I am a lover of liberty. I will not and I cannot serve a party.

You must have made quite an impression on her.

Tell him that I want to see the telegram that he sent.

Frank has gained weight.


Do you have a motto?

Around the corner comes a paunch. The owner is right behind.

I thought you were with him.

Our rates are now lower!

I didn't get anything for her.

I just have a few questions.

You'll be great.

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I told you to stay away from Gunnar.

We went to see our neighbours.

The U.S. gun homicide rate is 15 times higher than other populous, high income countries.

May's clothes were lying around the room.

He stared her in the face.


I've already had something to eat.


It would be illogical.

Should I be taking notes?

This website is not a trustworthy source for research.

As long as I know the money is safe, I will not worry about it.

We like all vegetables except cabbage.

It's a disgrace to our company.

"What's Grandma doing?" "She's sleeping on the couch."

Do you really want to work with us?

I thought you'd ask that.

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My ears feel stuffy.

I ran away.

Yes, Bob helped me.

I thought you might not want to help us.

Except for Skeeter, everyone in the family can speak French.

The doctor performed a difficult operation.

That isn't how it happened.

I want to know why you threatened Bjorne.

Just say what you want to say.


I couldn't sleep well last night.


She took the punishment with a smile.

A computer is a wonderful thing.

I'll take these with me.


Vickie was lucky to find her keys.

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There isn't anybody else.

When I woke up, I found I had been tied up.

I haven't actually said no yet.

Blake seems to be serious.

I hope to see you.

I'd like a little more time.

It will be my pleasure!


Usually, they did not stay long.

He is not so foolish but he can understand this.

Stacey led the group of men into his office.

How can you build a ship in a bottle?

The building provides space for start-ups who are active in the fields of biotechnology, biomedicine, medical technology, engineering sciences, informatics, telematics and software engineering.

I ran to my mother.

Chuck was ruthless.

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Give me some time to think.

These are special circumstances.

I may know her.

She is not such a girl as you imagine.

Customers came one after another.

The rain didn't stop them from doing their job.

When left alone, he cried to his heart's content.

You can sleep here if you want. I don't mind.

Huge areas of swirling gases can be found in Jupiter's atmosphere. The largest swirling area of gas is called the Great Red Spot. Scientists believe this is a large hurricane-like storm which has lasted for hundreds of years.


We will check to see if what you have said is really the truth.

Even though he didn't sleep, Mr. Blay gave a great speech.

He was the first to carry out the experiment.


He is noted as a soccer player.

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I am finally quits with the man.


She ordered a cup of tea.

The event starts at midnight.

He was raised in the States, but his mother tongue is Japanese.


As soon as she heard the bell ring, she answered the telephone.

Smiling sadly, she began to talk.

Sidney expected this to happen.


Stan had his ear pressed to the door, trying to hear what was going on in the next room.

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I think I need a drink.


I have to see them now.

This sidewalk is a lot narrower than the one across the road.

He waited for me until I arrived.

Don't hurt the dog.

They're good enough.

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What a poor flower!

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May God give us a good evening!

I'm glad someone told me what to do.

English is as fine a means of communication as any in the world.


She stood on the beach with her hair waving in the wind.


Griff was drinking from a water bottle.

Why don't you do that?

They built bigger and better ships.

Who are the responsible people?

What do you think caused this?

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Some Japanese may continue to sleep with both parents even during elementary school days.

Would you like to go for a bike ride?

I checked Janet thoroughly.

Who told you that you could sit here?

I watched television after having my meal.


I have at last learned the Gettysburg Address by heart.

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Stop swearing, please.

I could not help admiring his courage.

When are you coming back? That all depends on the weather.

I had to wait for a ride.

I'm not as creative as Marc is.

He still writes to me from time to time.

There are beautiful flowers in the garden.

The jury is still out.

We'll see how it goes.

Sympathy is for chumps.

We're tired and thirsty.


What did I say yesterday?

Indeed, it's true.

Would you mind wrapping it up as a gift?

He will have been writing a letter.

Why do you think animals dread fire?


She despises Amos.

Ukraine is a big country.

Where do you go on Monday evenings?


How does Marsh fit into this?

Both legs are weak.

Lindsay disapproved of my trip to Boston.

We count on you.

He looked as if he had been ill.

I know you've got more important things to do.

Teriann often swears when he's angry.


That song hunted me for years.

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Why don't you look it up in the phone book?

I'm not the kind of girl you kiss on the first date.

Is it possible to get there on foot?

I wanted to show him to you.

I'm sorry, I don't speak Hungarian.

Peter sleeps in a comfortable bed.

How is it made?

I visited American friends in Oakland.

Do you know where he could have hidden his money?

The mischievous little boy loved his dad very much.

There's a crown here.

Do you remember what she was like?

I speak Arabic.

But goddammit where did I put those rechargeable batteries?

I just hope I can help.


This restaurant is so large that they are always busy waiting on guests.


All Valentin wanted was to find a woman who would accept all the love he could give.

That's for them.

Graham emptied the waste basket.

She's obviously prettier than me.

Peace-keeping troops moved in to restore calm after the battle.

You can be sure that the money you give them will be put to good use.

Next week, my nephews and nieces will come to spend a few days at home.

I miss my boyfriend so much!

I thought maybe you were right.

A sensible person is one who uses good sense.

I have one child.


I've travelled through the whole of Russia.

Who tried to kill Sally?

That doesn't concern you.


Milk is made into butter.

I still need a ride to work.

Alexander is a very good teacher.

You were late, weren't you?

It was stupid of you to believe in him.

Do you want to see a trick?

That's the way it goes.


We can help them now.

Can we believe in that?

Did you talk about me?