She decided to resign from her job.

I'm sick of hospitals.

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I'd like to forget the whole thing ever happened.

The writers are in that house.

I quickly adapted myself to my new school.

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Maintaining a competitive edge is important, if you want to survive in the tough business world.

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I know how dangerous it can be to be with her.


I thought you were finished.

Stanislaw and Tai were shocked when they saw Oliver come back with his first tattoo.

Danielle translated the book from French into English.

Don't remind me.

We were all surprised when Avery won the race.

Rick was carrying a duffel bag.

He wrote a book about the American Civil War.

When I was in Spain, I listened to this kind of music. It was very fast and its fans smoked pot in order to dance to it.

My dog eats grapes.

I think I already wrote to you.

The house seemed about to collapse at any moment.


All the students shouted with joy.

Have emails replaced letters in today's world?

I could swim well even when I was a child.

I want to spend more time alone with you.

I saw you smile.

Arnold has been right all along.

Due to my lumbago, I won't be able to attend Koizumi's party.

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I am sure of his passing the exam.

Alejandro arrived in Boston on Monday.

Nicolas has been trying to get Jenine to marry him ever since he graduated from high school.


He is a good man for the job.

Roxie doesn't know how to tie a tie.

The children played ball.

I saw a bottle of black hair dye in the medicine cabinet.

Joel is in the clubhouse.

Did you do what I asked?

You shouldn't do drugs.

She's very hard to please.

I can't talk to her.


Before we begin, I'd just like to point out to everyone that we have to be very careful not to break anything.

I never learned how to use a microwave oven.

I've never been good at French.

We keep our most interesting thoughts and the most interesting side of ourselves hidden away.

This is a pen.

He is an indispensable member for the staff.

If you had told me the truth, I would not be angry now.

He concentrated on that.

Vladislav is still looking out the window waiting for Betsy.


A monkey is climbing up a tall tree.

Cristi was in trouble.

I cared about him.


She was heard to cry for help.

I'll tell him you're here.

I've seen how badly Jeany dances.

Niue is a country.

Daniel used to eat out every day, but he can't afford to anymore.

She didn't kiss me.

It is the calm before the storm.

His grey and lifeless eyes burned like two hot coals.

Have you ever shaken hands with the President?

It's very strange and weird.

She worked through the night.

He cannot swim.

He is accused of murder.

I know this doesn't make much sense.

The situation has evolved into a more complex problem.

Hamisi doesn't want sugar.

I want those reports on my desk within the hour.

Clay seemed to be more interested in seeing Roberta's family photos than anyone else.

I can pilot a helicopter.

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There's a lot of competition in business.


I'm proud to be an Italian.

Wet clothes clung to her body.

Leung went to the circus with Ro.

Somebody set the fire.

It can not be true.

Lori stared into Micah's eyes.

Stop in anytime.


You'll never be alone with schizophrenia.


Pilar asked the same question to many people.

I'd better think this over.

Could you please get the jar of peanut butter from the top shelf for me?

My office is just across the hall.

When he got to the station, the train had already left.


Jean-Pierre was two weeks past her due date, so the doctor induced labour.


I see you made a good impression.

She must have been a pretty girl when she was young.

We needn't have hurried.

Just outside the City of Catchfools, there is a blessed field called the Field of Wonders.

That much I guarantee.

How to motivate yourself to do something? In no way, stay in the ass.

Ethan's house doesn't have a garage.

We met earlier.

My parents are not home.

Why don't you just tell Kelly the truth?

How did you and Vidhyanath become friends?

Me too!

I am not satisfied with this!

Whenever you come, you are always welcome.

I'm going to help you out.

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A nonagon, sometimes called an enneagon, is a polygon with nine sides.

Julianto drank a lot at the party and ended up making a fool of himself.

The bread is fresh.


I am really worried about a friend.


How far are we going?

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Why aren't you with him?

It's not that far from here.

Little girls like playing with dolls.

We're trying to determine what happened.

Jason didn't know why Kyle hated him.


What's your favorite ice cream flavor?


When they heard the story, they burst into laughter.

It's a quote from the book.

He was borne away by an impulse.

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I have to get my computer repaired.

The surface of the Dead Sea is about 400 meters below sea level, earth's lowest elevation on land.

The eastern sky was getting light.


I promised Gregg I'd help him.

It was just a bad dream.

Hohn is hammered.

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I need help solving this problem.

I frequently talk to her.

"What do you want for Christmas?" "I don't know."

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Jorge trained his dog to bark at strangers.

I noticed her, too.

Excuse me, who is this woman?

The ring I gave her had a tiny stone in it.

We have many purchases to make.


Human beings are emotional creatures, so to speak.

Step away from the car and put your hands on your head.

The boy made a fool of himself.

Reid swims better than Florian does.

How many have you killed?

Could you change these for me, please?

May I take a bath?

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I'm learning French on my own.

Thank you for adding these new languages to Tatoeba!

What've I ever done to you?


I want you to think about that.

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She has coffee-colored shoes.

Few, if any, will criticize him.

We'll take it.


We went to the movies last night.


You have no life.

I don't regret it at all.

At the noise, a window opened and a lovely maiden looked out.

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There, now you've done it.


That was without doubt a magical moment.

I was surprised at her inability to do things promptly.

I think Eva shares too much personal information online.

Vincenzo is rather conservative, isn't he?

Our boss is hard to please.

Dale is going home.

You can just leave if you want to.


I want five meatballs.

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Please make yourself at home.


Make sure you get a good night's sleep.


I'm Amir Hunter.


Tracy doesn't think he's smart enough to get into Harvard.

If your wife cheated on you, thank God she only cheated on you and did not betray the country.

Could you put this bag in another place?

I worked on the farm all day.

The fire was burning brightly.