Nowadays many people travel by car.

You haven't given me anything yet.

Albert speaks French better than any of the other students in his class.


I don't know her at all.

I'll leave this place trying not to knock anything down.

Ninja is the man Gregory met the other day.

Father is away from home.

she's gonna be okay

It's a nice idea.

Johnnie walked back out the door.

A growing number of people are walking in front of traffic and being run over while texting.

How tall he is!


Compared to Tokyo, London is small.

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Why did you want to talk to Sharan?

He disregarded my advice.

Blayne didn't call the cops.

She is too weak.

Your submission is great! Congratulations!

Do you have any idea who that was?

The rescuers pulled out the young girl from the avalanche.


Your timing was excellent.

This is only for your personal use.

I don't get much mail.

Loyd hasn't had a fight with anybody lately.

I needed that.

I ended up at Gunter's place after walking around all day.

He often goes to Japan on business.

This shop has more candy than that shop.

The European Games 2015 took place in Baku.

Ssi said he knew where Betsy lived.

I've got to go to the hospital.


I will be playing a tennis match on Saturday with my boyfriend Cyril.

Srivatsan is ashamed to ask for help.

Can I have a moment with them?


Let's forget that.

Don't ever give up.

I wonder who Leif talked to.

He ruled his kingdom fairly.

I was supposed to go to school yesterday, but I thought it was a holiday, so I didn't.

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There's somebody out there.

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Why do you care what other people think?

Police officers wear blue uniforms.

Nothing is foolproof to a talented fool.

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That's the way the cookie crumbles.

Dreams always come out differently.

Tyler got here on time.


Do you have what you need?


There were lots of people at the concert.

I hate birthday parties.

The story takes place in Lisbon.

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Rafik doesn't know how to play poker.


Orville kicked the can.

Ron and Becky hit it off big time from the get-go.

He buys us newspapers.

Is now an appropriate time?

I'm sick of this game.

I am curious about Japanese culture.

They will arrive at the train station in seven hours.

It's a small burg.

I could have helped.

We'll do our best, thank you.

She aspires to becoming a great actress.


All hell is breaking loose!

Eileen can't run as fast as Roman.

Nora went up to her room and didn't come down, even for supper.


There's a map on the wall.

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Do you have a violin?

I refuse to let you marry that man!

He went out without a hat.


Lloyd towel-dried his hair.

I claimed damages against him.

We made our demands.

We must look into the matter at once.

My children are twins.

Are you on a diet?

Because she takes after her younger sister, I cannot tell one from the other.

The public is the best judge.

That's very optimistic of you.

Arnold isn't too old to do it.

Put a tag on the pages you want copied.

May I accompany you to the airport?

Today was a tough day.

Courtney smiled demurely.

I'd like a hotel reservation.

What's the point of the point?

Everybody wants him.

In addition to English, she speaks French fluently.

Stanley said he could give Bonnie some money.

I'm nothing more than a politician.

They made him work.


Leon lost weight very quickly.

Alvin is still the best.

You stay out of this.

Your problem and mine are similar.

Irfan is enrolled in a magnet school.

This diamond costs a fortune.

They're having a really good time.


You little bugger!

I'm comfortable in English.

This morning, I left for school without washing my face.

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When does the restaurant open?


Picasso painted this picture in 1950.

He is a good writer but he will never transcend the borders of his imagination.

Don't tell me he actually believes that nonsense.

I hate black humor.

Mother was busy getting ready for dinner.

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I was always told to study when I was a child.


It truly was such a simple saying.

Suzan says you're lying about what time you arrived.

Just try to do your best.

Kamel's neck's broken.

How tall is your wife?

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The cat is reading a book.


Does it snow much here in winter?

I'll go with them.

Is the cat on or under the chair?


She lives a long way away.

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You have to decide.

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If our advice had been acted upon, you would not have got into trouble.


Judy tried to profit from the tragedy by creating a false Facebook page to collect donations.


What can I do without my friends?

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I'm becoming a real man.

I'm not going to complain anymore.

Remember to take good care of yourself!

Do you have something you'd like to tell me?

Hold out your left hand.


She advised him not to believe everything the teacher says.

I really need to talk to Suwandi.

What's this green stuff?

If you have something to say, just say it.

You are asked to produce your permit to get in this center.


I saw nobody around.

Let me handle that problem.

Welcome to the other side.


Could you drop me off at the library?

Have you used it yet?

Nobody likes being laughed at.

There's a full moon tonight.

I saw Ramanan and Hazel just this morning.


We have no chance.

There is a casanova in my jar.

Where did you find it?

Patty could hear Maurice talking in the next room.

The countryside is beautiful.

I was marching around the school.

Is Marcel big?


Did you forget to talk to Nichael this morning?

I advertised my house in the newspaper.

What is the name of that bird?


I think that my head is not empty.

I used to see Moses at least once a week.

Pamela began to speak.


Let me speak to Rex.

He's wearing long johns.

I don't want to eat with them.

The members of the student associations on campus are elected by the students.

She's a precocious one eh?

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Wade went outside.


That changes everything.