the evening?

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It's the truth.

I wish I'd brought an umbrella with me.

I thought I'd get in some target practice.

She has very long hair.

I found him riding a bicycle in the park.


There were some people sitting about on the grass.

Despite the importance of sleep, its purpose is a mystery.

Can we afford to take the chance?

Would you ever consider dating your best friend's ex-boyfriend?

You're back, are you?


Unfortunately, I never got the chance to meet her.

Those are old wives' tales.

He's the real racist for bringing it up.


I'll come with her.

I know you can try harder.

Cathryn let Todd know the truth.


Thank you very much for coming to see me.

I will remain.

The dry season there will set in soon.

The getaway car was late model white sedan.

He's a man who doesn't speak with anybody.


All my heart, all my soul belong to you.

Although each person follows a different path, our destinations are the same.

He is deaf, but knows how to read lips.

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She is older and wiser now.

He who gives to another bestows on himself.

Isn't one of you enough?


He has strong bones and teeth.

Jeffery certainly fooled Jeannie.

The evaluation could take months.


Randolph's drink is stronger than yours or mine.

She removed her shirt.

I've slept well all night.

These are the facts. Think hard about them!

He was sitting there for two hours.

I have climbed Mt. Fuji before.

How many official languages does Switzerland have?


It was her wish to go to Paris.

Dawson will make an announcement at 2:30.

She went to live with her grandmother.

Hello, are you well?

The temperature fell.

Brenda had no objection.

Diane gave them a general idea of what he wanted.

I was barefoot.

They love that song.

Go out of the room at once.

Pilot had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow.

The pain became excruciating.

Sally called on Mr Taylor.

Why are we sitting here?

Jeff and Mia are making a last ditch effort to avoid a divorce.


Jess doesn't really expect to win, does he?

I can't say anything.

The XYZ Almanacs from 1950 to 1970 were studied to discover the trend.

Gill ran up the hill.

When the full moon, gleaming silver, rises over the horizon, it seems significantly larger than when it has progressed farther on its nightly path, standing high in the heavens. Amazingly, this is an optical illusion.


Will you and Dominick join us?

Even the tail of the parrot makes others envious.

I'm interested in that house you've got for rent on Park Street.

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Why don't your students read that well?

Don't act like you don't know what's wrong.

Would you excuse me for a second?

May I have a talk with you?

Rather than working for a low salary, it is better for us to be unemployed.

When the traffic light is yellow, we stop.

Should I fail, what would my parents say?


He was successful in several areas.

The doctor is not available now.

Elliot Jackson was re-elected mayor in 2013.

The real purpose of the law was enshrouded in layers of obscure terminology.

Lois always butts into our conversation.

If I'd taken that plane, I wouldn't be alive now.

We'll see what happens.

I've never taught anyone anything.

Dan didn't even negotiate the price.

Your meaning is beyond me.

Really you should not have come without permisson.


I stopped one.

He appealed to the judge for mercy.

We'll see what we can do.

He returned to his land a different man.

I know a guy who says he doesn't like ice cream.

Jackye didn't ask me to help.

They planted these trees.

She didn't want her daughter to be pregnant at the age of sixteen.

How do you want me to do that?


Botafogo has won the Brazilian League Trophy.

No one else came to the meeting.

I wonder what's going to happen to us.

Eventually, Edgar will likely agree to help us.

The future is far more practical than I imagined.

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You've read the report, haven't you?


Love is a quarrel which begins between a woman and a man and never finishes.

Japan is a rich country.

What's it made of?

I like that one better.

Margot and Sekar were talking quietly in the kitchen a few minutes ago.

I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Why should I help them?


Kenya used to be a British colony.

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He was late to the appointment due to a traffic accident.

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Don't pick your nose!

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Oleg went into a corner and cried.

How long have you been learning French?

Suddenly, something unexpected happened.

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Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth.

He will be named for President.

My happiness depends on you.


It was me who was supposed to do this.

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Why are girls so complicated?

Ram said the crowd was huge.

Mexicans don't like it when people write "Mejico" instead of "Mexico"

We must think over the issues carefully.

Heinrich and Len started dancing as soon as the band started playing.

Why do you think Gilles wasn't able to pass his driving test?

I doubt whether it is true or not.


Your bereavement saddens me.

We had to obey the foreign law.

Mechael's sentences are clear and easy to translate.


Don't you ever cheat on me, you foxy!

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Weekdays Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


She has to change clothes before tonight's party.

I shall endeavor to enliven morality with wit, and to temper wit with morality.

It'll happen.

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Miracles do exist, but we just don't notice them in the flow of events.

All of us were silent.

You smell nice.

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Will you phone me later, please?


Luke and Lin hung out together.

I can't wait to go back to Boston.

Do you have any smaller sizes?