We can't afford all these books.

Urs sent you here, didn't he?


Knut is financially dependent on his wife.

It has to be one of us.

Do you know how much sugar Matt bought?


Jianyun ate a quick lunch then went back to work.

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Beverly will make a good nurse.

Try not to repeat yourself.

He recalled that a collision had been avoided by sheer luck.

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Can't you talk to Pradeep for me?

They looked away from her.

Good morning.

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Nancy has the information you need.

You should relax a bit.

We had lunch together.

That's all she wrote.

Suddenly, things were very quiet.

Why didn't you just pay them?

Panos's injuries aren't very serious.


Maria was about a hundred years old.


What fools men are in their salad days.

Can I have some tea?

When I was a boy, I thought that I wanted to be a doctor.

The ribbon doesn't match the dress.

That young actor is a James Dean.

I've asked Cliff to lend me his car, but he won't.

A goatherd drove his goats, all white with snow, into a deserted cave for shelter.


He could do it.

Sho is photogenic, isn't he?

Mormons hate coffee and tea.

The spaceship is out of orbit around the moon.

We're almost out of fuel.

She cried as she read the letter.

I don't know anything about racing.

Why don't you follow your diet?

I want you to do nothing.

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You might not like what you find.


Am I going to see you again?


The rule reads in two ways.

Can you hold this for a second?

I can do this all night.

He got his shirt mended by his wife.

How many people did we leave behind?

Anthony works as a sailing instructor.

Did you open all the boxes?

You're confused.

We had been dating for a year.


One day you'll thank me.

Bill's wife is pregnant with twins.

Angela held Konstantinos's hand and gave her tissues to wipe her tears.

Donn heard a whistle.

Who does Cliff like?

Do the dancing maidens sleep, or are they dead? The scent of the flower says that they are corpses. The evening bell tolls their knell.

I felt cheated.

I can't talk to him right now.

Jeffrey is called Jeff by his friends.

Agatha didn't eat much.

This is a bed.

Nelken lives on a houseboat.

They must have had an accident.

I bought this book at Maruzen Bookstore.

The whole family frowned on the match.


Let's go say hi to them.

I'm much heavier than you.

Because of rain, we couldn't go to the beach.


Dick cried a lot.

There are trees on either side of the river.

I only hear you complain! Perhaps you can't do anything else?

I will always be with you.

The patient fainted at the sight of blood.

They don't know how to use an asterisk.

This is going to be a great trip.


I don't feel like anything.


The heat really gets me.

What is the difference between Iaido and Kendo?

All of a sudden, a dog began barking.

I'm sure you guys did OK without me.

Ayako's skin is sensitive to chemicals.


You don't seem too sure.

It was too bad that we had to take the subway home after the concert, because the underground rattling and roaring destroyed almost all of our musical impressions.

I know you're angry.

How do you sleep at night after all you've done?

What is a cancer cell like?

It wasn't cheaper than any of the other stores.

The machine is used in this way.

I have not been around much.

Please listen to reason.

You've never been in love, have you?

Kate found the watch which she had lost.

Are you interested in learning English?

I cannot understand this passage from the Bible for the life of me.


I don't have any pain.

Just tell us what it is.

Say some sensible words. If no one is nearby to hear them, say them to yourself.

Sedat pulled out her knitting needles and began to knit.

Everyone was surprised to see Raj.

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You don't entirely trust us, do you?


I prefer going out to staying at home.

I want to study German.

Kitty led the discussion.

The sergeant ordered the private to do push ups.

It sounds like you're busy.


It looks like we're being ignored.

I will speak to her alone.

Let's just keep this between ourselves, shall we?

Are there any other problems that need taking care of?

Myron wants to move back to Boston.

Friendship is the salt of life.

Vincenzo wasn't paying attention to the teacher.

Not everyone was that impressed.

Actually, he is not the driver.

We're really late.

We'll help you look for him.


Manners and customs vary greatly from country to country.

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You shot yourself in the foot!


She is more famous than you.

Gregge told us.

What more do I need?


"I'm sorry. I can't do that anymore." "Can't do what anymore?"

I am hungry because I did not have breakfast.

The Doctor took his usual position, opposite to Grace.

Beverly and I were roommates in college.

This white coat will look very nice on you.

The soldier enjoys game and danger, and that is why he enjoys women who are the most dangerous of playthings.

I really didn't want to play tennis with Leung.


The use of antibiotics is ineffective in the treatment of a virus.

My mom usually has toast and a glass of milk for breakfast.

Your arm's broken.


How much money did you spend on your car?

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Skef needs to buy himself some time.

If I don't fail, then I can get my driving license this year.

Daniel couldn't have done it.

They walked along the road three abreast.

In this place where empire and exploration meet, for every mystery we reveal, far more must remain unspoken.


We have enough money.

I eat cucumber.

Let's go and get him.

I've gained three kilos.

This smell might come from the oven!

This is new.

Schopenhauer was a ferocious pessimist.

She became deaf from the explosion.

We're very attracted to the country life.

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Meeks says he actually enjoys dancing.

He retired from the army 20 years ago.

Kaj sat at his desk, deep in thought.

I brush my teeth after eating.

Are you being bitten by mosquitoes?


He mentioned her name for the first time.

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Why did he call me?

He's already been in the toilet for quite a while.

If it weren't for the climate, I'd like it here very much.

I caught a glimpse of the other car right before he hit me.

Ian paid little attention to that detail.


I want a beer.

Manavendra wrung the towel dry.

Is she pregnant or just fat?

Your support is appreciated.

Louise is going to have a baby next month.


You must know him pretty well.


It's moving fast.

What reason could Andrea possibly have to lie to you?

It's all just a misunderstanding.

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He eats lunch at a cafeteria.