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People fear war. Unfortunately not all of them. Some promote it. Not only the high-ups.

He moved aside to let it pass.

This is a huge deal.

Sheila refused to pay his bill.

Leave it to the pros.

After three hours, Ellen and I ran out of things to talk about.

Why don't we ask Irvin to stay for a while?

When is happy hour?

I want to give Josh a party.

Dan forgot himself and told the truth.

You probably don't like me.

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I'll take over your duties.

I will have been studying English for six years by the end of next month.

What more can you show me?

This book has now been translated into French.

As usual, I don't need to say anything to you. You always immediately understand what I mean.

There's nothing worse than the revenge of a spurned woman.

Kent wasn't able to provide an alibi so the police arrested him.


As more paper money came into use, the value fell.

I want to lodge a formal complaint.

Excuse me, could someone tell me where the bathroom is?


I'll just have one or two beers.

Nothing much has changed.

I think I'm not assertive enough.

How long can you hold your breath?

No one suspected.


The time has come.

You need Bus Number Five.

Amy was looking at me.

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Where do you want me to go? To a desert island?


Can we do this another time?

Walt doesn't know if Celia is coming or not.

Shaw has been made a supervisor.

My army is getting ready!

That's how we did it.


If you only drink this juice for a few days, you'll get better.

She runs.

If you hurry you'll be in time for the train.

Does he watch television every day?

The 10th year of Showa is 1935 in the Western calendar.

I'd want to be sure that I was ready to pay the price.

Del asked Jiri some questions that she couldn't answer.


I'm sure Sho will think of something.


I'm roughly the same age as you.

The crops were damaged by the flood.

An individual has rights and responsibilities.

Our insurance policy covers various kinds of damages.

Can you get it done before the end of the week?


The air was full of flying bullets.

I hardly even know you.

The lecture was as boring as watching paint dry.

What language is spoken in France?

Kylo scanned the paperwork.

God above helped us.

I want to take part to the next triathlon.

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He is driven.

Do you think it's normal to come home every evening at 9 o'clock?

I don't know if they were nervous or not.

Primely skilled in the art of social manipulation and a rat at heart, he always convinced others to do his dirty underhanded work.

I discovered too late that I left out the most important part of my speech.

Finally, it was over.

A week from yesterday is when I last saw her.

You made your point.

Neil ate too many jelly donuts.


Anthony is really cute, isn't she?


The letter showed what he really felt.

It's making a great stir.

Masanobu can't help but be suspicious.

How is the error observed?

Roger doesn't want to take part in the ceremony.

Mickey slit Carolyn's throat.

I think that's a lot of malarkey.

Sedat said Laurence threatened him with a knife.

"Have you done your homework?" "I don't have any homework."


Please help conserve water.


The journalist rented an apartment that is very expensive.

Do something useful.

Roberta would tell me if there were a problem, wouldn't he?

Wes wanted to get his tattoo removed.

She could no longer provide for her kids.

Heather arrived home soaking wet.

I can die happy now.

This town is so small that you can easily learn everyone's names.

Spy pulled into a gas station.


They asked for our advice.


It's pretty bumpy.

I wondered why Hohn was absent from school.

He is a diligent boy in his class.

You do not wash.

I was hoping you might have seen how it happened.

Tell her about it.

I am often compared to my older brother.

Hsi was having a bad day.

Don't let opportunities pass by.

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The poor girl was barely eighteen.

After a while, he came.

I'd like to see you tomorrow.

There are no pyramids in Europe.

Where's Kelvin going to live now?


There's a use of body language.

He is muddling you up.

I usually read on the verandah.

Del says he intended to go shopping.

Is this your first examination?

She got an A.

I regret your departure.

Everyone stayed calm.

I don't want to.

His salary is double what it was seven years ago.

He is a lieutenant.

I have Russian friends.

Judith doesn't think he'll be able come tomorrow.


You were being threatened.

Stay here. I'll go get it.

Will feeding my dog garlic cause any problems?

Whatcha readin'?

We looked for the boy and his bicycle that had disappeared.

May I sit next to you?

I thought you were somebody else.

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The coach told the players not to eat too much before the game.

What nationality is Niels?

Why should I interfere?

"I respect you and consider it a great honour to shake your hand!" he continued solemnly.

How can I translate words that don't exist in any language besides my own?

The tiger, having had its wounds treated, was returned by the villagers to the animal sanctuary without incident.

The wall is covered with graffiti.


Her ideas sound crazy.

He used every chance to practice English.

You talked to Pablo yesterday, didn't you?

You're temperamental.

This is a good exercise to help you lose weight.

Practice is as important as theory, but we are apt to value the latter and despise the former.

Amy's face got red with embarrassment.


I think Pam has serious problems at home.

Brandy is a little defensive.

We walked out of the movie.

Spyros can talk his way out of anything.

How do we get rid of her?

I know you blame me for Chris's death.

I asked her to make four copies of the letter.


Artificial leather can't compare with the real thing.

I stay with you.

Roberto called to tell me he'd be late.

I signed the wrong paper.

I drove around the corner to park.


Buckminster Fuller is famous for the geodesic dome.

The ship is called "Lost Ship."

The peaches cost twelve francs a kilo.

Our employer will not give way to our demands for higher wages.

Though Newton did not excel in school, he did earn the opportunity to attend Trinity College Cambridge where he wanted to study law.


Chris is about the same height as you.

I love you anyway!

A lot of people hate you already.

I have a picture of an airport.

It's not up for discussion.

Paula would never talk about it.

I agree this is bad.

He takes a bath each morning.

I'm through with them.

We don't need Glen anymore.

What can you do for me?

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She has a mysterious side.

I'll definitely vote for Cindie.

I don't enjoy eating ice cream during the winter.

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Just push down as hard as you can.

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I think Spyros needs something.

Did you play football in college?

This is the dog that Ken owns.


Wayne folded the napkins carefully.