I still haven't paid him.

The trail has gone cold.

I am stirring my tea.

It's just not right to fire Nguyen without giving him severance pay.

Don't you just love that?

I do a lot of stuff by myself.


We never really talked.

Ron shouldn't spend so much.

"Why are you grinning like that?" "The schoolgirl I just passed by was really cute."

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Is it true that you borrowed a million dollars from the bank?


You don't want Krzysztof to think you're insane.

Don't you want to get them back?

I bit the bullet and actually told her.


I was in Boston last summer.

Near the street Anthony drank water-chestnut juice from a bottle.

I eat a lot of meat.

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We survived.


I'm not sure what's wrong.

You had better have breakfast.

You're the person I've been looking for.

I've been trying to do that.

Moses had some gum stuck on the bottom of one of his shoes.

Atheism is irrational by definition.

I thought you guys were my friends.

Narendra says he isn't afraid.

Recently John feels better on and off.


Gill knows it's a lie.


Where does the accent fall in the word "Australia"?

Edwin and John both can't swim.

"You can't stir your pot with your broom. That's not sanitary!" said the young witch.

It's the truth, isn't it?

She has a clean heart.


All day she thought of nothing but how she should get rid of the twins; and at last an evil idea came into her head, and she determined to send them out into the great gloomy wood where a wicked witch lived.

No, you don't know Java. You know JavaSCRIPT.

You look like an angel.

Anton smiled, but her voice had some irritation in it.

In other words, she's dumb.

We do what we want to do.

I can only do what I can do.

Damon says he's going to beat you up.

We'll talk more later.

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Everybody, let's have a good year.

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Is that the remote control?

Granville speaks excellent Russian, but his German is abysmal.

We should try that.

After introductory explanations, we entered a seminar room where we were not only informed about Chinese natural medicine, but also had it demonstrated to us in practice.

Hsuan rescued the cat from the flames.

Let's not go to that restaurant again.

Classes are over.

Don't be so critical.

Watch your tongue, Gretchen!

How many bridges are there across the River Thames?

I won't leave without Rolf.

Here I decide, without hesitating, to take the alternative route.

Call me as soon as you find Arlene.

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Our teacher is someone who likes precision, and always demands precise answers of her students.

You're not seeing the whole picture here.

The Van Horn family was prosperous.

People often fall asleep while reading.

Elias can't make it to class today.

Sit down.

Let's just drop it.


It must be her.

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Figaro invited us to his wedding, but when we arrived everyone had already left.

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I don't want to eat right now.

I will include the author's and publisher's names.

I guess there was some talk of that.

Great Britain is a land of gentlemen and horse riding.

In my room, there are no clocks.


It's time to go to school.


A fire broke out near my house.

The door was locked and we couldn't enter.

My camera was stolen.

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The movie skips the whole story of the dead boy.

"Yes, I did," he said.

He wants a watch like yours.

I know what's wrong with me.

She wants to become a biologist to help protect the environment.

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Rajarshi leaves in a few days.

You have joined the party.

This battery is rechargeable.

This is a waterproof clock.

I do remember the incident quite well.

He still passes as a college student now.

I thought that was so cool.

Everyone was not happy.

You sound really angry.

The housing situation seemed quite hopeless.

Francisco is the best player the team has ever had.

Pam offered to do that for us.

He got his girlfriend pregnant and they had to get married.


Handle this very carefully.

It is one of the biggest summer music festivals.

The candles lighted the room.

Don't be such a pig! Leave some for everyone else.

Sometimes we meet in the shop.

I guess I'll do what Miles asked me to do.

That smells bad!

Maybe Sri will get here early.

The food here isn't fit to eat.

The Lisbon treaty envisions a citizens' initiative.

I've always found her unbelievably pleasurable.


We have known each other since childhood.

Teri had a lot on his mind, so he wasn't paying enough attention to his driving.

All his possessions are contained in that box.

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I promise it won't take long.

Lievaart is not going to forget that.

Florian lives in an apartment with her mother and two younger brothers.


Ernie arrived shortly after Sharada left.

What shall we have for lunch?

Melinda is broad-minded.


I don't like drip coffee.

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They charge too much for parking.

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Finish it before you go to bed.

It's only her.

I should go home before my parents start to worry.


They wanted to steal the car.

I read novels at random.

I work all day long.


You need to stop ignoring email messages from Guy.

I climbed a tree.

What are you holding in your hand?


Ravindran was supposed to be here thirty minutes ago.

There is a portrait of Bob on the wall.

I like the way you take care of me.

We cleaned the house.

The problem affects the prestige of our school.

So long as you live in a civilized or thickly populated community you will still need to understand your own nature and the natures of other people.

I'll surprise you.

Are you texting your girlfriend?

I don't understand British humor.


Police are everywhere.


Noam liked animals.


Why don't you update your website?


I wonder if you can handle this.


Can you open the window?


It's so cold that the river has frozen over.

I know we're a pretty good team.

It's too noisy here for me.

Kenneth seems to be in a really good mood today.

Miltos got bit.

The hat was dirty around the top.

I was really disappointed when I found out that I hadn't passed the exam.

If only my thoughts were set into type and would come out of my mouth like a receipt.

You'll be the first to know, I promise.

You're right about that.

Someone stole my travelers checks.

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Victoria blamed the accident on Mikey.


This is the job you've been waiting for.

It's hard to support a family on minimum wage.

How many times a month do you write letters?

Easter will always be celebrated on a Sunday.

Pravin was one who suggested we try it this way.

No one will lay a finger on you as long as I live.

Rajendra has been pretty busy.

She showed up in the park at the appointed time.

Philae's landing site was named Agilkia.

Mick has been convicted of drunk driving twice in the last four years.

She advises him on technical matters.


I didn't try to stop her.


I asked Vijay when he had started studying French.