I'll let you tell him.

You'll rue the day you wronged me.

Blaine didn't want to admit that he was the one who broke the window.

My brother goes fishing every weekend.


Loren told Tanaka to wait for him in front of the station.


This image is not safe for work.

I have to be in Boston by Monday.

We look to him for help.

The cat is not dead.

The plan is immature.

You have to be polite.

I hate being here.

When we see everything that God puts up with on earth, we get the impression that he is still experimenting.

We can't leave them behind.


Many things have changed in the last five years.

Did you like my picture?

As the three men entered the alley, a bird resembling a crow flew from the top a large beech tree as if he had been frightened.


The boy skipped over the fence.

What do you want next?

The drive to the lake was very exciting.


The bar is fairly busy this evening.

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You know everybody.

The party went to China by sea.

Check your hat.

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The Germans are starting to have doubts about Europe.

I want to come.

Susan manages to tell her mother that it is time to say goodbye.

How many books did you read?

I don't see anything. Do you?

They asked his older brother to help them do their homework.

They were able to identify him by his wrist watch.

Why does Malus do that?

Are you willing to help him?

They broke off their engagement.

I'll make it up to Kyu.

Sanitary conditions in the refugee camps were terrible.

It's doing my head in.

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This is called shorthand.


What did Erik say?

Emily didn't kidnap Tharen.

It's a nice thought.

There are many who admire him.

He grumbled because they didn't pay him enough.

Lenora hired a private detective.

Management practices at Japanese corporations are often very different from those at foreign companies.

Well, what does that tell you?

The escaped prisoner is still at large.

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Phil should curtsey.

Harvey said that she would always love Julia.

Are you practical?


Chris always seems so friendly.

It was very cold last night, so we didn't go outside, but stayed indoors.

Those who are idle will fail.

People are weird.

She doesn't want to go to school anymore.

He couldn't come because he was ill.

Luc was almost caught while he was stealing money from the cash register.

I know tons of jokes.

Subra was spot on.

He did have fun.

There are plenty of idiots in the world.

I've had a show.

You need not write more than 400 words.


My father used to go to work by bus.

What are you and Ronni doing tomorrow?

He is capable of doing such a thing.

It was a bummer.

The game resulted in a draw.


You can easily identify Raj because he is very tall.


We didn't know anything.

I thought you were working.

By most calculations we have used more natural resources since 1955 than in all of human history to that time.


The problem is in the motor.

It's a complicated question to answer.

I cooked dinner.

You have nothing I want.

It didn't work.

I stayed so he wouldn't feel lonely.

Maureen had his picture taken with Mt. Fuji in the background.

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Tommy knows he doesn't have much choice.


The queen reigns, but does not rule in England.

We can't attend.

I think we should let Dannie do what he wants.


Do you think Daren is handsome?

Stop it already!

Father showed him into the study.


Christofer looks tired. Please take him home.

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That's certainly possible.

They have to work by night.

What exactly are you planning to do?


I'm little worried about them.

There is a great deal of traffic on this road.

I'm really rich, I assure you that.

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We enjoyed having you as our guest.

He is one of Spain's most famous authors.

I am Korean.


Gregg got here early.

What a kitsch programme it is!

Close your eyes, and count to ten.

I took a walk in the mountains.

What would we do instead?


Dan fixed a quick meal for Linda.

What a memory you have.

We aren't all in the same place.

And why, pray tell, did you think I would agree to that?

Can I have a few minutes alone?


He says that he will come tomorrow.

They attributed his bad manners to lack of training in childhood.

I had a great time last weekend.

I'll get along on my own. Just go and enjoy your adventure!

Why don't we invite Nhan to dinner?

My right hand is Uighur, and my left is Han.

I don't know which key to use.


You lying bastard!

It is raining cats and dogs.

Tarmi has published many papers on the subject.

I don't think they would've done anything.

Everyone wants to be loved.


The King took the lovely maiden upon his horse and carried her to his palace, where the wedding was held with great pomp.

I shouldn't have asked you.

The liver is no longer functioning.

You don't want to keep him waiting.

We were partly right.

Beef, please.

Are you saying you don't want Randolph to come to your party?

I wanted to be a teacher.

I'll never forget what you've done for me.

Little Vasilissa grieved greatly for her mother, and her sorrow was so deep that when the dark night came, she lay in her bed and wept and did not sleep.

Good day, how may I help you?

Bud has overstayed his visa.

I think we're close to a solution.


Hello and bye! I'm Nonong.

There he fell asleep, and while he slept, his wooden feet began to burn. Slowly, very slowly, they blackened and turned to ashes.

Spencer is on the third floor.

I might need some convincing.

More challenges may lie ahead.

Who can put a bell on the cat?

To my surprise, since Tatoeba has been back up, nobody has made any corrections to my sentences. Either my English has rapidly improved and I now produce good sentences only, which is way doubtful, or the users have simply decided to leave me alone and let me write whatever comes to my mind.


Seen from the sky, the bridge appears more beautiful.

I told Trying why we had to help Granville.

She plays poker with them.

Mechael is strong enough to lift that.

Man is different from animals in that he has the faculty of speech.


Can you tell us about him?


I saw him but once.

I want to meet them.

Can you get it repaired?

What is the name of this bird?

I still don't remember why.

The sight of him is hateful to me.

The pretty girl walked up and asked the clerk at the fabric counter.

I won't run away like a coward.

Since I am the mother of the child, he should live with me.

The recoil reduces the weapon's accuracy.

A lot of my classmates think that I'm dumb.

I've learned so much from you.

Switzerland is a very beautiful country that is worth a visit.

If not a lie, close to a boast.

Sort of defeats its own purpose.

Go ahead and take one.

I've never done this in my life.

These towels are different colors.

This computer is excellent, but it cost me a fortune.

You should quit smoking.

Thanks to you, I have problems with my blood pressure.

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Call her immediately.

What did you give her?

Elwood wasn't happy with Michelle's answer.